American Express (Amex) is one of the most well known forms of credit card providers in the world. Both used at a personal and corporate/business level, Amex has been around for over many decades and has become synonymous with security and efficient processing of credit card payments.

As a result, many players are turning to using Amex to make a deposit at their favorite online casinos. Not only is it safe and secure, Amex also provides other benefits such as VIP reward points.

If you are looking to play at online casinos, then why not use your American Express card to make a deposit. Choose from our recommended list of online casinos, and be assured that you have chosen one of the best payment methods available.

Top 5 American Express Online Casinos

There are several aspects as to consider when making a deposit with Amex. These include: Trust, Fees, Efficiency and Customer Service.

Trust- Who better than Amex

You can rest assured that when using Amex it is definitely not a scam. Having been around for many yeas, Amex has developed a brand that is extremely secure. Their credit cards are widely used personally, by businesses and large corporate firms. They have an extensive range of tiered cards such as Silver, Gold and Platinum and have formed partnerships with many leading global companies.

Often, we strong advise against using payment methods that are new, untried and untested. Though it may be enticing, with key phrases such as “innovative” and “low fees”, you can never tell until it becomes commonly used by the public. Thus, there is a larger risk with using a new payment method (though we are not saying that new payments are not good, just that it could be risky if a reputation has yet to be developed).

American Express, on the other hand is well established. It is known for being safe and secure AND they will guard your personal information against unwanted cyber threats.

Amex Customer Service is Outstanding

You will not be able to find a better credit card (or payment card) provider with a better customer service. They are without doubt 5 out of 5 stars and will go above and beyond. They are contactable via phone (landline or hotline), email or chat messaging. They are on call 24×7, and will address any of your needs promptly and efficiently.

I particularly like that they will refund your money if their is a disputed credit card transaction. Money will be returned to your account, and Amex will bear the risk if there is anything untoward. Of course, if the transaction is legitimate the vendor or supplier is able to dispute this with Amex and Amex will assess accordingly. This removes any hassles to you, as a player.

Amex has Fees

We hear this complaint or observation a lot. BUT AMEX has high fees! Well, in comparison when other “new” payment methods tout zero fees, then Amex transactional fees may sound high. But, if you are considering Amex to make a deposit with, I am assuming you have already (whether you or your company) has paid for the annual credit card fee. The fees will be minimal but it it worth it. Quality of customer service and the protection that Amex provides does not come for free. Hence Amex will charge a higher fee than other payment providers. But this is well worth it, knowing your deposit will be processed efficiently and safely. And if there is any dispute whatsoever you can recall the funds back.

User Rewards and Points

Amex has one of the best user reward /loyalty programs. The more you use it, the more points you can obtain which can then be used for many purchases of goods and services. Also, because Amex partners many global firms you can also take advantage of discounts, privileges that partners provide.

Online Casinos that use American Express

Typically the best online casinos will allow for the use of American Express as a method of deposit. Online Casinos know that they too can rely on American Express to process their Player monies appropriately, efficiently and promptly (in particular the best online casinos want to ensure that their players have the best gaming experience).

And, yes as we have mentioned earlier, although Amex may charge a higher fee to online casinos for processing of Amex player deposits, it is well understood that by doing so, a safer and more secure transfer of funds is realised. The best online casinos do not want to deal with the hassles and complaints of player monies being lost in transit and would rather prefer a reliable payment method. Naturally, online casinos which aren’t so trustworthy or honest, or just simply want to cut down on costs, would choose a cheaper payment method. However the risk to the player increases.

If you play at an online casino by using your American Express Card to make a deposit, the risk is minimized.

Legality of American Express Online Casinos

The legality of playing at online casinos (irrespective of whether Amex is used of not) depends on your jurisdiction. Sometimes gambling laws are clear cut and sometimes it is vague. Usually (especially with US States) whereby gambling laws are often ambiguous, players will be able to play at offshore online casinos. The best offshore online casinos will typically offer Amex as a deposit method. The legality of using Amex is a different question to the legality of playing at an online casino. If an online casino offers Amex as a payment method, then Amex is an acceptable and legal means of making a deposit. If it were NOT, it would be highly unlikely that Amex would process and payment on your behalf.

About American Express

American Express is a global credit card used by many large corporations, small business and professionals. Their credit card services are deemed as one of the most reliable, with a quality of service that is one of the most highly regarded. American Express has established a local presence in many countries around the world. Each local branch has formed partnerships with leading banks, professional bodies, and various other institutions to develop the Amex brand.

American Express continues to develop new and exciting financial services products, creating new smartphone applications and digital wallet services.