Online Gambling

Welcome to the Ultimate 2022 Online Gambling Guide

Online gambling is growing at an exponential pace! It provides convenience and comfort, and offers a wide variety of games that everyone can enjoy.

Did you know that in 2018, worldwide over $50 billion USD was played online!

We have therefore composed a guide for those who are new to online gambling. It provides simple and easy to understand explanations, context and examples, tips and tricks that will help you get the most enjoyment from gambling online.

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What is Online Gambling?

Before the creation of the internet and smartphone apps, gambling was conducted with a physical presence or over the telephone. There needed to be a person display the odds and for someone to accept the bets. If we go through the types of gambling games on offer: casino table games were physically played at a land based casino, sports bets had to be placed at a sports betting venue, pari mutuel would be at a racing ground, bingo at halls, and lotteries through the accumulation of paper forms submitted at outlets. Education of how to play, rules and regulations were through signs and displays and pamphlets/brochures. In essence, gambling was location based, customer to operator, and knowledge accessibility was limited.

Along comes along the internet which allows people to connect to websites and applications. At first internet speeds would not be fast enough to provide quality and variety of gambling, however as speeds have improved the internet has opened the door for many people to experience online gambling.

Online gambling utilizes the internet to offer gambling to the world. Not only does the internet replicate traditional land based gambling games online, but it also expands further in the following:

Wider variety of games

Land based games would not be able to offer what the online games can. Simple online games such as guessing how far a rocket would reach before exploding in the air, is something that just can’t be offer land based. More advanced games such as TronDice, where the player can adjust the number of dice to be rolled and guess the numbers, logistically would be impossible to conduct at a land based venue. The internet allows customization and variety that pre-internet games cannot provide.


That’s right, the internet has expanded the world of entertainment. Anyone can now what their favorite sport any time and anywhere (as along as there is internet connection). Take for example, the NBA. No longer viewed in North America only, it’s footprint has spread across the world! E-Sports is the fastest growing entertainment segment and has even been considered to be included in the Olympic games. The ability to experience online entertainment, opens the door to online gambling.

5 Online Gambling Tips

So now that you know that there are many gambling games out there, and you’re ready to give it a go, what should you be aware of?

#1. Legality

You need to be aware of the legislation of where you reside or where you are playing from. Playing online may be restricted or even not accepted in the location of where you connecting to the internet from, or where you are a resident of. Take note, that laws may even differ within state or province in a country. For example, US States have the power to legislate independently of Federal law (to degree) and therefore you will find that some states have prohibited online gambling.

How do I know if I can gamble online where I reside?

If unsure of the online gambling regulations where you reside, then check out the links below. If you are in the US then check out our write ups of the legality of online gambling in your state.

In some jurisdictions the law is unclear for online gambling. If you choose to proceed with online gambling when the law is unclear, usually you will know if the risk is high or low if you cannot find any online casino that will accept you as a player due to your residence. The offerings (or lack of) by online casinos to players in depending on their residence indicates that it is the online casino that will incur penalties for breaking the law and not the player. This statement is a generalization, so if laws are unclear or if you are in doubt, then don’t play.

#2. Authenticity

Unfortunately with the internet comes many potential traps set by scammers. You may have heard of dating scams where unsuspecting singles are cheated by a “war” veteran. Or you may have heard of the email scam from a Prince in Nigeria, needing to transfer money. Common online gambling traps are pure fake online casinos – they take your money and don’t offer ANY game; Terms and Conditions that make it near impossible to withdraw your winnings; deliberate slow withdrawal processing,

How do I know if I can trust the online gambling site or app?

On Gambledex we have write ups on the most trusted online casinos. We only recommend online casinos that have positive member feedback, and that the feedback is genuine and authentic.

#3. Online Bonuses

Online bonuses? What the heck are these? If you are new to playing online then you may not be aware, that online casinos will provide you a sign up bonus, no deposit free play bonus and many other types of bonuses. The bonus is that the online casino will give to you, usually has terms and conditions. Say for example, on signing up you receive a matching $100USD credit to your account. However, in order to withdrawal the online casino requires you to place over $100USD of gross bets and over 100 placed bets. Now if all this sounds good, terms and conditions check out, before you say “Wow, this is awesome, I just need to sign up to the biggest online bonus and start playing!” be aware, that some online casinos on not as trustworthy as others.

How do I know which online casinos offer the best bonuses?

We only promote the casinos on our site that we trust and offer legitimate online casino bonuses. We do not promote casinos with unfair practice terms and conditions, or casinos that do not have a proven track record of treating the customer in good faith. Yes, there maybe new casinos that are genuinely fair, however, without that track record we won’t promote them on our site.

#4. Payment Methods

In the old days before the internet, payment methods were usually limited to cash over the counter. Post advent of the internet there are hundreds of different payment methods that are available. What you should look for when gambling online is security in the payment method. Often was it overlooked is how secure is your credit card details and your personal information is when transacting with an online casino (generally anything transacted online you should be careful about).

Choose a payment method that you know is safe and secure. Although, yet to be used as common as other payment methods, cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin are generally extremely secure. Their security is based on the inherent controls in the blockchain authentication characteristics of cryptocurrencies. There are other payment methods available, such as new comers Pay N Play which even by pass the need for players to create an online casino members account! This new payment method uses your pre-existing bank account security as a means of preventing fraud and fulfilling Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance requirements of an online casino.

Online casinos are so advanced that now a days that they will accept credit cards, debit cards, direct transfers, eWallet and other fintech payment services. The methods are diverse and may vary from online casino to online casino. Hence take into consideration your preferred payment method.

#5. Game variety

Ok, you might be a traditionalist and only look for the stock standard table casino games that are offered online. But why stick to the standard table games when there is so much more that is offered online. The beauty of online gambling is that the games on offer cannot be offered at land based venues. So I would strong recommend trying out other games, and if unsure of the rules, play the online demo versions. The benefit of playing online demo versions at your own pace at your home simply cannot be beaten. So take advantage of the game variety that is available online.

Where do I start?

  1. Pick an online casino – go to our trusted list of online casinos and check out our reviews.
  2. Create an account – Click on the online casino of your choice and open an account. There are easy steps to follow to open an account. Quick and simple.
  3. Deposit – choose your preferred payment method and make a deposit into you new created account.
  4. Play – now the fun part! Choose the online game and play!

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