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Pay N Play – seamless advanced payment method, NO online casino account required.

Taking the world by storm is the new payment method for online casinos and players called Pay N Play. If you are looking for a payment method that is quick and easy to use, trusted and efficient then look no further. Pay N Play seamlessly links up with your bank account or payment account for instant payout. It utilizes the pre-existing security of the bank account and transfers this information to the online casino without the need for player intervention.

This means as a player you DO NOT need to create an online account with the online casino!

That’s right! Your own bank account becomes the online casino account and transactions are withdrawn and deposited at the end of each playing session. Instant payout with the safety and protection of your own bank provider.

This means less forms and faster processing of transactions for players than any other payment method that is currently available.

You don’t need to top up or withdraw from an online casino members account to your own bank account anymore.

Top 3 Online Casinos Pay N Play

100% up to $3,000
Welcome Bonus
200% up to $1,000
Welcome Bonus
400% up to $10,000
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Key Benefits

  • No registration for an online account
  • No online identification required
  • Instant Withdrawals and Deposits on cash out to your bank account
  • No hidden fees

How does Pay N Play work?

One of the biggest overheads of operating an online casino is ensuring Know Your Customer (KYC) details are collated and maintained. To do this, various forms are often required from players to be completed when they open an account with an online casino or when they change bank accounts. However, Pay N Play has the ability to draw this information from the underlying bank institution, without inconvenience to the player, and pass this onto the online casinos. Pay N Play acts as the perfect medium from bank account to online casino. So say good bye to opening an online casino account! The simplification is a boon for players and online casinos alike.

Pay N Play Expansion

Pay N Play is created by Trustly, and growth in using Pay N Play has grown exponentially in the past twelve months. The features of efficiency, trust and reliability is proving to be a winner with players and online casinos. First launched for a small group of countries including Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and Estonia, it will soon be made available to Canada, US, Australia and the UK, if banking partnerships can be formed.

How to use Pay N Play Guide

There are only 5 simple steps to follow for using Pay N Play, and none of these steps require you to fill in any personal details. This is indicative of how seamless and effortless the process is to you as a Player.

Step 1: Enter a deposit amount

Step 2: Select your country

Step 3: Select your bank

Step 4: Enter your Bank details, Username and Password and START PLAYING!

Step 5: Withdraw your winnings!

Pay N Play Country Availability

Pay N Play is currently available in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Estonia

Trustly Pay N Play Company Overview

Pay N Play is an innovative European SaaS product created by Trustly. SaaS products are extremely easy to use by clients because all the infrastructure, support and upgrade is maintained by Trustly – the client does not need involve themselves with any IT concerns at all. It’s the perfect payment method for online casinos and for their Players.

Launched in 2017, Pay N Play is used in over 40 online brands. It’s expansion strategy sees itself broadening within Europe where digital identification has reached a high level of maturity.

Trustly was founded in 2008 in Stockholm with a mission to make online payments simple and fast. It is privately owned with head office based in Sweden.

Trustly has received numerous accolades, receiving Delloite’s “Rising Star” award for being one of the top growth companies from Sweden in 2011, and short listed as one of the top 50 European Companies by Fintech London in 2015.

Ninja Casino | Online with Pay N Play

Ninja Casino is the first online casino to team up with Pay N Play, and it has been truly been a great partnership between the two companies. Ninja Casino offer a diverse range of gaming, its quality is truly a leader in the market. But what sets Ninja Casino apart from other online casinos is its ability to dispense with the need for Players to create a members account for real money gambling, and yet offer instant withdrawals for any winnings.

Of course, Ninja Casino is able to provide this unique feature through the augmentation of its gaming with Pay N Play.

Instant Withdrawal into your bank account

Nearly every online casino will need a Player to provide personal details in order to cash out any winnings. However, this is not required at Ninja Casino.

At Ninja Casino, to cash out, the Player simply clicks on Cash Out and that’s it! Within 5 minutes the real money funds are transferred into the Player’s bank account.

Registration not required

At Ninja Casino registering an account is not required. This includes dispensing with the need to provide an email, phone number or address.

In order to get started, the Player simply needs to place a deposit with Ninja Casino through their bank. After that, ready, set, play! It really is Pay and Play!

Pay N Play Summary

As you can see, using Pay N Play is really easy and simple to use. It has been launched in several European countries and is growing exponentially. Players love using Pay N Play, it’s ability to remove the need for registration and provide instant payout to a player’s bank account is truly innovative.

By following the How-to-Guide, you can see how easy it is to use Pay N Play. You can also see, how information is protected, as none of the steps require you to expose personal details. There is no other payment method in the market that removes the inefficient requirement of Players needing to complete member account registration.

As Trustly grows, it will without doubt broaden to other countries and be made available to many other online casinos.


Which countries accept Pay N Play?

Germany, Sweden, Estonia and Finland

What are the benefits of using Pay N Play?

You don’t need to create an online casino members account.
Your Pay N Play acts as the intermediary being the conduit between your bank account and the online casino.
Your personal details are not exposed through the Pay N Play process.

Who created Pay N Play?

Pay N Play is owned and created by Trustly. Trustly is an innovative Fintech company based in Europe with over twenty years of payment method product development. Pay N Play is Trustly’s leading product which it intends to roll out to other countries in the coming year.

Is Pay N Play reliable?

Pay N Play is one of the most reliable and efficient payment methods on the market. It removes any need of Players to complete member account registration. Online Casinos are able to receive the Player information that they need for KYC purposes from the underlying banking institutions. Online Casinos can therefore process withdrawals and deposits quickly and efficiently.

When will Pay N Play be available in the US?

At the moment Trustly is continuing to expand Pay N Play to online casinos in Europe. It will eventually reach the US, but as to when is unknown.