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Advertising Transparency

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3 Health Benefits of Playing Bingo 5

Have you noticed the growing prevalence of mental health and well being?

Innovation and technology has brought advancement in the human race, but the impact to mental health and well being has been devastating. Stress from work is on the rise and a disconnect from society is among the elderly are a couple of factors resulting in depression, loneliness and memory loss. Taking care of one’s self is important and there have been many types of therapy promote a healthy and active mind.

What is not commonly known is that Bingo is been found to be an effective form of therapy.

Bingo is one of those games, which is unfairly classed as a gambling game, when in fact most players are not there to win the jackpot. Yes, it is a nice achievement if that occurs, but by far most people play for the social aspect and the mind exercise of daubing numbers. Often classed as a “soft” form of gambling, most States in the US allow bingo to be played at not for profit organizations, charity and community groups.

Bingo’s popularity is making a huge come back. In recent years, the younger demographic have taken to online bingo. Young Players are finding the convenience and safety of playing online extremely appealing, whilst also being able to interact as a form of social media.

Players are finding that there are many mental benefits of playing bingo.

Below we discuss the three health benefits of playing Bingo.

Benefit #1. Social Activity

3 Health Benefits of Playing Bingo 6

Bingo is well known for being a social game. Traditionally played in community halls it has now grown a strong presence online appealing to a wide range of age groups looking for social interaction. Strong relationships can be formed through playing Bingo. And through these relationships it can promote an active mind, a sense of belonging and happiness. Age is irrelevant, young or old can play Bingo.

Online Bingo is particularly easy to participate in. Bingo Rooms are well monitored and regulated to provide a friendly and community online environment. This provides for a very rich and diverse opportunity for developing relationships with players from around the world. The internet doesn’t discriminate against age, hence Online Bingo is great for the elderly.

Widely known, as people become older they can become more isolated from the world. A loss of family, losing connection with friends. Through Bingo, new relationships can be formed.

Both online and traditional Bingo allows for social activity which is a key health benefit.

Key Points
Promotes: happiness, belonging, independence
Prevents: depression, loneliness

Benefit #2. Improves Memory

3 Health Benefits of Playing Bingo 7

Playing Bingo requires attention to numbers, patterns and an anticipation of winning combinations. Research has shown regular use of the mind promotes memory retention. Games such as Bingo are most effective, in which the memory is required to search and mark numbers which then causes the mind to intuitively think of winning patterns. Regularly using the memory, is similar to performing physical exercise, it strengthens the mind.

Through repeated use of the memory, memory retention can improve and may stave off Alzheimer disease.

Key Points
Promotes: memory retention
Prevents: Alzheimer, memory loss

Benefit #3. Develops Concentration

3 Health Benefits of Playing Bingo 8

A game of Bingo can average 5 to 10 minutes. This requires concentration, discipline and patience. Therefore, if you play for several hours this develops the mind. Great concentration activity! Unlike many other games, Bingo is a slow low stakes game and therefore requires focus and concentration throughout the game. This develops a mind with stamina and discipline. Games can often last over two hours, with the need for listening, scanning, marking and filtering information.

Through stretching the ability of the mind to focus and concentrate research has shown that elderly can lengthen independence further in the later years of their lives.

Key Points
Promotes: cognitive ability
Prevents: mental disability


Bingo is a game that helps improve your overall health and well being. It is a low stakes and slow turnover game, which allows for building relationships, memory retention, focus and concentration. All ages can play Bingo, and therefore is a great form of therapy for the elderly, especially Online Bingo which can be play anywhere, anytime.