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100% up to 7,000 PHP + 200 Free Spins
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  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Sports Betting
  • Video Poker
  • Bingo
  • Baccarat
  • Progressives
  • Live Dealers
  • Poker
  • Craps
  • Keno
  • Scratchcards
  • Esports Betting
  • Slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Sports Betting
  • Video Poker
  • Bingo
  • Baccarat
  • Progressives
  • Live Dealers
  • Poker
  • Craps

What we like

  • IconAccepts Gcash
  • IconAccepts PHP
  • IconFilipino customer support available
  • IconDiverse gaming catalogue

What we dislike

  • IconDoes not accept offshore players
  • IconNo Sabong Cockfighting games available
  • AstroPay
  • Bitcoin
  • Dash
  • Dogecoin
  • ecoPayz
  • Ethereum
  • GCash
  • GrabPay


Welcome Bonus
100% up to 7,000 PHP + 200 Free Spins
Bonus Code


One of the most reputable brands available to Filipino players, PNXBet was first established in 2019 and has grown to offer an extraordinary catalogue of gaming options including casino games, live dealers, poker, skill games and esports betting.

PNXBet Features

Before we start to create a player account and make a deposit, we’re going to look at the different features of PNXBet, their purpose and intention.

Learning about these features first, will ensure you understand why PNXBet is the best online casino for Filipinos and ONLY for Filipinos.

Welcome Bonuses

A Welcome Bonus is real money added to new players who sign up and play at PNXBet. Currently, the PNXBet Welcome Bonus is 100% up to PHP25,000.

The 100% refers to how much PNXBet will multiply the cash deposit of the player by. Effectively, PNXBet will match one to one for every peso deposited.

The term “up to” means PNXBet will continue to match one to one until the threshold of PHP25,000 is reached. PNXBet won’t exceed any match above and beyond PHP25,000.

Therefore PNXBet gives new players the opportunity to obtain PHP25,000 in free money.

Tip: the importance of free money is often overlooked. The more free money that is offered, the longer the player can play. This gives a great opportunity to win and to maximize the benefit that a player can obtain. Hence, at PNXBet make a deposit of PHP25,000 to achieve the full benefit.

How does PNXBet compare to other online casinos?

PNXBet is currently the stand out leader for Welcome Bonuses. The next best casino for Filipinos is 22Bet for Welcome Bonuses. In comparison, 22Bet currently offers a Welcome Bonus of 100% up to PHP18,000.

This is not a bad Welcome Bonus by 22Bet, but this is a huge difference of PHP7,000 to PNXBet. Granted, if you do not intend to deposit more that PHP18,000 there is no difference between the two online casinos. But you would be crazy to not take advantage of the extra match up to bonus of PNXBet which is 40 per cent more.

Recommendation: Sign up to PNXBet and utilize the maximum threshold of PHP25,000.

Cashback 5%

Some online casino offer signed up players the reward of cashbacks. Cashbacks is a way of players getting more money into the bankroll by reducing their losses. PNXBet offers on some slot and casino games a 5 per cent cashback. The cashback isn’t on offer every day, and will apply to different games on each occasion (depending on which game they want to promote).

PNXBet Promo Code

A lot of online casinos have promo codes to claim a bonus. It encourages players to go to the casino site to look for the code and to see the wide range of games. Often promo codes are a form of marketing, to get players to have a look at the casino site first.

Well, guess what, PNXBet has NO Promo Code. This means, you do NOT need to enter a bonus code, promo code, or any code to claim the bonus. You can go straight to Player Account creation and get the bonus, no tricks or traps.

Note: Some other sites inform readers of a Promo Code – NEWBONUS. We have not seen any official announcement from PNXBet promoting this code.

Wagering Requirements

With Welcome Bonuses, online casinos will apply Terms and Conditions to prevent players from simply immediately withdrawing the free money given to them and running off with a handsome profit.

Therefore online casinos will apply Wagering Requirements stipulate the volume and amount to be wagered by a Player, before the Player is entitled to cash out the free money.

The wagering requirement means that the player must play a number of games, a number of times with the wagering threshold met. The lower the wagering requirement the better, the higher the wagering requirement the worse. The wagering requirement can either be based on a bonus or deposit or both. If it is both then , the wagering requirement is higher than if it were bonus or deposit alone.

Unfortunately, the Wagering Requirement at PNXBet is 50 times the Bonus and Deposit. For comparison, 22Bet is only 50 times Bonus.

But, there is a good reason why that PNXBet has a higher wager requirement, and that is because the Welcome Bonus is awesomely great. It therefore is only fair, that players need to play more before they can withdraw their winnings.


This may be a no brainer for many players who are already familiar with online casino games. But you will be surprised as to the number of new featured games that have been recently been launched that players are unaware of. PNXBet has a rich set of games through partnering various software iGaming companies. PNXBet offers over 5,000 games, with the next best being 22Bet at 1,100.


Slot games (also known as pokies, fruit games or reels) aren’t as popular as casino table games or Live Casino gaming, in Southeast Asia let alone the Philippines. Slot games have no skill involved unlike blackjack. It all comes down to luck, just like playing the lottery or keno. The most interaction that is required from the player is to choose the wagering amount and select the number of lines to give them the best winning chance.

Slot games, however, still draw a huge crowd because players can win big! Slot games can be connected to each other such that wagers are pooled to form one huge jackpot. These slot games that are connected and grow together are referred to a progressive linked slots.

You may have seen these games in Macau or Vegas either in real life or watching a movie. The sounds and flashing lights when hitting the jackpot is simply awesome.

If you have played slots before, you might want to give it a try. Slots have been around for well over a century and have slowly developed over time. Online casinos now have various themes and different features. At PNXBet they have over three hundred titles of slot games to choose from. They vary from the traditional themed, to the latest in graphics and animation. You will find also 3D slots, three reels or five reels. A reel (like a fishing reel) is a spinning drum, which turns and stops on slot machines.

Slot Tournaments

Becoming very popular are slot tournament events. Slot tournaments found at online casinos are often free to join. Players are required to play at slot games that are part of the tournament and just have to play with a minimum wagering amount. Players can win a tournament usually by earning points. If you have the most points, then you win the tournament and obtain the biggest per cent of the winners pool. The more players the bigger the pool. There are two typical ways of earning points, either simply by playing more and by winning more. So the luckier you are, you have an added bonus of winning the tournament. But, even if you are unlucky, if you have played enough and earned sufficient points, you could be up towards the top of the leader board and also win a slice of the slot tournament pool.

PNXBet often hold slot tournaments which span across a day or two.

Casino Electronic Games

We define casino electronic games separately from Live Casino gaming (which we will explain in further detail in the following section). Casino electronic games, also known as RNG (Random Number Generator) games, are driven by computer software algorithms. This means, the results of gaming are not by pure randomness as we know it. Mathematical equations have been created to replicate pure randomness in software coding.

Often casino electronic games are avoided by players due to several reasons. The most commons reason is the transparency and honesty of the software coding. Without transparency, players are fearful that the odds are unfairly skewed towards the online casino. And without honesty, players are fearful that the logic can be hacked to prevent any winnings eventuating.

In today’s world, to give players the comfort that casino electronic games are true and honest, is a term called Provably Fair. Provably Fair games have RNG coding that can be legitimately verified by anyone. Without going into technicalities, players (or anyone for that matter) can enter tokens into a verification tool that will confirm that the results of a game are not hacked or manipulated. PNXBet does not have any Provably Fair games, and with good reason, because they have an excellent Live Casino offering which makes proving RNG redundant.

The majority of readers will be familiar with casino games. And rather than duplicating explaining them, we will talk through them in the Live Casino section of this guide.

Live Casinos

Easily, by a country mile, Live Casino gaming is the most popular game of PNXBet (and possibly for all other online casinos as well). Live Casino gaming involves live streaming a real dealer hosting the game. Players are drawn to Live Casino gaming for several reasons.

First and foremost, live casino games offer a great assurance that the results are truly random. Unlike Casino Electronic games which are driven by RNG logic, Live casino games have results which are pure, just like being at a land based casino. Hence, players tend to want to play at live casino games because they can trust that the game is not being manipulated.

Secondly, live casino gaming offers social interaction. Admittedly, this is not the same as face to face physical interaction, but rather over online messaging channels that contain audio. Players can talk to the host for some live casino games, but all will have the functionality to message the host and other players.

Lastly, technology has advanced greatly to provide clear and excellent pictures. In the past, internet bandwidth were too slow, and picture pixels were unclear. This presented poor quality gaming. But nowadays internet connectivity is fast enough and accessible for everyone in the Philippines. And, nearly everyone has a mobile phone that will support Live Casino gaming easily.

The most common played Live Casino games at PNXBet are Blackjack, Baccarat, SicBo and Roulette.

Virtual Bets

Virtual betting is a relatively new game feature that is catching on fast. Currently, virtual betting is the third most popular category of betting at PNXBet. Virtual betting is placing bets on horses, cricket and other sporting events on RNG results. This means, just like electronic table games which is AI driven, so too are these results! It’s quite exciting because you get to bet all your favorite sport stars.


Ever since the World Wide Poker Series launched in the US, poker has exploded and its online participation has gone through the roof during the pandemic period. Lots of new players have found a new passion with poker, often the mathematicians that are quick to work out probability and statistics. PNXBet’s poker offering is one of the best for Filipinos. To be honest, there aren’t many options to choose from to play online poker, hence if you are wanting to play online poker, you have to choose PNXBet because there really is no other choice.


Are you a big fan of DOTA, Overwatch League (OWL), PUBG, LoL and all the other fantastic Esport games out there? You will love PNXBet, because it has the largest offering of betting odds for ESports. If you can’t find the ESport game here, then you won’t find it anywhere. Esports is huge in the Philippines, hence PNXBet has catered for it.

Sports Betting

The last of betting categories for PNXBet is sports betting. Though last in our review, it is by no means the least in popularity. Sports betting is extremely popular around the world, and it is no different in the Philippines. Filipinos love their basketball, whether it be NBA or PBA, and they love to bet. You can find all games covered with great odds at PNXBet.

Customer Support

Good customer support is what separates the best from the average. You never know when you will need to seek assistance at online casinos, hence it’s imperative to play at a casino that has accessible channels and that the support is prompt and accurate.

PNXBet offers Live Chat Support which is almost real time. They have several staff fulfilling customer support services indicative of their fast response times – typically less than a minute!

Responsible Gaming

Gambling can be a problem for some players, hence PNXBet has a section whereby deposits can be limited and/or betting amounts can be limited. This feature is extremely comprehensive and includes setting duration for limitations.

Creating a Player Account


Now that we’ve covered all the great features and reasons to sign up to PNXBet, let’s move onto how to Create an Account.

Creating an account at PNXBet is super easy.

There are three basic steps to follow:

  • Click through here to the sign up page
  • Claim the Bonus!
  • Enter your email address
  • Choose your Currency (PHP or any that you like, it actually makes no difference what you choose)
  • Your account will be created within a minute.

Deposit Methods

What clearly sets PNXBet above all the other online casinos that caters for Filipinos is the variety of methods that players can make for a deposit.

Filipinos are fortunate to have many forms of digital payment methods. The government has fostered innovative mobile e-wallets, payment portals and super apps to transforms the Filipino banking system to cashless.

To make a deposit at PNXBet, there are two ways – Direct to PNXBet or through the PNX Voucher Code System.

TypeMethodPHP Amount
BDOBank Transfer – No Voucher needed, deposit direct via DragonPay portal.
Instant, min 20 – max 5000 USD
 Min 700 – Max 5000
Metrobank Min 700 – Max 5000
BPI Min 700 – Max 5000
Landbank CA/SA Min 700 – Max 5000
PNB E-Banking Min 700 – Max 5000
RCBC Online Banking Min 700 – Max 5000
Security Bank Online Transfer Min 700 – Max 5000
BitcoinUse any trusted cryptocurrency exchange services such as Binance, Okex, Paxful, LocalBitcoins, Huobi, Coinbase, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Bitstamp,, Kraken, Bithumb, Gemini or crypto.
min 20 – max 40000 USD
 Min 1000 – Max 100000
Perfect MoneyInstant, min 1 – max 200 USD Min 50 – Max 10000
VISACredit Card – Supports all major global credit, virtual card and debit cards with Visa logo on it.
Instant min 1- max 200 USD
 Min 700 – Max 5000
MasterCardCredit Card – Supports all major global credit, virtual card and debit cards with MasterCard logo on it.
Instant min 1- max 200 USD
 Min 700 – Max 5000

To purchase PNXBET voucher code securely using any local payment method.

1) Login/register an account at
2) Go to “Voucher Resellers” section to buy PNXBET voucher code.
3) Transact only with users that has “Verified Seller” rank/badge.
4) Use the given code at pnxbet deposit page.

Per Voucher Amount
MasterCardPer Voucher Amount
As per Voucher SellerPer Voucher Amount
Voucher CodePer Voucher Amount
PayeerPer Voucher Amount
ETHPer Voucher Amount
USDTPer Voucher Amount
GcashPer Voucher Amount
SkrillPer Voucher Amount
NetellerPer Voucher Amount
OkexPer Voucher Amount
GrabPayPer Voucher Amount
PaxfulPer Voucher Amount
Coins.phPer Voucher Amount
BinancePer Voucher Amount
PayPalPer Voucher Amount
WorldRemitPer Voucher Amount
Alfa BankPer Voucher Amount
MuchBetterPer Voucher Amount
EXMOPer Voucher Amount
AstroPayPer Voucher Amount
EcoPayzPer Voucher Amount
PaySafeCardPer Voucher Amount

Deposit Method Direct to PNXBet

PNXBet accepts various deposit methods that go straight to them, i.e. without the need to go through a Voucher Code Reseller.

You can use internet online banking, credit cards, Perfect Money or Bitcoin. (Note: credit cards can also be used via the Voucher Code system as well).

How to make a deposit direct to PNXBet is very easy. Simply create a Players account, go to the Deposit section and click on your mode of deposit. Follow the instructions, and it will automatically forward to your internet banking portal.

Internet Banking

Steps are:

  1. Create Players account
  2. Go to Deposits
  3. Select “Bank Transfer”
  4. Choose your bank
  5. Enter Amount
  6. Confirm
  7. Complete with Internet Banking

The above Bank Transfer process is linked via DragonPay for BDO, BPI, RCBC, LandBank, Metrobank and PNB.

Note: If your bank is not listed, you can still go through the PNXBet Voucher Code System.

Deposit Method – PNXBet Voucher Code System

The PNXBet Voucher Code system, is one of the most ingenious online casino deposit methods that is currently available to players. No other online casino has anything like this, hence (once again), PNXBet is by far the best casino for Filipinos.

This system even facilitates the opportunity for PNXBet Voucher Code Resellers (everyday Filipinos) to earn money and at the same time help promote PNXBet.

How does the PNXBet Voucher System Work?

In the Philippines there are so many different payment methods. Too many for PNXBet to handle themselves. So they have created a team of PNXBet Voucher Code Resellers (representatives of PNXBet) to help accept deposits for them.

The Voucher Code Resellers buy Prepaid Voucher Codes from PNXBet with Bitcoin. In doing this PNXBet only needs to facilitate Bitcoin directly. The Voucher Code Resellers then “re-sell” the Voucher Codes to Players accepting other methods beyond BTC.

Of course, Resellers can also be Players themselves. They can use the Vouchers that they have bought without re-selling. In most cases, PNXBet Voucher Code Resellers are both players and re-sellers.

Voucher Code Reseller Benefits

There are several benefits to being a Voucher Code Reseller.

They include:

  • Earning money from buying Vouchers at a discount and selling at a profit.
  • Untraceable use of bitcoin to purchase Vouchers
  • Safe and secure processing.

Note: There are rules and regulations that you must follow as being a PNXBet Voucher Code Reseller. These are strictly enforced to ensure the integrity of the Voucher Code system, to provide a quality and hassle free experience for players.

Vouchers can be bought in various amounts from 500, 1000, 5000 and 10,000 pesos. These are fixed amounts and cannot be changed.

You can buy the Vouchers directly from PNXBet at their PNXBet voucher code shop (a.k.a

Where do Voucher Code Resellers got to buy discounted Vouchers?

PNXBet Voucher Code Shop is the official site to purchase PNXBet Discounted Vouchers. Of course, you could buy them from another Voucher Code Reseller to on-sell, but that would be pointless because you wouldn’t obtain the discount.

Therefore, buy from the PNXBet Shop which sells the official Voucher Codes. You will have to pay in Bitcoin, which is easy to do, because is the leading bitcoin platform for Filipinos that can be used.

Below is a table of all the Voucher Codes and their amounts that can be purchased at the PNXBet Shop.

You will see, that there are other currencies available. If you intend to expand your offerings outside of PHP, then why not? Sure, you can purchase other currency vouchers, but remember, you will need a bank account, or an e-wallet that can store the foreign currency once you accept the Players purchase of the Voucher Code.

CurrencyVoucher Amounts

Note: For Players, for you to maximize the Welcome Bonus, you will need to purchase three vouchers – 2 x 10,000 and 1 x 5,000

How to obtain the Voucher Code Reseller discount

For each Voucher Code PHP10,000 (Resellers Pack) that is purchased, you are entitled to a discount of PHP750.

When doing so, remember to apply the coupon code in the checkout to get the resellers discount. An example of the code is “7BG82VM9”

You must apply the coupon to get discount at the check out!

You save 750PHP on selling a voucher of 10,000PHP.

Below is a screenshot of what the transaction should look like. If you do not see the negative ₱750, then you have not applied your coupon correctly.


Shop website and email address are:



Voucher codes do NOT expire, however PNXBet will only store the Voucher for 72 hours on their database. This means, you must retrieve the Voucher Codes from their server to your email within 72 hours. If not, the code to use the Voucher Code will be lost (essentially making the voucher useless).

Do not use the Voucher code for any other reason apart from reselling. If you use it to exploit the system you will be banned from PNXBet.

For Voucher Code Reselling it is strong recommended you purchase codes of $500USD or more in one transaction. If you don’t the fees that you will incur from will not make it worthwhile.

If you need support reach out to via their Live Chat.

If you have any issues, please inform us so that we can share with other readers.

PNXBet Voucher Code Hacks

Unfortunately, there are always people who are looking for ways to cheat the system. If you are looking for Voucher Code Hacks, ways to by pass the system or to exploit the system, DON’T do it. You will be found out and reported to the operators of PNXBet and banned. You may even be reported to law enforcement agencies and/or legal action taken against you.

At the end of the day, the risk (let alone it is unethical and wrong) is not worth it.

If you are aware of anyone hacking the system, please immediately inform PNXBet.

Players go to the PNXBET Forum


For Players who want to buy Voucher Codes, please go to the Official community website:

This is the official site, where by you will be able to find verified Voucher Code Resellers.

Go to the HomeBoard | index🎖️| Voucher Code Marketplace

In the Voucher Code Marketplace, pick a seller that offers your mode of payment.

The easiest way is to click on the most popular seller and check what they offer.

Then you contact them via WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger or any other messenger service that they offer.

How to Deposit with GCash

Step 1: Create Account

Click here.

Step 2: Claim Bonus & Submit Registration


  • Click CLAIM NOW for the Welcome Bonus 100% up to PHP25,000
  • Complete the Registration

Step 3: Go to Deposit Section and click GCash


There are instructions from the page advising you to click through to the forum.

OR click on (This is exactly the same link as GCash instructions)

Do NOT go to any other site. This is the official site and it is linked to the PNXBet site.

Step 4: Go to the Voucher Code Market Place


Step 5: Choose a Voucher Seller

  • All Sellers have been verified and registered on this forum.
  • Sellers must complete a full verification form, and are monitored by PNXBet.


Never buy from a Seller that has approached you.

If you have found a Seller on a channel outside of the PNXBet forum, ALWAYS go back to the forum and validate their Seller ID.

Step 6: Contact the Seller

The Seller will list out their modes of communication.

  • Facebook Messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram
  • Or other offered forms of contact

Choose your preferred messaging mode.

Step 7: Purchase PNXBet Voucher Code with GCASH

Message the Seller and:

  • Ask Seller for receiving account details
  • Agree amount and send funds via your GCash
  • Message picture of proof of GCash transaction to Seller
  • Seller will send you back Voucher Code

Step 8: Enter Voucher Code

  • Login PNXBet Account created
  • Go to Deposit (under your profile top right hand corner)
  • Select GCash
  • Enter your Voucher Code

Step 9: Start Playing!

How to make a deposit with PayMaya

Once you have found a seller, follow the below steps

  1. Agree on the Voucher Amounts
  2. Ask the Voucher Code Reseller for their account details
  3. You send them the money from your PayMaya to their account.
  4. You send them a picture of the confirmed PayMaya transaction (via messenger).
  5. Voucher Code Reseller will message you the code.
  6. Use the code to play!

How to make a deposit with

Once you have found a seller, follow the below steps

  1. Agree on the Voucher Amounts
  2. Ask the Voucher Code Reseller for their account details
  3. You send them the money from your to their account.
  4. You send them a picture of the confirmed transaction (via messenger).
  5. Voucher Code Reseller will message you the code.
  6. Use the code to play!

How to avoid being scammed

  • Do not purchase vouchers from unsolicited advertising. Often these may pop up on Facebook.
  • Always check that you can find the Voucher Code Reseller in the PNXBet forum as a Verified Seller.

Do I need to login or register at the PNXBet forum?

Although on all the instructions on the PNXBet site suggest you need to login/register, this is actually incorrect. As a Player who simply wants to purchase a voucher, you do not need to login or even register at the forum. You can, but it simply is a waste of time.

PNXBet Glossary

Coupon Code – the code that is required to be entered by the Voucher Code Reseller on purchase to be entitled to the discount.

Live Casino – games that are hosted by a real dealer and is stream at real time to your playing device.

PNXBet Forum – is a website officially operated by PNXBet as a community forum for Players and Voucher Code Resellers. It has a moderator which monitors posts.

RNG – Random Number Generator – the official store to buy voucher codes with Bitcoin. You only use Bitcoin to buy.

Slots – a type of casino game that has reels, lines and accumulating jackpots.

Voucher Code – an electronic code that is purchased at It can be be re-sold to Players using deposit methods such as GCash, PayMaya, DragonPay,

Voucher Code Discount – the cheaper price at which the Voucher Code Reseller purchases.

Voucher Code Marketplace – the page on the forum of PNXBet which you can find “verified” sellers of PNXBet Voucher Codes.

Voucher Code Reseller –  a person who has purchased Voucher Codes from and is reselling them to Players.

Wagering Requirement – the amount and number of times the Player must play to be able to withdraw the Welcome Bonus.

Welcome Bonus – a claimable bonus by any Player without the need to enter a bonus code.


Whilst great care has been taken in the preparation of this PNXBet guide, GambleDex (and affiliated parties) takes no responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy or completeness of the data and information provided. Although we have sought to ensure that all of the data and information contained herein have been obtained on reliable sources, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed and no warranty is given as to the correctness of the information.

This guide may also contain statements and opinions that involve uncertainties and assumptions. All opinions and expectations contained within this Guide merely constitute a judgment at the date of publication. As such, should any of these opinions or any of these assumptions prove incorrect, GambleDex (and affiliated parties) accepts no liability whatsoever for the accuracy of these.

Although every effort has been taken in order to ensure that all information outlined within the Guide are up to date GambleDex takes no responsibility for any that information that may been missed or incorrectly updated.