WARNING ALERT: Account balances blocked for ALL Filipino and International players!

Players, Affiliates and PNXBET Voucher Sellers, you may be asking:

“What the F is going on with PNXBet?”

“Why can’t I access my PNXBet account?”

“Why is PNXBet now pointing to WinZir.ph?”

PNXBet Reviewed for Issues and Complaints

PNXBet has

  • Shut down
  • PNXBet has been found to conduct commission fraud
  • PNXBet is addressing regulatory issues
  • PNXBet Agent System is widing down with September 2022 the last month of commission

The above is evidenced by an email by Support@PNXBet.com dated 20 October 2022.

PNXBet Players

Since mid August 2022, PNXBet has been inaccessible for millions of Filipino and International Players.

With no formal announcement on their website, no communication via email or messaging to existing bettors and players, the sudden shut down of PNXBet for Filipinos has caused much anger and frustration.

Many have been unable to withdraw funds or unable to use account balance, without any reason provided.

No customer support has been available, whether it be email, Online Chat or phone line. There simply has been zero opportunity for players to obtain any answers (let alone a response).

As a result, players have been reaching out to GambleDex for our assistance with attempting to salvage any of their inaccessible funds.

Despite many attempts, we too have had no response from PNXBet. Not one reply whether it be through email, Skype, or lodging through their previously available support line.

* Update 20/10/22 – response obtained from PNXBet

Sadly, the current situation does not hold much hope.

This is a terrible ending to what was previously a truly fantastic gambling site for Filipinos.

Their PNXBet Voucher system was one of the best, offering great flexibility and efficiency for players. What has prompted the trust that has been grown over the years, to be destroyed in the blink of an eye is incomprehensible.

PNXBet’s unethical behaviour with stealing player balances, without communicating their intentions, without giving any stakeholders in the industry the opportunity to even consider their actions is absolutely appalling.

For Filipinos and International players, if you now attempt to access the PNXBet site, you will be repointed to WinZir.ph.

It is unclear why this is occurring, however, we can only assume that there is an affiliation between PNXBet and WinZir.ph.

Continued Email Marketing Despite PNXBet Closure

Though PNXBet has been closed since Mid August 2022, their marketing promotions continue to be email to Players even though PNXBet is inaccessible.

Players should be aware that marketing material from PNXBet is obsolete. You will be unable to use bonus codes or rewards.

PNXBet shuts down - MUST READ! 1

PNXBet Affiliates – Response from PNXBet 20 Oct 2022

After several attempts to contact PNXBet, we were able to obtain a response through their customer support.

Disappointingly, their response creates more questions.

If you are a PNXBet Partner (selling Vouchers, PPC marketing or any other method):

  • Your commission will cease starting October 2022 irrespective if you have returning players.
  • Your past commission calculation from Mid August to end of September is most likely reduced.
  • PNXBet appears to have committed commission fraud, and is breach of regulations.
PNXBet shuts down - MUST READ! 2


Due to:

  • the closure of player account balances
  • the redirection of PNXBet.io to WinZir.ph
  • the continuation of selling PNXBet vouchers despite PNXBet.io being shut down
  • the unfair remuneration of PNXBet Affiliates
  • the inability to obtain a response

We advise:


Nor do we recommend playing at PNXBet (if they ever re-open) for Filipinos or any International Players.


Q: Is PNXBet available to the Philippines?

A: Previously PNXBet was accessible to Filipinos, however since mid-August 2022 PNXBet has been shut down. Effectively blocking Filipino players from accessing their accounts.

Q: Is PNXBet down (shutdown)?

A: PNXBet has been shutdown for unknown reasons and is now pointing to WinZir.ph. This new site, only accepts Filipino players.

Q: Why has PNXBet blocked me from accessing my account?

A: Unfortunately there has been no answer or response provided by PNXBet to explain their actions.

Q: Why is PNXBet Closed?

A: It’s unclear why PNXBet is closed. There has been no communication why this has occurred, and what existing players can do to complain.

Q: How do I get my money back from PNXBet?

A: At present, there has been no channel of communication that PNXBet has been responding to. Consequently, there is no avenue to obtain a refund held at PNXBet.

Q: Why is PNXBet pointing to WinZir.ph?

A: We do not know why PNXBet is currently pointing to another gambling site WinZir.ph. As a result, we do NOT recommend playing at WinZir.ph

Q: How can I lodge a complaint about PNXBet?

A: Unfortunately there is NO avenue to contact PNXBet. There is no live chat, and emails are not being responded to. However, if you wish, please voice your complaints in the comment section below, we want to hear from you!

Q: What were the email addresses to contact PNXBet to lodge a complaint?

A: You can try: finance@pnxbet.com , admin@pnxbet.com, support@pnxbet.com, legal@pnxbet.com and/or security@pnxbet.com

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