What is an accumulator? ACCA insurance matched betting

An accumulator (ACCA) is one bet consisting of two or more selections.

All selections need to win for the bet to be a winner. Multiply the odds of each selection to calculate the return on a winner.

Example of a 5 team ACCA

Here is a typical £1.00 five-fold accumulator: the bet contains 5 separate teams.

Paddy Power £1 accumulator

The bet wins if all selections win their respective matches. A £1 winning bet on these selections returns £10.10 (including £1 stake).

Accumulator odds

How do you calculate the odds of an ACCA?

Multiply the odds of each selection. Then, take the total odds figure and multiply by your stake.

So, for the 5-fold ACCA above: 1.73 x 1.33 x 1.57 x 1.73 x 1.62 = 10.12.

Then, 10.12 x £1 = 10.12.

Placing an ACCA

Betting on an accumulator is simple.

Accumulator offers

Bookies encourage you to bet on accumulators. Many bookies offer a refund (as a free bet) if one selection loses in a five-fold ACCA loses. “ACCA insurance” or “ACCA protection” are popular ACCA offers.

The key to profit from football ACCA offers is the refund concession.

ACCA insurance strategies

ACCA insurance is typically offered on 5-fold and 6-fold ACCAs.

Let’s look at strategies for accumulator insurance offers.

Sequential Lay

  1. Pick 5 selections that each have different start times.
  2. Place the 5-fold ACCA bet.
  3. Lay the first leg and wait until the first match finishes. If your selection wins then lay the second leg. Then lay each leg one by one and stop laying if one leg loses.
  4. Hope for a free bet refund.
OddsMonkey Tools ACCA - Lay Sequential

The advantage of sequentially laying is that one losing selection means you can stop laying. But, the odds may drift on later legs leaving you with a potential loss.

Place a 5-fold ACCA. Lay the first leg, wait until the first match finishes.  If your selection wins, then lay the second leg.  Lay each leg of your ACCA until one team loses.

You need matches that start at different times,  and need to remember to lay each leg,

No Lay

  1. Look for selection at the minimum odds possible.
  2. Back the ACCA,
  3. Do not lay at the exchange.

This is the quickest ACCA method. You are not checking to lay sequential legs.  However, if 2 or more teams lose your whole bet loses.

The no lay method is punting. You don’t lay your ACCA, so this is not risk-free. Look for low odds selections to enhance the expected value.

Lay All At Start

  1. Find very low odds teams. Consider the minimum odds required.
  2. Lay all teams at the exchange before the matches start.

This is a good method for betting shop coupons (no minimum odds). Look for strong favourites playing at home or against lower-ranked opponents. For example, Celtic, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man City, Juventus, PSG, Ajax.

Lay at Start is not risk-free. Your qualifying losses could exceed the profit obtained from the free bet refund. However, Lay all is quick, plus you don’t need to remember to lay sequential legs.

Winnings boost

A bookmaker might offer a percentage boost on a winning multiple bet. Treat as an advantage play rather than matched betting.

Bet365: A percentage winnings boost on 4+ ACCAs if all teams win. Choose teams that are closely matched to the exchange price. These are often negative expected value (EV-) bets but are good for account health.

Unibet: Percentage boosts on winning trebles and above.


Bookmakers love accumulators, but we can use matched betting tactics to profit from ACCAs.

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