GCash is becoming the number one Fillipino mobile cashless payment option. In the Philippines, it has over 20 millions users whom use it for everything, from shopping, saving, ang bao, bank transfers and of course mobile gaming!

Online Casinos are fast becoming the most popular gaming in the world, and the Philippines is part of this trend. Online gaming companies developing fantastic mobile games for smartphones. The apps are sleek, fun and rewarding.

That’s not to say, that online casinos have not continued to uphold and develop their gaming for PC’s and desktops. The gaming that can now be found online via websites is quite extraordinary. Everything from the traditional slots and casino table games to the hybrid and exotic can be found. There are even online casinos that have integrated online sports betting with casino gaming, seamless and integrated.

The great thing about online casino gaming in the Philippines, is that it is regulated.

Top GCash Online Casinos

Our list of recommended GCash Online Casinos are vetted for their safety and security, bonuses and gaming quality. We understand that there are many online casinos that Filipinos can choose from, and so it can be hard to know which to play at.

100% of up to 7,000 PHP
Welcome Bonus
100% up to PHP25,000
Welcome Bonus
100% up to 18,000 PHP
Welcome Bonus
60,000PHP + 100 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to 5,400PHP
Welcome Bonus

We strongly suggest balancing an online casino’s bonus with their safety and security. Not all good offering bonus casinos, will actually pay you out and without delay. Hence, we recommend sticking to our list.

Why Use GCash?

Convenient, fast and efficient – Compared to other forms of funds transfers, it only take several minutes before the funds are applied the players account. In addition, depositing and withdrawing from your GCash account from various other payment methods is simple. GCash is the perfect intermediary that replaces real cash.

Widely used – GCash is supported by over 30 banks in the Philippines. They include:

  • Banco De Oro (BDO)
  • Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)
  • Union Bank
  • AUB
  • BPI
  • Maybank
  • PS Bank
  • PBCOm

With an ever increasing number of bank signing up support the platform, GCash is the leading digital e-wallet in the Philippines.

Transactions are free – there is no charge for using GCash when moving funds between banks. What more could you ask for?

Several funding options – PayPal, 7 Eleven and Online Banking. In particular, the simplicity of making a deposit at a 7 Eleven convenience store is perfect. Use your spare cash and deposit to your GCash wallet, you don’t need to go to a bank anymore.

Accepted by many online casinos – there are many online casinos that now support accepting GCash deposits. The understand that to make playing easy, GCash must be an offered form of deposit and withdrawal. How can it not be, when every Filipino is using it?

Approved and Regulated – by the Philippine Online Casinos

Real Money Gambling with GCash

Gambling with GCash is really simple.

It is the mobile wallet for online gaming, because casinos and players alike find it fast and efficient to use. With GCash, players can deposit or cash in their winnings anytime and anywhere.

To begin playing with GCash please follow our simple steps.

How to Set up a GCash Account


  • GCash account
  • an active mobile device number (on any network)

Download the mobile application:

  1. Go to the Play Store for Android users, or for iOS users the App Store.
  2. Open the GCash application and register.
  3. Enter your Globe or TM mobile number.
  4. Type in your name and address and submit to complete the application.
  5. Enter a 4-digit MPIN password, which only you will know. This will protect your account to your use only.
  6. Click “Submit” to confirm your MPIN.
  7. Globe or TM will send a 6-digit code.
  8. Enter this 6 digit code to complete the registration.
  9. You can now enter into your account by entering the MPIN that you have selected.
  10. Your app is now ready to be used.

Account Verification

There are three tiers for account verification, Basic, Partially Verified and Fully Verified. The range of services expands when reaching Fully Verified. As an example of increased service: GCash balances are limited to Php 40,000 for Basic, but it increases to Php 100,000 if you are Fully Verified. Payments are restricted to Php 5,000 for Basic, but is Php 100,000 on Fully Verified.

Fully Verified GCash Accounts

We strongly suggest you have your GCash account Fully Verified. This allows you to enjoy the fully services that includes PayPal and 7 Eleven deposits. To obtain a Fully Verified GCash account, you need to call Customer Support who will then confirm with you a few simple questions, and before you know it, you will have the Full Verified Account.

How to make a Deposit with Cash

By far the easiest way to make a deposit to your GCash account is to drop into a 7 Eleven convenience store. Follow the below steps once you are inside. 

  1. Go to the terminal or kiosk which has the name CliQQ.
  2. On the screen, select “e-wallet”.
  3. One of the options will be GCash – select it. 
  4. Enter the amount of cash that you will be depositing into your GCash account.
  5. Click “Next”.
  6. A hardcopy/printed receipt with a barcode is produced from the terminal. Take the receipt.
  7. Go to the Cashier who is serving the 7 Eleven store.
  8. Give to him the receipt and he will scan it.
  9. Give to him the cash that matches to the amount on the receipt.
  10. And that’s it!
  11. You will receive confirmation via a text to your phone, once the funds are ready.

Through making a cash deposit into your GCash account with 7 Eleven, you have the added advantage of no transaction trail.

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Can I use GCash to play at online casinos?

Yes, you sure can. There are several great online casinos that accept GCash. Our recommendation is to play at PNXBet.

Can I play with RMB or Yuan at Filipino Online Casinos?

Yes, you can use the Chinese Yuan to make a deposit to play at online casinos. We highly recommend playing at PNXBet which allows players to use either peso or yuan through their GCash Account. We have found that PNXBet is the most popular among Chinese players with a GCash account. The other online casinos tend not to be able to accept GCash or Yuan, thereby making it extremely difficult for deposits to be processed.

Can I use Alipay GCash to play?

Alipay (Hong Kong) can be used to top up your GCash account. Then through your GCash account, you can then easily make a deposit at an online casino. We highly recommend PNXBet because they have the best processing facilities for GCash.