We (GambleDex) are growing rapidly and are always open to working with You (Affiliate Partners) to promote real money online casino brands.

Advertising Policy

Your agreement with us is documented to include the following:

Company Details

You are to provide us:

Commission Terms and Conditions

Commission Terms are to be agreed upon between You and Us.

Payment Terms and Conditions

The agreed payment method is to be agreed upon

Payment Requirements

You must provide requirements for a payment for us to agree upon.

Payment requirements may include:

You must provide all payment requirements in order for a successful payment to be processed to our account within the agreed due date.

With out confirmation of all payment requirements, no Affiliate agreement is agreed by us, and therefore we have the right to cease advertising of your advertisements at our own choosing.

Once all payment requirements have been agreed upon, delay in payment due to insufficient documents, notices, deviation from the payment procedure is not a valid reason.


If an invoice is required for payment, please refer to our Invoice Template which we will provide to you in order to make payment.

GambleDex Invoice

Our invoice will include the following information:

Advertise 1

We will not provide any further information than the above in our invoices.

Prior to any agreement, you must confirm that you, finance department or your payment processor will be able to process a payment with the information provided on our invoice.

You must provide confirmation and approval that you, your finance department and/or your payment processor can process payment with the details of our Invoice and no further information is required.

Any delay in payment due to insufficient details on the invoice will NOT be accepted as a valid reason.

Issuing of Invoice Due Date

After an invoice template has been agreed upon with us, you must advise the due date of when an invoice is to be issued in order to meet the payment due date.

The Invoice Due Date, is the date you require the invoice in order to process payment on time and without delay.

Processing Fees

We will not accept any processing fees that is not previously agreed upon with us.

It is the responsibility of you, your finance department, or payment process to bear ANY processing fees that may be incurred through out the payment process.

This include any fees that is taken by intermediate payment processors.

Confirmation of Payment

The Affiliate must sign an agreement that they are able to process payment per the details of the GambleDex Invoice, without hindrance, delay or with additional information required.

Your Payment Terms and Conditions must outline and highlight the following:

Late Payment Penalties

We will impose a late payment penalty on you if you fail to pay on the agreed due date.

The purpose of a late payment penalty is to encourage you to work in good faith with us. We trust you to process payments on time and without delay.

This late penalty is 10% (per year) applied for every day that is overdue. - Copyright 2018-2023