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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

GambleDex was created in 2018 with one simple goal in mind. Provide accurate, transparent and truthful information. We do our best to not only review and check casino bonuses from all over the web, but to also take feedback from visitors of our site to provide the information required to gamble safely online.

Yes, of course online baccarat is beatable for several hands, but then again you can also lose some. Playing online baccarat whether it be with a live dealer or RNG, the long terms odds aren’t in your favor, having said that, you will be able to definitely beat the casino and win some hands. Beating online baccarat is possible, and will all come down to luck. Your short term chances of winning big are much higher than playing over the longer term. The long term, due the law of volume of hands and probability, will eventually end is a loss to players and a win to online casinos.

Online Baccarat is becoming one of the most popular casino games in the world. Traditionally a must play game by Asians, it’s now caught on in the West. Players love the ability to group together and play against the Bank (in a theoretical sense). If you have been to the baccarat tables in Macau, you will understand the energy and excitement that this wonderful game generates. 

Online baccarat comes in two forms, Random Number Generated (RNG) and Live Baccarat. 

RNG online baccarat is based on computer algorithms to drive the outcomes. Many players enjoy the speed of RNG baccarat, while others prefer Live Dealer baccarat. Live Dealer games can now be streamed directly through to your mobile playing device. Technology is so advanced today that live dealer baccarat feels like but in many ways better than the real thing! Through live dealer baccarat, you can view multiple angles and picture in picture dimensions. There’s no limit to players and overcrowding, you can access hot and cold trend reporting, you can chat and socialize with the dealer and other pkayers. And of course there are fantastic bonuses.

More often than not, VIP players also join in on the action. A misconception is that online baccarat is only played by the casual small time players. But this is not true. You also find the big whales, the VIP playing and this makes it truly exciting for all players!

It’s important to understand winning online baccarat strategies, if you are new and starting to join the fun.

There are numerous strategies that you can follow, so we will outline a few of them in detail.

Just a clear call out, or a reminder for those in the know, the casino always has odds favoring them. So over a long period of time, theoretically, the casino will win and the player will lose. BUT, that is not to say that there are no good strategies to extend your bank roll and to keep the action going for as long as possible.

Read through our winning online baccarat strategies to help you play longer and have more fun!

Strategy 1. Avoid sudden big bets

I find online baccarat one of the best games to play, alongside blackjack. But, just like blackjack sometimes I want to bet big. The urge to bet big often comes after a loss, or a trend of them, and I want to recover the losses.

But I know betting big is not part of my strategy. And it shouldn’t be for you as well.

Betting big can wipe out a lot of bank roll, and therefore game time. I don’t want that to happen, so I either bet small or maintain.

For some players, they might have enough bank roll to play big. And that’s OK. As long they play within their means. And you know what, there are some cases where betting big has allowed them to beat the online casino! It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. VIP and whales have the firepower to go hard and can beat the casino.

But for the average Joe, like you and me, we are going to have thousand and thousands of dollars up our sleeves.

So, avoid betting big. Maintain or go small after a few losses and enjoy playing longer.

Strategy 2. Pace yourself

Online casino gaming can differ to land based in many ways. In particular for RNG gaming the pace can be a lot faster. This is really exciting and action packed especially for baccarat where it can be TOO slow at land based.

On the flip side too fast can burn your wallet real quick. Remember the odds aren’t in your favor over the long run. Therefore controlling the pace is extremely important when online.

So, how do we control the pace?

There are several ways to do this. First and foremost take a break. It is too easy when playing online to just keep going and playing. Take a break now and then. Try and have it as part of the routine and remember, so what what if you take a break. The game will still be available to play online, it’s not going anywhere. And nor is your bank roll. It will still be the same where you left it.

Another great way to pace is to only play every second hand. Now, I personally find this hard to do, because gaming is all about momentum and being in the flow. But if you have the ability to maintain skipping every second hand, then do it. It will help lengthen your playing time.

Lastly keep to playing online via your PC or desktop. Don’t play on your mobile phone or tablet or iPad or laptop. You don’t want to be able to play while you are having shower, on the toilet, eating breakfast, or whatever. You get the picture. Play via desktop, and take breaks.

Strategy 3. Tell your friends

This one is difficult to do. Because I know telling your friends that playing online baccarat maybe frowned upon. But that’s the whole point. You tell your friends, and they will help keep you in check. You can talk to them about how you are going, and if need be, friends being friends will jump in and rein you in if there is a problem.

But friends also being friends will let you play even if they themselves may not condone it.

Managing your playing with support is a good way to enjoy and not get in over your head 

Strategy 4. Avoid tips and tricks that supposedly reduce the house edge.

There are a lot of strategies that explain methods that you can follow to reduce the house edge. They will use words such as, negative trends and double your wager, candle stick analysis, charting beta risks, the list goes on and on.

Play casino card games is truly a random and house favoured edge. It is impossible as a player to change the odds of each hand. Remember it is each individual hand that you are betting on, not that there is a string of 10 bank or player wins. A string or a trend is different to betting on each hand. Do not be influenced to the odds change based on past results. They do not. And do not be influenced by thinking odds change with the size of your bet. They do not.

So avoid strategies that say that they can change the odds to your favor. It can’t be done.

Strategy 5. Always bet on player

Baccarat is a great game to start playing when you are a beginner.  This game does not need you to have any particular skills. But did you know that all betting types in baccarat have the same odds of winning?

To quickly explain, baccarat has three bets.  The bets are

  1. Banker’s hand
  2. Player hand
  3. Tie bet

The dealer’s bet is when the Banker can beat the player.  A typical casino will pay out 1:1 on a Banker’s hand winning bet, but takes a five percent commission from the bettor.

If however, a bet is placed on the Player’s hand and is a winner, the casino takes no commission and pays 1:1.

And lastly there is the tie bet.  A tie bet occurs when both the dealer and player tie their hands.  This bet typically pays the Banker 8:1.

Therefore, we can see the house edge is lower when betting on the banker (when compared to betting on player). Why? Because the player does not incur a commission component taken by the house. The return is therefore greater for placing a bet on player. The worst is betting on a tie. These have the worst player odds and the best house edge. Whatever you do, don’t bet on a tie.

OK. It may get a little tiring, but how about skipping rounds if you think a tie or banker will win.

In other words, keep with betting on player. And mix it up with betting rounds. But don’t ever bet on house or tie.


Online baccarat for both live and RNG is becoming extremely popular. It’s therefore important to know winning strategies that you can implement when playing online.

Keep in mind, that the house will always have the edge and that you cannot influence the odds. It doesn’t what you do, the odds will always be the same.

But that doesn’t mean there are no strategies that you can use to help extend the bank roll and help you play. Always play within your means and avoiding betting big. Take breaks to mitigate the speed of online play, and pace yourself. Always bet on the Player, and let your friends know if you need their support to manage your gaming habits.