3 Mega Japanese Casinos

3 Mega Japanese Casinos 1
MGM Grand Integrated Resort

Fast forward to the year 2025, and you have entered into one of the mega Japanese casino’s located in Osaka. Also known as an Integrated Resort, it is luxurious and glamorous enough to more than compete with the nearby Macau casinos.

In fact, this mega complex is all encompassing and offers so much more than your average casino. As part of the complex, there are shopping malls, theaters, theme parks, entertainment centers, restaurants, pubs and club and hotel, accommodation.

In addition to the recreational activities, throw in as well the business meeting rooms, conferences and exhibition centers. Everything will be at your finger tips.

You “walk” in and it is clean and safe, and has a customer experience unlike any casino around the world. The Japanese are famous for this hospitality and customer service, and it shows through at this mega casino.

This vision of the future that I have painted for you, is one that is being put to tender in 2020. It was only recently in 2018, that the Japanese amended their gambling laws to allow for casinos, paving the way for the Integrated Resorts. Confined to three prefectures only – Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama – each prefecture is permitted to establish one Integrated Resort.

As you can guess, there are many that are jockeying for first place in the race for winning the bid. Big names, such as Wynn Resorts, MGM Grand, Melco and Genting are all putting their hands up. The market is valued at over $18 billion USD, hence these are huge opportunities that these gambling companies dare not miss.

Though all is not rosy. Many locals are opposed to the establishment of these mega casinos. Concerned about the social issues that gambling brings with it – corruption, gambling addiction, crime and violence. Public opinion polls have shown a majority want the government to retract its integrated resort casino legislation. One poll found more than 70% believe that the IR plans should be scrapped.

But the government recognizes that Japans population is diminishing at a swift rate. In order to prop up the economy, this is their vision of boosting tourism and they are determined with pushing forward with it.

Get ready for 3 Mega Japanese Casinos!

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