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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

Please note that some of the links on our website may be affiliate links. This means that we may earn a commission if you click on links and make a deposit at a casino. However, this comes at no additional cost to you, and it helps support our efforts to provide accurate and valuable content. Rest assured, we only promote products or services that we genuinely believe in and that align with our editorial standards. Thank you for your support!

Why trust us?

Why trust us?

GambleDex was created in 2018 with one simple goal in mind. Provide accurate, transparent and truthful information. We do our best to not only review and check casino bonuses from all over the web, but to also take feedback from visitors of our site to provide the information required to gamble safely online.

Online Slots Strategy – Make It Last!

Playing slots, as indicated in our other articles, is very much a random outcome. The systems and alogrithms in place produce a Random Number Generator for slot games. This means that irrespective of how powerful your strategy is, beating the slot machine is almost impossible. Albeit, there are some few things you can implement to minimize the loses and increase your odds of winning. We talk through, choosing the right casino and choosing the right game, know your limits for money and time.

Choosing The Best Online Slots Casino

Before you even consider online gambling, it’s good to sift through the chaff to play at the right online casino. And by the right online casino, it means the one with that gives you a welcome package to establish whether it’s worth joining. Good news is that almost every site nowadays gives you a small deposit bonus upon signing up to try out before engaging full gear. That said, always go through the T&C’s before committing your funds. If the site has steep wagering requirements, then the welcome bonus may be of little value to you whatsoever.

Casinos are like banks, they depend on your deposits and consequent bets to survive. It wouldn’t make economic sense if all their wagers go into paying out wins and bonuses. For this reason, they will always find a way to squeeze more from players through low payout rates. You ought to ensure that you are enrolled to a casino with the highest ROI. Although the payout percentage doesn’t necessarily guarantee you positive results, it gives you an idea of how much of a dent the casino is willing to take. Needless to say, the rates should be current and verified by an independent third party.

But remember, to counter this, sign up to an online casino with the best sign up bonus. You can play then move on to another to gain further bonuses.

Choosing The Best Slots Game

I cannot emphasize this enough! After landing your best online casino, always ensure you have a clear mind about the game you want to play. It’s counterproductive to spread your budget too thin by playing one too many games. Instead, you should be focusing on enjoying as many chances of hitting the winning combo as possible.

Any seasoned gambler out there will agree that its advantageous to focus on games that have newly activated pay lines. This is because the more features a game has, the more chances you have of winning once the reel comes to a halt. Slots games that rewards you with free spins are an advantage as they have multiple profitable ripple effects. If you choose to focus on multi pay line slots game, then you should try and play as much as you can.

If the big win is your bullseye, then you may try luck in the progressive jackpot. One interesting thing about this type of jackpot is the fact that a percentage of the wagered money is tossed back to the jackpot. Depending on how long they have been in existence, these jackpots can swell into the millions although most require you place your bet to the max to win.
It’s at this point where I am compelled to put a caveat… Slot games can be fun especially when you are playing with themed machines. This is a ploy by the casinos to lure gamblers to continue playing which may sometimes go overboard. However, a good gambler will always stick to their plan, know when to count, and when to walk away.

Set a fixed money limit and a set fixed time

Having a budget is really important. For starters a budget will keep you to what you can afford to play with. Set’s you within your limits. A budget also helps you mentally to commit. You can also share this budget with friends who you are going out with, and with that in mind, you will be encouraged to stop at your losses, and ensure that you have had a fun time!

Set your timeframe. This is similar fixing your budget. If you fix your timeframe, you can commit to it. Perhaps you will be up at the end of the timeframe, and that will be great! But keep to it, end the play time and you will come out a winner! Alternatively if you have lost within the time frame, that’s ok. You started with a budget and you started with a timeframe, which means you had a fun time for what you could afford.