India Online Casinos 2023

India is the second most populous country in the world, and thus has offers one of the best gambling experiences. Whether it be land based or online, India has a wide variety of games that mix the traditional with the contemporary.

Indian Online Casinos

Located in South East Asia, Indians have a fanatical love of cricket and badminton that translates to lots of sports betting wagers. The national cricket team is analyzed to the nth degree as well as their opposition, in order for sports bettors to glean that winning edge. Some even go as far as forecasting game day weather details, and paying for information regarding the cricket pitch quality.

Along side sports, is the love of gambling at online casinos. No different to other countries around the world, online slots is the most popular among locals. Blackjack and other casino table games follow closely behind. In searching for the top online Indian casinos, there are quite a few mistakes that some Indians are making. As an example, some are unaware that there are online casinos that accept Rupees. And thus they play at USD or Euro accepting casinos. Not only do players lose out on the foreign currency exchange but it is also in fact illegal to not deposit and withdraw in Rupees!

Learn how to choose the best online casinos, how to play, the preferred payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals, tips and tricks and a whole lot more.

First we list out our top recommendations per below:

Top Indian Online Casinos

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The number of online casinos available for Indians is simply astounding. Therefore it is important to understand what makes a great online casino to play at. We understand that many players do not have the time to research and review online casinos, so we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Our selection of top online Indian casinos are based on three core principles. They must be honest, have attractive bonuses, and offer quality gaming.

Having said that. we understand that each player is unique with what they are looking for. Take your own preferences into account when considering which online casinos to choose from. Those that offer the gaming experience you want should be balanced against our core three values.

Honesty – a honest online Indian casino is one of the best to play at. Even if the bonuses and the gaming experience may not be as good as others, honesty very much comes first. It is pointless to play at a casino that you stand no chance of winning at. You are ultimately giving your money away at casinos that are dishonest.

And, YES, there are casinos which are honest, where Players can legitimately win the jackpot with a little bit of luck.

Gaming – without games that you love, and game selection variety, it could become quite stale and boring. So balance out a honest casino with one that also offers that gaming experience you are looking for. If you are a slots fan, then go for the casino that provides good slot themes. Look for the progressive and rewarding jackpots. And throw in the free spins to boot.

Bonuses – all of the best casinos offer attractive Welcome Bonuses. These often come in the form of percentage match deposits but are capped to a certain amount. Some casinos even offer percentage match bonuses on second and subsequent deposits. Other bonuses include No Deposit Bonuses, however, these are now becoming quite rare.

Types of Bonuses

As mentioned earlier there are many types of bonuses on offer to Indian players. We explain each type of bonus further.

Welcome Bonuses (a.k.a Sign Up Bonuses) – If you are new to a casino, you are entitled to their Welcome Bonus. The bonus will normally be a percentage match of your deposit. The common match percentage is 100% of your first deposit. But is capped at a particular amount. This prevents you from depositing a huge amount of money simply to be rewarded with a corresponding match bonus. You must also take note, that you cannot simply make a deposit to obtain the bonus and immediately withdraw. There are Terms and Conditions that stipulate the wagering requirements to be met before a withdrawal can be made.

Loyalty Bonuses – the perks of a land based casino includes perks such as discounted meals, room rates and complimentary beverages. At online casinos you get extra credits that is like real money into your bank roll, and you get the opportunity to partake in weekly, or monthly jackpots / door prizes.

No Deposit Bonuses – This is free money into your bank roll, so that you can try out all the games at an online casino. As with the Welcome Bonus, there are Terms and Conditions that apply to a No Deposit Bonus.

Free Spin Bonuses – for slot lovers, these are great bonuses. The extra free spins can lead to lady lucky giving you the win of a life time.

Legality of Online Gambling

India shares similar gambling laws to many other countries around the world. That is, they are outdated, ambiguous and more relevant to traditional forms of land based gambling. Clarity has been sought in the past, to declare online gambling illegal, but these attempts have fortunately failed. Conversely, there are also been attempts to legalise online gambling and these too have also failed EXCEPT in the states of Goa and Sikkim.

Therefore gambling online remains mostly in legal ambiguity, hence there are many Indian Online Casinos based offshore with a small handful based onshore.

Indian Gambling Laws

There are three key laws that reference gambling: the Indian Constitution, 7th Schedule, the Public Gaming Act 1867; and State legislation. The Public Gambling Act of 1976 allows for the provision of legal gambling. It permits Vegas style hotel casino resorts to offer slot machines, table games and other casino games in the states of Goa and Sikkim.

Regulation of gambling is through either the Federal or State law (that occasionally overlap or conflict). For example, the Federal law declares most forms of gambling illegal, with the exception of lotteries and games of skill. In regards to online gambling, the Federal law does not address it, and therefore does not act against websites that promote online gambling. States, on the other hand, are allowed to set their own gambling laws and regulations. Therefore there are several States which permit gambling, and even among those that allow gambling their regulations can differ greatly.

It it important to note, that although online gambling is not Federally opposed, foreign exchange transactions with deposits and withdrawals are illegal. It is therefore prudent to avoid online casinos that accept Indian players in foreign currencies. The governments attempts to prevent foreign currency transactions through IP and site blocking.

The laws in India expressly do not allow direct foreign investment in gambling entities such as casinos, lotteries and other gambling vehicles.

The lottery is one form of gambling that is allowed in many Indian states. Lotteries are permitted and regulated in these states:

The state of Goa and Sikkim have expressly legalized land based casinos within hotels and cruise shops, and therefore has the most land base casino gaming options in India.

Is it Safe to play at online casinos?

We often get asked this question, and with all purchases of goods and services online, you can be exposed to scams. We can assure you, that if you stick to the our recommended online casinos you will be safe. However, should you venture out to niche or newish online casinos you may be exposing yourself to risk. That’s not to say that there aren’t any good online casinos that are new out there. But, in summary, it is safer to play at online casinos if you keep to the big and reputable brand names.

Other Considerations

Payment Methods – the best online casinos offer a wide variety of secure payment methods. Only play at online casinos that offer payment methods that you are familiar with. The most common methods include credit cards, bank transfers and the well known e-wallets.

Customer support – the top quality online casinos offer 24/7 customer support. They often are provided with a chat line or email support. Occasionally you will find an online casino that will also phone support.

Mobile Device – we have found that most players prefer to play at a desktop or PC. There are those who want to play at mobile devices such as iPads/tablets or mobile phones. If this is a key consideration for you, you will find that most will offer gaming direct from their site without download. These are called flash games, designed and coded in native HTML5. Bear in mind though, the game selection through flash are slightly more limited than downloads or via desktop/PC.

Online Slots

Indians follow the global trend of making slots the most popular of all casino games to play at. The physical slot machines are limited to Sikkim, Goa and the Union territory of Daman and Diu. Here you will find a diverse range of casinos from the Las Vegas style, floating to the small but cozy offering.

If you are looking for the Western, high roller experience, then head to the Deltin Casino hosted on a luxury cruise. Their slot machines include progressive, multipliers and multi line play. The atmosphere on a luxury cruise is simply astounding as you ride Lady Luck.

Alternatively head towards the Carnival Casino which is adjacent to the glamorous five star hotel Goa Marriott Resort. There are over 50 slot machines, not a huge selection, but still some great enjoyment to be had. These machines are typically low denominations and suitable for beginners.

Of course, there are also online slots to be played at. One of the most popular online casinos that offer slots for Indians is Leo Vegas. They accept Rupee and have a massive range of slots from the classics to the new.

Online Blackjack and other table games

Who doesn’t love blackjack? Offering the best casino house edge for Players, those who want to have an extended great time and stretch out their bank rolls are drawn to this game. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you need to be a card counter to have a chance of winning. Knowing the basics and keeping to simple blackjack hacks will help you play far longer than random betting.

Carnival Casino in Goa offers a wide range of table games, however, Players take note that these are all electronic. There are no real life dealers that are shuffling decks of cards and dealing them. It is all electronic, played on machines.

Many other land based casinos in India also follow suite with Carnival Casino and only offer the electronic machine versions, and thus what is becoming extremely popular in the Live Online Blackjack.

Live Online Blackjack is a playing online with a Live streamed Dealer. It’s exactly the same as if you were at a casino and a real Dealer dealing cards around the blackjack table to players. The only difference is that it is online. You still get to place your chips to bet for each round, and you can still converse with other players and the dealer. You can play with confidence, knowing that the cards are truly random.

LeoVegas Casino is the leader of Live Online Blackjack. They offer all the variations that includes: Traditional, American and Surrender Blackjack. You can also choose the type of Dealer you want to play with – Asian, American, European etc.


The popularity for online gambling in India is surging, with many Players finding that the experience is just as good, if not better than playing at a land based casino. Choosing an online casino is easy, stick to our recommended list to avoid casinos who aren’t honest or trustworthy.


Can I play at Indian online casinos?

You sure can. There are plenty of Indian online casinos that are safe and secure, have a wide gaming selection and excellent bonuses. Choose from our list!

Is it legal to play at India Online Casinos?

India shares similar outdated gambling laws as many other countries. They are ambiguous and relate to an era before the advent of the internet. Accordingly you will find that there are many offshore India online casinos that accept Indian players. It is clearly illegal to operate an online casino based locally within India, however players are permitted to play freely. Till this day, there has been no precedence of any player being charged, fined or penalized for playing at online casinos. - Copyright 2018-2023