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Bingo is a great game to play that is popular around the world. The use of GCash to play is evidently growing in popularity as well, do the features and convenience that this digital payment provides. In this article, we discuss online bingo sites that accept GCash, what is GCash and the advantages of using it, and bingo history and how it is played.

GCash Online Bingo Sites

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Getting started at online bingo sites is really easy with GCash. Use GCash to create an online bingo account, fund the account with a deposit to begin playing. For any winnings, they can be easily cashed out, back through GCash.

Advantages of using GCash

GCash is expanding immensely and is touted to be a double unicorn if the parent entity launches are float on the stock exchange. What this means, is that GCash is expected to be valued at more that $2 billion USD!

It goes without saying that GCash has many advantages, hence attracting many customers to using it. Without going into extensive details of all the advantages, they can be summarized per below:

How to get Started with GCash and play bingo

Using GCash is predominantly through the use of the GCash App. So, to get started, it really is easy.

Requirements: You need a mobile/smartphone and ideally you set up an account to use a sim card provided by Globe Telecom.

Step by Step Guide

1. Create a telecommunication account with Globe Telecom

Globe Telecom was the first official partner of GCash, and still is today, for connecting to GCash.

Globe Telecom support staff, at their retail outlets, will lead you through set up which only takes a few minutes.

2. Download GCash App

They will also help support the downloading of the GCash app onto your device.

3. Connect GCash to Funding source

Connect your GCash account to your credit card or bank account. This will allow for funding your GCash account.

4. Select an Online Bingo Site

Choose from our recommended list of online bingo sites.

5. Create a player account at the online bingo site

Follow the registration procedures at the online bingo site, and don’t forget to claim your bonus!

6. Select GCash as the method on the bingo site, to make a deposit

7. Start playing!

Why use GCash to play at Online Bingo Sites

GCash has many advantages over other payment methods for playing at online bingo sites. GCash was established 2010 and launched to the public 2012. In South East Asia, GCash has become one of the most popular digital payment methods to use. Particularly in the Philippines, whereby GCash has formed partnerships with the telecommunication and internet service providers.

GCash is used by over 100 million customers, with over 10 billion transactions per year and growing. The convenience of using GCash can be attributed to the use of smartphones. Accounts for using smartphones are seamlessly connected with GCash accounts. Due to the connectivity, transaction fees are extremely lower due to economies of scale.

The GCash solution incorporates innovative, advanced but above all trusted technology to provide an easy to use payment method.

Filipinos can transact conveniently, either online or offline via different devices. It allows users to have a smooth, hassle free user experience, cash withdrawals, deposits, including of course playing at online bingo sites.

What is Bingo?

Bingo has historically found its popularity at physical land based bingo halls. Typically played by the elderly as a social means, but also to fund raise.

Bingo is a game which involves several players whom receive a set of random numbers at the beginning of each round. These numbers that have been given to each player cannot change once the round has started. Once a round has been completed, new numbers can be assigned to each player. (Please note: in later versions of Bingo, sometimes Players can choose their numbers. This version is more applicable to online bingo sites, where it is logistically easier to manage).

The numbers given at the beginning of each round, were historically recorded on pieces of paper in grids. The numbers would be consecutively display across rows and columns.

Remember, the numbers are assigned randomly, hence there is no skill involved in bingo but pure luck.

After each player has received their set of numbers, the round can start with the drawing of numbers from a separate set. These numbers are the “winning” numbers. As the winning numbers are drawn, the players are to scratch off if they have it in their set on the grid.

The winner is the player who has been given a set of numbers that matches the winning numbers that have been drawn.

Why play Bingo?

Bingo is widely considered as a social game. Due to the various version, players historically would physically come together to play at bingo halls. It was a way of meeting and socializing. Accordingly bingo was used as a way to raise money for charity.

Winning bingo games gave out prizes rather than cash. Players would receive meat platters, bottles of wine, fruit baskets, hampers and other gifts that were kindly donated by the community.

It wasn’t until recent years, whereby bingo started to become more popular at casinos, clubs and bigger community venues. And soon, the prizes also began to offer cash winnings.

Now with the advent of the internet, and the increased speed of gaming via the internet, online bingo has further expanded on the original bingo.

Online Bingo Today

Nowadays, you will find online bingo sites that offer many prizes that include daily weekly rewards, cash prizes, and socializing features. These features include messaging with various other players and the caller of the drawn numbers, a chat group moderator. In addition, players can play anytime anywhere in the safety and convenience of any location of their choosing.

Bingo is not consider gambling like casino games. Generally players aren’t participating to win “big”, but rather to make friends and to enjoy the company of others. Perhaps, lost in the past, is the aspect of raising money for charity for online bingo. But who knows? Maybe this will become popular in the future.

Legality of Online Bingo in the Philippines

Online bingo is legal in the Philippines, however the legislation is constantly changing due to Government policies (and at the time of writing, health impacts due to the pandemic). Gambling is regulated by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, one of many government departments that President Duterte has assigned. In addition a specific area (zone) has been dedicated to gambling – Cagayan Economic Zone. Authority. It can be deemed as a hub for online gambling operators to achieve economies of scale through infrastructure and worker skills.

The requirements that are imposed by the Philippine government is that online bingo operators must obtain a license and pay taxes on their earnings. The are also regulated to ensure compliance for player protection.

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