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Online gambling in Myanmar is gradually gaining popularity, especially since the turn of the decade when local gambling regulations began to be established and foreign investment became open to the world. In particular, last 2020 year, has been extraordinary due to the events of the coronavirus spreading rapidly around the world. But, even more astounding is that this has not put on the brakes to online Myanmar betting.

In fact it has been the opposite, with many Myanmar players signing up to our list of Top Myanmar Online Casinos and enjoying the experience of slot machines, casino tables games and niche interactive gaming.

In addition online sports gambling is slowly growing as well. Of course, the coronavirus completely shut down many of the professional sports globally, resulting in a shut down of sports bets being wagered. But with professional sports resuming, sports bets are starting to come back into play again.

Locally there are no land based casinos to speak of that highly of Myanmar. It is legal, but don’t expect to find any Vegas style casino cum resorts. They are far and few, with a handful of casino tables and up to a hundred of slot machines.

Top Myanmar Online Casinos

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At the forefront of online gambling is the take up of Myanmar Online Casinos. There are many to choose from – so many that it can be extremely hard to choose the right one. But do not despair if you are having difficulty choosing. We have curated the best online casinos for Myanmar players that is leveraging from our experience of reviewing all fifty US State online casinos that also accept Myanmar players.

There are several critical factors that we take into consideration when assessing an online casino. Yes, we understand that there can be many facets to playing at online casinos and many players would want insights into the various aspects. But it would be logistically impossible to review all of them, hence we have narrowed it down to these 5 key factors:

Deposit and Withdrawals

The safety and assurance that a deposit and withdrawal can be successfully completed, without delay and hassles, is arguably these most important factor in assessing online casinos. The best online casinos do NOT offer new, untried and untested transaction methods. It may sound tempting to use a new digital wallet that enticingly promotes low processing fees, however I warn you that your money could easily be lost. And you will not know whether it is the fault of the digital e wallet provider or of the online casinos. The best online casinos steer clear of new processing methods as they have built a reputation of honest and transparent game play, and do NOT want to be tarnished with customers assuming they have deliberately lost player monies.

Our top online casinos all offer reputable, well known deposit and withdrawal methods. They include bank transfers, credit cards and prepaid cards/debit cards.

Player Security

When playing at an online casino, your details are important and therefore should be stored securely within a database that is appropriately protected against unwanted cyber criminals. The top casinos all secure player records with the latest advanced encryption technology. This typically requires SSL internet software, that safeguards your information, as well as the internet connection from your playing device to the server of the online casino.

The top casinos all understand how important it is to protect player data. Our Top 5 online casinos all have the utmost respect for player data and therefore ensure that they have the best encryption methodologies in place.

Honest and Reliable

Online casino gambling is relatively new to Myanmar. Knowing this, there are plenty of online casinos that want to take advantage of unsuspecting players and offer a poor online gambling experience. Avoid choosing small, and newish online casinos. In general the older the casinos the more reliable and dependable they are.

Having said that, it is near impossible for you, as a new player or even seasonal to know which casino can be trusted without playing them all. We have therefore done all the hard work for you, by collating player reviews and personally testing the top casinos ourselves.

The top online casinos are all honest and trustworthy. They will treat you properly with respect, but please do understand that if you do not play according to the Terms and Conditions they have the right to reject your winnings / withdrawals.

Online Casino Bonuses

This is absolutely critical for online casino players – garnering the best online casino bonus. A casino bonus is like extra money in your pocket. It can add those extra few days of play, or even land you the jackpot! Online casino bonuses are preferred over land based casinos due to their direct increase to the bank roll. Discounted meals, and free beverages are nice, but they just don’t ring the same sound as extra dollar to play with.

Our top online casinos have the best online casino bonuses in the market. If you are able to find another online casino that offers a better deal, then please contact us. We would like to know!

Game Variety and Quality

We understand that for some players, they are only looking for a specific type of niche gaming. But for the majority of players like yourself, you are looking for a good spread of gaming and high quality. The best online casinos have state of the art graphics, crystal clear audio and smooth game play. If would be a disaster to sign up to an online casino only to find that the games are glitchy and look horrendous.

Online Live Dealers – furthermore, the trend as the moment is playing with a live dealer. A live dealer video streamed directly to your playing device, with multiple viewing angles is the best of both traditional online gaming and land based casino table games. It cannot be any better with the advancement of internet technology.

Myanmar Online Slots

As a follow on from game variety, we want to call out Myanmar online slots for game variety. This is hugely popular, with many players wanting to sign up and play online slots.

There are so many slot variations out there, that it can be mind boggling. You will find progressive and non progressive slots, interlinked slot games within an online casino, and also video poker (though not a traditional form of slots, it’s an exciting form that can win regular prizes).

Our top online casinos have a wide variety of Myanmar slot games.

Myanmar Sports Betting |Online Sports Book

Online gambling in Myanmar expands beyond online casinos. Online sports betting is increasingly popular as well, particularly among the ex-pats who miss their home country and want to bet on their favorite sports. Online bookies are located around the world, and they nearly every single sport that you can imagine. Sports bettors are very different to online casino players. Typically a sports bettor is after a particular sport and will search for it. You will find that there are many online bookies that you can sin up to. Make sure you at least pick a bookie that offers that sport that you love.

Our recommended tip for sports bettors is to try and find a sports book that also offer free viewing of the games. We understand that it can be hard to find a tv channel that shows NFL, NBA, EPL and the likes, so finding a sports book that also offers live viewing is a huge bonus.

Legality of Gambling in Myanmar

Gambling is NOT regulated in Myanmar, however you can find several small land based casinos scattered throughout the country. Online gambling is also NOT regulated, and therefore there are no controls in place to prevent players from participating with online gambling. There are no law enforcement agencies that monitor online gambling activity, nor have we heard of any other news to show that they in fact care. In addition, gambling laws are yet to be developed and encapsulate correctly internet gambling activities, let alone land based / onshore.


There are many gambling opportunities for Myanmar players. Online casino gaming is increasing in popularity particular with online slots. You will also find that players are taking up sports betting and wagering, as seen from many ex-pats, but at the same time locals too.

We are also seeing a huge trend with Live Dealers. Live Dealers offers the best of both worlds, online and land based. It’s a relatively new gaming experience that is becoming popular around the world. - Copyright 2018-2023