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Welcome to your Nevada Sports Betting Guide!

Nevada is the mecca of sports betting in the US. You won’t find a more entertaining, exciting and action packed state to place a bet on. Famous for Las Vegas, with the moniker of Sin City, also filmed in countless cult movies such as the Hangover, if you are a sports betting fan, then you’ve got to go to Nevada!

In summary:
• Sports betting is legal!
• Mobile Sports betting via smartphone apps is available.
• Online sports betting is available.
• Physical bets can be placed at terminals and kiosks at Casinos

In this guide you will find all the information you need to regarding
• Where and how to place a sports bet
• The available sports books
• The popular bets to place

The home of sports betting Nevada ranks as the number one haven for gambling in the US and the world. Although its once strong hold of having a monopoly on sports betting in the US is now broken, it still remains as the place to bet at, not only because of what they offer for sports betting platforms but also as the undisputed capital of entertainment.

When you are in Nevada you can easily visit any sportsbooks, download and play at any mobile sports betting app and access sports betting sites. The convenience and ease of use makes Nevada the premier state of sports betting. Others states, which have now begun to open up their sports betting industry, are still behind but are catching up.

Sports betting and many other forms of gambling is permitted in Nevada. A mature and fully regulated industry. There are no restrictions with the exception of age, what is being offered and the operational aspect of how to bet.

Top 3 Nevada Mobile Sport Betting Apps


Nevada Mobile Sports Betting

Popular Sports bets

You may not believe it, but apart from the NHL, there are no other local major sports team. The NBA, MLB, NFL and the NCAA (which as a matter of interest is the most bet on sport – think March Madness!) do not have, and at the moment and do not intend to start a local team.

BUT, having said that, they still garner the most sports bet!

Without a doubt, the NCAA and NBA (basketball), are the most popular sports to bet on. This is followed by the NFL and MLB. The NHL has one Nevada ice hockey team which is the Vegas Golden Knights (VGK).

Bet on the Vegas Golden Knights

If you want to bet on a local team, then there is only one choice and it is a great choice, the Vegas Golden Knights!

Only joining the NH league in 2017-2018, this team made shock waves as being the first inaugural team to win nearly all their regular season games. This was an extremely remarkable feat, given that the team comprised of unprotected players drawn from other teams. (essentially they were a group of unwanted players! But look who’s laughing now!)

In knowing this, this team’s success sounded very much like a Hollywood movie. In their first year the Vegas Golden Knights made it to the playoffs and all the way to the last round. For a time, the dream of an inaugural team winning in their first season was alive, and as you can imagine, sports bets were being placed thick and thin on their success. This was a Cinderella sports story in the making.

If you were to have to placed $100 for the VGK to win the NHL in their first season, you would have been called mad, but you would have also expected to win over $100,000! Alas they lost in the final round, but still this was no mean feat.

The VGK are owned by the mercurial Bill Foley, who also owns the Black Knight Sports and Entertainment Group. Bill Foley paid an astronomical amount to purchase the license for the VGK, a gamble in itself. But after its first year’s success this gamble has paid off handsomely.

Nevada Sports Betting Laws

Since it is completely legal to place sports bets in Nevada, the sports betting industry has been thriving for years. According to H2 Gambling Capital (, Nevada is among the leading sports betting states.

It is anticipated that by 2020, a total amount of $387.8 million will be wagered. Next in line, we have New Jersey with an estimated amount of almost $305 million to be wagered by 2020.

History of Nevada Sports Betting

1949: Who would have thought that many years ago, way back in time sports betting, once was associated with organized crime syndicates. But look at sports betting now! And it’s not just about placing a sports bet, but includes a hub of other forms of entertainment, enjoyment, action and excitement for locals and tourists. Back in 1949, Nevada was the first state to legalize sports betting along with live and off-track horse betting. At that time, not only was Nevada the first but it also became the largest US state that regulated any form of betting. It was legal to place bets on all forms including casino games in NV.

1992: Fortunately for Nevada, and unfortunately for all other states of the US, in the year 1992, the the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act came into force and put a stop to all US States from moving forward with any kind of sports betting. Exceptions were made to those States that had already established a regulatory framework and governance. By fortune Nevada was the one and only state with a mature framework, and therefore was the only exception to have full sports betting coverage.

In following years many states attempted to overturn the Federal PASPA ban, but were unsuccessful.

2006: The ban remained in place for many years. It was not until New Jersey challenged the ban and was successful. Their challenge began in 2006 and took almost 11 years to successfully appeal.. The mammoth 11 years was required as the support in favor of maintaining the ban was exceptionally strong. The support of maintaining the ban came from major sporting commissions that included: MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA, and NBA. There belief that it was unfair that the sports betting industry would not only benefit freely from the running of their sports, but may also tarnish the game and influence games through the inducement of winning money!

2017: The case went in favor of New Jersey instead of the sporting commissions. The Supreme Court viewed the PASPA ban, as a violation of the state’s individual rights to offer sports betting, thus the PASPA ban was overturned. This was the catalyst for change in many states, and thus we now see other states, beside Nevada, offering sports betting to its residents.

Today: Even though, Nevada has lost it’s monopoly, it remains the strongest and the most sought after place for sports betting. Expansion in other states have begun to also offer a wide range of sports bets, but Nevada continues as a thriving gambling and tourism industry.

We even continue to see celebrities participating in the sports betting events and major tournaments!

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