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Looking for the Best Online Casinos for Canadians?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Gambledex has done all the hard work for you. We search the internet constantly, playing and reviewing all the Canadian online casinos. We separate the rubbish from the gems and list the best online casinos that offer the best online casino bonuses to give you the bonus that you deserve. We make sure they accept Canadian dollars, provide 24/7 local Canadian support and online games that you will love. And we provide a guide for the best payment methods, how to ensure safety and security.

Best Canadian Casinos Online

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There are literally thousands of Online Canadian Casinos out there in the world wide web. You’re probably constantly looking for the best Online Canadian Casinos and always sifting through them all. They may all look and feel the same, but finding those nuggets of information you need to compare and then to be filled with confidence that you are playing on the best online Canadian casino can be really difficult.

What are the Best Online Casinos?

There are some really big name branded online casinos that have history and offer great bonuses out there. And you can easily stick to them when playing, but that doesn’t mean you should discount the up and coming new online casinos breaking into the market. Just like any other industry, like sport shoes, cars, beer etc, there are constantly new products being launched. Here at Gambledex, we include reviewing the new online casinos together with the tried and tested to determine the best online Canadian casinos.

Choosing the Best Online Canada Casino

There are many aspects that can be considered for choosing the best online Canada Casino, but ultimately there are only 4 core criteria’s that we research in depth: Online Casino Bonuses, Fast and Safe payment methods, Entertainment factor and Canadian Customer Support. Yes, there can be many other factors to consider, however these four will by and far cover every aspect for the majority of players. So let’s get into it!

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1. Online Canada Casino Bonuses

Look for exciting Bonuses and exclusive Promotions

The number one consideration on the list are online casino bonuses. This factor alone would comprise the majority of influence of playing at a particular online casino (coupled with trustworthiness). Online bonuses can include sign up bonuses, no deposit free bonuses, free spins and many other perks. Online bonuses, of course, help you extend your bank roll and play longer. In many ways, a well established casino with a great track record of trustworthiness that offers great online casino bonuses is a testament to their understanding and respect to you as a player.

In researching online casino bonuses we also look at their terms and conditions. These, of course, are extremely important as terms and conditions support the online casinos trustworthiness.

Lastly online casinos that reward loyal and returning players is an online casino that is worth playing at. An online casino that offers loyalty bonuses understands the importance of building a relationship with their customer base, which is you!

2. Canadian Fast and Safe Payment Methods

online casino payment method - interac

Use Interac – it is the Safest and most Secure

Fast and Safe payment methods for Canadians will be different from other countries around the world. Often overlooked is that Canadians have one of the best electronic payment systems in the world which include payment methods like Interac. Interac is unique to Canada and is super fast and safe. Developed by Gigadat (a Canadian company) and used by Canadians, it really can’t get any more symbiotic than that. Of course there are also many other payments available such as credit cards and PayPal. Gambledex has researched the best payment methods for you, and we highly recommend sticking to the tried and trusted Interac.

3. Entertainment Factor

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Look for Variety and Quality

This is one core criteria that needs to be considered, without it, you may be playing at a casino that doesn’t offer that spark that you are looking for. When reviewing online casinos it’s extremely important to consider the variety of games and their quality. For example, if you are a slot fan then you would want a good variety of slots, if you are looking for an all around online casino then looking for a wider game selection is more appropriate. And, of course, the jackpot size is what adds to the entertainment. Entertainment factor is really what you’re playing for!

4. Canadian Customer Support

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Look for 24/7 Canadian Customer Support

You never know when you’re going to need to ask a question at an Online Casino. Not necessarily because there is an issue, but perhaps you have a question about the games, how to play, what to play. Perhaps you may have questions about payment methods, or terms and conditions. No matter what it is, Customer Support is important. What we look for is Customer Support accessibility, are they contactable via email, or live chat or other methods. How quick are they to respond, their quality of service, and their helpfulness. We know that Customer Support may not be at forefront of your mind, so we do all the research for you in choosing best Online Casino.

Gambling in Canada’s provinces

Canadian Online Gambling Legislation

Understanding legislation in any country is often difficult. However, in the case of Canada, understanding its legislation for Online Casinos is twice as difficult! There is a lot of complexity found within Canadian gambling legislation. Conceptually it makes sense but when it comes to application it can be quite confusing. As a Player it is important to understand the legislation, because it will give you peace of mind and confidence when playing.

It isn’t easy to explain the of legality of gambling online in Canada.

But in general, there are no laws that prohibit Canadians from playing Online Casinos with real money. Rather there are laws that require Online Casinos to be hosted offshore to accept Canadian Players. The onus is placed on Online Casinos to be compliant instead of the Player.

If you have any doubts regarding playing at Online Casinos in Canada, then please continue reading. In this guide, we explain the legislation for Online Casinos, the legislation for Players and the interpretation and application of the legislation. Finally, we provide a section for Frequently Asked Questions.

Canadian Online Gambling Legislation

Online gambling legislation can be divided between requirements for Online Casinos and for Players. The legislation can be widely different between tiers of Government yet relatively clear. (If you are not aware, Canada has three tiers of Government – Federal, Provincial and Local).

However, as we will soon explain, the application of the legislation can be confusing due to the differences.

Online Casino Legislation

At a federal level, Online Casinos are required to be based off shore. This means it is illegal to have an Online Casino registered as a business entity in Canada and to operate the Online Casino from a server hosted within the territory of Canada. It is therefore common to find Online Casinos that accept Canadian Players registered in Europe and hosted at a location near Canada but off shore. The proximity of hosting a server closer to Canada means the speed of running the Online Casino can be quicker for Players.

The federal legislation is quite clear in its construct and meaning. Specifically all gambling legislation falls under the umbrella of the federal Criminal Code of Canada. The Criminal Code of Canada makes no distinction between online casinos and land based, effectively the one Criminal Code applies to both. The Criminal Code is therefore the overarching framework for gambling legislation in Canada. In its scope includes legality, compliance and regulation.

Now here comes the part of where the complexity begins. Outlined in the Criminal Code is the authority to permit Provinces to create and apply their own online casino legislation.

This is an important statement to note, as it allows Provinces to not align their legislation with the federal Criminal Code.

Consequently, all except one Province – Quebec – has aligned their legislation to the federal legislation.

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In the Province of Quebec, the territory of Kahnawake is permitted to host and manage Online Casinos. The territory has even created the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to issue Online Casino licenses and ensure compliance to regulation. Through this unique legislation in Kahnawake, the local data storage center has been reaping the profits by hosting on shore Online Casinos.

Hence there are legitimate Online Casinos operating on shore in Canada. These Online Casinos have obtained operating licenses and are able to provide quicker running of their websites than their off shore counter parts due to their proximity.

This is contrary to the federal legislation which requires Online Casinos to be hosted off shore. One could argue that these Online Casinos are in breach of federal law, but they are operating in accordance with provincial law.

Complicating matters further, in the 1990’s some local councils were permitted to operate their own Online Casinos. The intention was to allow local councils to raise revenue to support their regional infrastructure. One could argue that these local councils are also in breach of federal law.

In summary, there is a mixture of Canadian legislation that contradicts each other regarding Online Casinos. On one hand, there is legislation that requires Online Casinos to be hosted off shore, whilst on the other hand there are Online Casinos hosted on shore and are regulated by the Kahnawake Canadian Gaming Commission. Even though, there appears to be a conflict of legislation there has so far been no law proceedings, civil or criminal, challenging the current legal structure.

Player Legislation

Along with Online Casino legislation, there is Player legislation. The Player legislation prescribes what type of gambling is lawful in Canada. Accordingly, the legislation for Players can be summarised as follows:

"It is illegal for Players…….to be found in an illegal betting house."

Betting house is a term introduced in legislation in the 1900’s, prior to the existence of the internet. The intention was to prevent Players from participating in black market gambling operations, to ensure gambling was being conducted in a regulated environment.

This legislation is outdated and no longer applicable. Online Casinos could be construed as betting houses, but it’s tenuous at best. And even if an Online Casino is considered to be a “betting house”, it must be considered an “illegal betting house” for a Player to be found in breach of the law. What makes a betting house illegal? As discussed in the previous section Online Casino Legislation, the definition of illegal can be ambiguous. Therefore it is not illegal for Canadians to play at Online Casinos.

In summary, Players can play at Canadian Online Casinos with confidence of not breaking any laws.


Although legislation is quite clear in Canada for the hosting and operation of an Online Casino, the fact that there is contradicting legislation allows for various Online Casinos to operate legally off shore and on shore. On shore Online Casinos must register and obtain a licence in the territory of Kahnawake, with the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

There is no doubt that Players are allowed to gamble at Online Casinos. It is the onus of the Online Casino to ensure that they are abiding by Canadian law.