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You have come in at the right time for sport betting in the US. Unless you have been living under a rock, then you are no doubt aware of the changes in the sports betting landscape. The industry is going through significant change (understatement of the year), not only within legislation for each State, but also within advancement in technology for sports betting delivery, and of course gaming in e sports.

Where to begin with all this change happening?

Here we explain it simply, from the basics to give you the best understanding to make your decisions.

Current Sports Betting landscape

Did you know that nearly ALL the sports book providers in the US are planning on making losses INDEFINITELY at the moment?

That’s right, sports book providers are planning on losing money for years to come in order to win market share. They realize, just like you, that there are great opportunities in the sports betting industry, and they are willing to bear losses through marketing, sign up bonuses, loyalty bonuses and lastly through great odds. The market is extremely competitive, and this is great news for you as a sports bettor.

This means, you get to have better odds, better customer service, better sign up and loyalty bonuses. AND indirectly, you get to have more creative betting opportunities spurn by sports book providers becoming more innovative.

This is great news for me as a Player, so what betting platform should I use?

It can be very confusing at the moment. There is a whole suite of methods that you can use to place a bet. Let’s start with the least convenient and work out ways down to the most.

Sports Betting Terminals

Naturally the least convenient method of placing a bet is physically attending a sports betting terminal or kiosk. You physically must go there, click on the selections and deposit your money. Within placing physical bets there are various levels of complexity. Some offer bar codes, pre-betting placements with mobile phone with physical deposits made at the kiosk or terminal. Some have hard printed betting cards that can be filled out and submitted at the counter with cash in hand.

Although, this may seem cumbersome, particularly the use of pen and paper to complete a bet, but it is the old school way that many bettors are used to. (If they were allowed to bet)

Online Sportsbook Sites

Online sports betting through a website is the next level of convenience. Often you will be able to connect to a website via desktop, tablets or mobile phones. But it lacks on two fronts when compared to mobile sports betting. First you have to use a website HTML view. This means it may not be as smooth and fast as an betting app. Secondly, the same functionality won’t be available as an app such as push notifications, safe payment details storage, and general user friendliness.

Mobile Sports Betting App

Via iPad and tablet or smartphone is the way to go!

This is the ultimate in convenience. Anytime, anywhere, as long as you have internet connection and your smartphone you will be able to place the bet. What makes this the best is that you can bet real time and live betting. Currently the new forms of betting allows for quick fast betting which is exciting and awesome. No longer do you need to wait for a long outcome. You would be crazy not to look for mobile sports betting platforms, by far this is the most fun and convenient way of betting on the majority of sports, particularly for basketball, baseball, football and hockey.

So, obviously the most convenient and the mode is a sports betting app. 8 out of 10 Players take up the offer of using a mobile app when compared to online or at a terminal.

BUT WAIT! There is a caveat! Not all US States have the same sports betting laws. It currently is a mixed bag at the moment – not only for you as a Player but also for the Sportsbook operators, software developers, and retail outlets like casinos.

This means, where you reside, you may not be able to use a mobile app because operators are not permitted to offer them. Some states, aren’t even legal to offer sports betting, so you need to be completely aware of the sports betting legality in the state that you reside in.

US State Sport Betting Guides

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But what about the odds? Which sportsbook has the best odds?

Sportsbook providers offer a fun way to wager on your favorite sports. We evaluate various sportsbooks that cater to bettors from the United States in order to give you an idea of which ones are valuable. On our site, we give you an overview of USA betting providers with the best odds. This is by far not easy, as odds continually change. Some providers may offer better odds for some types of games and not for others. It also depends on how much exposure they are taking in for particular bets, and their want to parlay the risk. Therefore on individual bets we cannot provide you with which provider is the best, it simply is impossible. But we can give you insights as to which sportsbook in general offers the overall better odds.

And what about the bonuses?

It is extremely important to look at the bonuses, but is it as important as finding the best odds? If you are a long term player, this poses a dilemma, should you go with the sportsbook with the best bonus or find the sportsbook with the best odds? Or, dare I say, open two or more sportsbook accounts and choose the one with the best odds when you want to bet.

The latter strategy, in my opinion, is the best strategy for long term sports bettors. There is absolutely nothing wrong or illegal with opening more than one sportsbook account with different providers. You can obtain the bonus from each provider plus you get place the bet on the sportsbook with the best odds.

Sign Up Bonuses

There are an innumerate number of sportsbooks that offer sign up bonuses either via download an app, through online or creating an account at a retailer. Some can appear to be well over the top, however, bear in mind competition for your sports betting account is fierce! These bonuses to attempt to draw you to their sportsbook instead of going to others. With apps and online accounts conversion rates are extremely important. If sign up bonuses are priced too low, sportsbook providers know they could lose you easily and quickly. One click and you can sign up with a competitor quick smart.

Typically bonus offers may be displayed as a percentage. Take for example 20 percent bonus for deposits up to $1000. $200 is your free money when you deposit $1000. Often there will be terms and conditions applied to the free money, to prevent you from immediately withdrawing $200 and walking away without placing a bet. Terms and conditions may include requesting you to wager a number of times before you are permitted to withdraw. Others request that you must reach a certain dollar amount of bets placed, before you are entitled to withdraw.

Once you open your sports betting account and through any deposit method drop in $1000 (don’t forget to enter the bonus code), your account will be credited with $1,200. Normally sign up bonuses are only for your initial deposit, they won’t extend for subsequent bonuses. (some sportsbooks, however, do have a lower bonuses percentage for second, third deposits and so on).

Bonuses, in the current sports betting environment, are not to be sneezed at. There are many Players, who I know, have opened several sports betting accounts simply to maximize their bonuses and then place sports bets according to which sportsbook offers the best odds for each individuals sports bet that they place.

Referral Bonuses

Another form of a bonus is the referral bonus. A referral bonus is given for introducing another Player to the sportsbook. Often the referral bonus is based on a percentage of your initial deposit that can reach to 20 percent. This is a nice little kicker bonus, but I personally find this hard to go around promoting sportsbooks simply to obtain a referral bonus. You may find that you lose “friends” quickly. This bonus is a nice to have, but I wouldn’t be impressing this socially.

Match Play Bonuses

Some sportsbooks offer match play bonuses whereby the sportsbook will match your bet. In this case, the sportsbook has effectively boosted the amount wagered for you. If you win, you win more! You don’t need to deposit real money into your betting account to achieve this. It simply is the sportsbook giving you more bang for your buck. Often these match bonuses are offered for high interest sports betting events, and can generate a lot of publicity for the sportsbook.

Some say deposit and withdrawal options are important

Some sports betting review sites tout deposit and withdrawal methods as an important criteria to consider, and to a degree I agree. But let’s put this in perspective, you make one deposit to your account and maybe withdraw once. My point is, this doesn’t occur as often as placing the bets, hence higher up the priority is getting the best odds. Don’t worry too much about the deposit and withdrawal methods, unless you highly value protecting your privacy.

But just in case you were wondering, just like the sports betting industry so too is significant change being experienced with deposit and withdrawal methods. No longer confined to credit cards (which I would never ever recommend) you now have various e wallets, vouchers and direct to bank account transactions. In general, most of the methods are processed within the same time frames and have similar processing transaction fees. The industry is transforming rapidly with the advancement of technology. Bitcoin is one great example.

But to reiterate my earlier comments, don’t spend too much time over analyzing the pro’s and con’s of each method. Usually the most convenient and simplest is the best way to go.

Is Trust a big factor?

Sports betting is one of the most trustworthy forms of betting. Unlike online and mobile casino games, with sports betting you can verify whether you have legitimately won or lost. There are, however, instances where a sports player may be influenced to “steer” the direction of the game. Fortunately, this is not often and is found usually with the smaller sporting events. A more recent attempt to throw a game away, occurred in the e sport Overwatch League.

With casino games that are driven by RNG, often players will question the legitimacy of the randomness. It is impossible for any Player to confirm this, thus sports betting has the advantage over casino games in terms of transparency and fairness.

If you have a complaint with a sportsbook, the first thing to do is to make sure you have discussed it with the sportsbook. Make sure to record all evidence and proof of communication and betting. If further action is required, contact the regulatory body that overseea the sports gambling industry in the State. Alternatively there may be a consumer watchdog which can help escalate a resolution. If the industry is well regulated, complaints and disputes are far and few.

Ponzi Sportsbooks

Just like corporates there have been Ponzi sportsbook operators who took Players deposits through offering excessive sign up bonuses to pay for existing Player withdrawals. Unsustainable with poor odds pricing and huge expenses, the sportsbook would collapse when Players caught wind of the sportsbook inability to payout winnings and therefore no new Players would sign up. A long distance in the past, current regulators are more attuned with profitability and sustainability of the industry.

Insufficient Capital

This too is rare whereby a sportsbook operator does not have sufficient capital and is running at a loss. However, in this current landscape with a number of new operators on the sports betting scene, just be wary and careful. Look out for sportsbook providers which are new, and need capital raising. That’s not to say they aren’t capitalized, just be cautious

The Language of Sports Betting

Some sportsbook review sites ask that you consider the number of languages on offer from the provider. Ummm… ok. A mobile app provider should offer a service that is intuitive enough such that you don’t need to understand English, Chinese, French, Spanish, or whatever language of your choosing. Sports betting is sports betting, nothing more and nothing less. If they can’t use icons to guide you the sport you want to place a bet on, then something is wrong, don’t choose them! And even if you can’t understand it, use Google Translate. You will be able to quickly pick up how to use the app or online site. My point is, languages is the lowest of priority on the list for selection criteria. Focus on the odds, the bonuses and gaming variety, not on the languages.

Game offering and betting options is truly important

Now this is important. Much more important than languages and trust, and more specifically tailored to your preference. Now if you like your e sports, or the lesser known sports and want to place a bet, then you need to look for a sportsbook that provides odds for those games. You may also like to place bets on unique betting options. If you like the unusual “exotic” bets then choose a sportsbook provider that offers it.

I’m new to sports betting, so what bets should I place?

This is a tough question to answer, because it very much depends on your circumstances, but for most new sports bettors, I would recommend strongly to bet on a sport that you love, or a team or player that you avidly follow. In doing so, you have strong knowledge of the sport already, so you will have a better chance of understanding the better odds, and also it if far more enjoyable. There is nothing better that betting on your favorite team or player and seeing them win! And you win!