GrabPay Philippines is an easy and fast way to play at online casinos. Filipinos have taken to using Grab for food delivery, taxi services, and now also with the payment method of GrabPay. Grab is originally a company established in Singapore based on the operating model of Uber, but has since expanded into the Philippines to become South East Asia’s largest digital cash payment system.

As a result, Online Casinos have been fast to install GrabPay as an accepted deposit method for pesos and yuan, which is a bonus for players. GrabPay can be used either via online gaming sites or mobile gambling apps.

In addition to GrabPay are various other banking methods that Filipinos can use for online gambling. If you would like to learn more about the other methods click on:

GCash | GCash Yuan | DragonPay | PayMaya | BDO | BPI | PNB

GrabPay Casinos offer a great gaming experience. They have a wide variety of games that includes Live Casino, Live Dealer, traditional Casino games, online slots and poker. Choose from several options to play from mobile gaming (which is exceptionally popular using the power of smartphones) or PC’s.

If you want to experience other forms of Filipino gambling, you can also try sports betting or bingo.

Continue reading for the best GrabPay Casinos to choose from, and how to get started with gambling with GrabPay.

Why Use GrabPay?

Singaporean – Singapore payment methods are famous for being efficient and trustworthy. You can be assured that using a Singaporean developed digital cash payment would guarantee a safe and secure transaction method.

Integrated – imbedded into the Filipino daily used apps are Grab for food and delivery services. It makes sense that an integrated payment method that uses an e-wallet is convenient and intuitive.

GCash – the leading digital cash payment method is GCash. GrabPay e-wallet can be directly linked to GCash to automate top-ups and manage cashflow.

Licensed and Regulated – Users of GrabPay can be confident that it is legal and safe to use GrabPay because it has been endorsed by the Bangko Sentral ng Philippines (the banking regulator of the Philippines).

Real Money GrabPay Gambling

Getting started with real money gambling with GrabPay is fast and easy. Being a mobile wallet that is connected to smartphone or PC’s, with a few clicks you will be ready to try your luck with winning.

There are two levels of GrabPay accounts, Basic and Premium.

The Basic GrabPay account is limited to cashing in 1.2m PHP per year, whilst the Premium GrabPay account can extend beyond this threshold AND will allow for international payments and receipts.

Follow the below steps to get started GrabPay.

How to Set up a Basic GrabPay Account


  • GrabPay account
  • Identification – Driver license, Passport, TIN ID, NBI Clearance, Other

Download the mobile application:

  1. Find the Grab App at Google Play for Android users or Apple iStore for iOS users.
  2. Install the GrabPay application.
  3. Open the app and go to the dashboard.
  4. Click on Basic GrabPay to activate.
  5. Your Basic GrabPay Account is now ready to be used.

How to Set up a Premium GrabPay Account

  1. After activating the Basic GrabPay Account go to the dashboard in the app.
  2. Click on Premium GrabPay to activate.
  3. Upload supporting documentation that provides evidence of your source of income.
  4. Start a video call with a GrabPay staff member to valide the documentation.
  5. Premium GrabPay will be approved after the GrabPay staff has completed their processing.

GrabPay Virtual Card

A great feature of GrabPay is the virtual card which behaves like a credit card (only without the physical plastic but you will be able get one in the near future). Users can use the GrabPay Virtual Card and make a deposit at online casinos via DragonPay.

Filipino GrabPay Online Casinos

Fortunately for Filipinos, GrabPay can be used to play at online casinos. This unfortunately is not the case for other countries that use GrabPay such as Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia. If you come from these restricted countries, you may want to use a VPN to enable online gambling. Please be aware, that you should always take note of laws within your country.

For Filipinos, you are legallly allowed to play at online casinos. Hence, there are many payment options to choose from.

We have found that the most popular gambling sites (apps) offer both casino games and sportbooks. This is unusal, because outside of South East Asia betting at casinos and at sportbooks are separated.

The most popular is PNXBet, 22Bet and 1XBet. The number 1 online casino provider is PNXBet which offers the widest range of deposit methods, encompassing GCash,, DragonPay faciliated Internet Banking, and a long list of cryptocurrencies that includes Bitcoin, ETH and Dogecoin.


Can GrabPay be linked to GCash?

GrabPay is easily connected to GCash to allow for transfer of funds. Use the GrabPay App settings to manage funds between e-wallets and Filipino banks.