Beginners Guide to Online Casinos 2019

Beginners Guide to Online Casinos 2019 1
Beginners Guide to Online Casinos 2019 3

How to get started, popular casinos for 2019, playing on mobile devices and good habits.

In many US States online gambling is fast becoming legalized, but how do you get started with playing online? These days online casinos are easy to sign up to – simply create an account and get playing in an instant.

Online casinos share similarities with land based casinos, however there are a lot of reasons to play online rather than land based. They are convenient, easily accessible and offer a greater diverse range of gaming options.

What game do you want to play?

In getting started, it’s good to think about what game or type of games you would like to play. If you have no preference, then the world is your oyster in regards to choosing an online casino. This means game offerings by an online casino isn’t as important to you as perhaps other Players which are a bit more picky. If you do have a specific game in mind and it’s not your typical table casino game, then it’s worthwhile taking the time to ensure an online casino caters for it. As an example, if you have a preference for bingo, then search for good online bingo sites. Table games, on the other hand, generally are catered for with the big name online casinos.

Take note: the type of game you choose may have vastly different experience to those at a land based casino. For instance, bingo again. Online bingo differs greatly in comparison to land based bingo. Online bingo chat groups has a particular look and feel, an ability to reach out to players that could be anywhere in the world. The attraction of bingo is the social aspect rather than winnings (which is secondary).

Having said that, if your preference is blackjack or roulette, or any other casino table game you will be able to find Live play. This involves a real Live broadcast to you over the internet. You will be able to message other players in a chat group, but overall the experience would broadly be in line as a land based casino.

Real Money play

“What’s real money play?” you may ask. Unlike land based, on the internet you can find online games that don’t require you to play for Real Money. This may seem a bit obscure at first. Instead of real money, you can play with “fake” money. You receive virtual coins and play in the same manner as you would with real money. This type of gaming is often referred to as Free Play.

You will find that real money gambling is a common description of defining online casinos that offer Players the chance to play with their own real money. There are Bonuses and Promotions, Payment Methods, Terms and Conditions and various other considerations that makes Real Money gaming, a lot different to Free Play.

Popular Real Money Online Casinos

The most popular real money online casinos are currently Bovada, and Vegas Casino Online. These three online casinos offer a wide variety of gaming, quality customer services, reliability and great bonuses and promotions. Yes, there are thousand of other online casino, however in terms of popularity these are our top 3.

Best 3 US Casinos Online

300% up to $3,000
1st Deposit Bonus
400% up to $500
1st Deposit Bonus
400% up to $10,000
Welcome Bonus
250% up to $1,500
1st Deposit Bonus
300% up to $3,000
1st Deposit Bonus

Playing on a Mobile Device

The advent of mobile devices originally caused a lot of grief for real money game developers. Mobile devices come in all different shapes and sizes. The screen layout isn’t your typical desktop landscape, and therefore each mobile product almost had to have it’s own software coding and design. Not only did this apply to a website but also to apps. Fortunately, along came HTML5 which made life a lot easier for developers. HTML5 is a mobile dynamic code which allows developers to create one website or app and it’s appearance and functionality will adapt to the screen layout, irrespective if portrait or landscape, and regardless of type of web browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Explorer.

Therefore whether it be laptop, tablet or smartphone, you will find that you are able to play online casino games on these devices. The ability to play on mobile devices is a huge game changer to online betting. The convenience and accessibility is an aspect that cannot be underappreciated when comparing online to land based.

APPLE USERS TAKE NOTE! – On June 3, 2019 Apple announced a change to their guidelines for developing Apps. HTML5 will no longer be supported for real money apps, and coding must be changed to native iOS. This may reduce the accessibility of some online casino apps, as it requires time to develop a native iOS application.

Can you make money?

Yes, you can win playing at online casinos. There is a concern among some skeptics that the online games are rigged. Perhaps this was common during the early days of online casinos, however, nowadays online casinos are licensed and regulated by third parties. They ensure that games are driven by Random Number Generators which are complex mathematical algorithms. They replicate a random pattern that mimics real life gambling.

Good habits of Real Money players

Real Money Players are many and growing. Each have their own preferences, favourite games and differing experience. But what are some of the good habits of Real Money players?

– Keep it fun!

First and foremost playing should be relaxing and fun. Keep control of your bank roll and know your limits. Choose games that you know how to play or at least are wanting to know how to play. There’s no point in playing if it’s not fun. At the heart of online gaming, same as land based, is to have some excitement, enjoyment, fun. So, keep it real and have fun.

– Be aware of myths

Sometimes, players can be influenced by other players and therefore contribute to gaming myths. There are plenty of myths out there. Some of them are: replicating the logic of a winning pattern, betting on trends, hot and cold betting. Avoid being sucked into the vortex of myths.

– Don’t use all your balance

Often when a playing session nears conclusion some players will observe that there is still a bank roll balance on their account. There is an urge for some players to simply “finish” off the balance. Don’t do this! Don’t waste the remaining balance on wild betting. Good players will preserve the balance for another day, no matter how big or small.


The popularity of online real money gambling is on the rise, and it can be a little confusing to get started. Games selection is important to decide first, followed by knowing which online casino to choose from. Mobile devices are also good to know, as these provide the convenience and accessibility that makes online real money gambling so much fun. Above all, be aware of the good habits of real money online gambling, they will make the experience that much more enjoyable.

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