BetSoft is the worlds leading interactive gaming provider that powers many online casinos. A reputable and trusted software developer, it has created thousands of games that many players enjoy. Innovative and creative, it has a broad range of games, spanning the traditional through to the hybrid and contemporary. Not resting on its laurels, BetSoft is regularly releasing new and refreshing interactive games.

Its stand out features are many, so we will touch on the ones.

Smooth and glitch free graphics

A polished and quality game is one with smooth and glitch free graphics. Players don’t notice or appreciate when there is quality gaming until the gaming bugs come out! It can be extremely frustrating to play a game that glitches and cannot be played in a seamless and fluid manner. BetSoft has produced games that integrate functions very well. Their software is of the highest in coding quality with no corners cut.

Clever designs and with rich functions

When playing games, having a variety of functions keeps a good game enjoyable, interesting and intriguing. BetSoft designs there games extremely well. Using the best software engineers, their planning, design and build of games is second to none. Their ability to think through great functions allows them to differentiate from the mediocre. Players enjoy the intuitive functionality, that makes gaming exciting and rewarding.

Quality and Reliability

Separating BetSoft from their competitors is their quality and reliability. They go above and beyond to ensure customers are happy. They realize that being a leader in the igaming market, the customer means everything, and therefore more often than not, their customer service is bespoke. They cater for each customers specific needs, and customers appreciate that. BetSoft see the customer as a pillar to success. A good happy customer that partners with BetSoft is a sustainable one!

Partnership with Operators

BetSoft not only provides igaming direct to market, but they also work with online casino operators. Their platforms are the best in the business. Their most popular service is their turnkey solutions. Offering a holistic support, BetSoft turnkey gaming platforms are so easy to use and therefore the best way to get started for many online casino businesses. From beginning to end, the process is seamless and integrated. In addition, cross platform provision of gaming is also available. There is much flexibility, and online casinos, can soon also extend out into sports betting products.

The Betsoft igaming bread and butter products, include state of the art 3D slots, blackjack, roulette, video poker, baccarat, craps, casino wars, pai gow poker, sic bo, online poker, horse racing, bingo, keno, lottery games and many more. There really is so many to choose from.

BetSoft has one of the best account management module in the business. They enable online casinos to operate successfully with excellent CRM. Prompt and professional support is always available, as well as extended to players. The platform is understandably the key to success, and therefore account management is excellent via BetSoft.

BetSoft customers, extend not only to online casino operators, but to land based with a mobile and internet platform and to those who want to blend sports betting with their existing casino gaming. Customers are not limited to the major corporates, they also include small start-ups who are seeking to growing in the dynamic igaming industry.

About BetSoft

BetSoft is a leading producer of the high quality interactive gaming (igaming). Backed behind with an experienced team of software engineers, game developer, graphic designers, animation analysts, and professional customer support, they are a well run organization.

Their library of gaming products is vast, spanning from 3D games, front and back end casino games and management, turn key solutions, and consulting.

BetSoft has been awarded through a strong following of players, who enjoy searching for their latest games (and of course playing them). You can find their products around the world, but particularly in North America, Europe and expanding into Asia and the southern hemisphere.