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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

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Want to start Matched Betting safely and risk free?

Easy Matched Betting Hacks to help you win, play and enjoy more!

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of betting. Growing tremendously fast, especially in the US with many States overturning the previously PASPA laws.

In other countries, however, sports betting has been legal for many years. These countries include Australia and NZ, the two leading nations of wagers per capita, followed by Canada and the UK.

Ironically, due to the success of bookmakers, a clever UK bettor who had lost a significant amount of money placing bets, found a way to win back his money. Would you believe me, if I told you that he devised a risk free way to win!
That’s right a strategy which guarantees winning!

This strategy is known as matched betting. Matched betting is a mathematical way of placing sports bets to take advantage of risk free and promotions offered by book makers.

If you want to learn more about matched betting easy hacks, then please read further.

Hack 1. Understand the strategy

Match Betting logistically is easy to implement. But, if you place the wrong bet, you could screw up the result. Understand the core strategy of Match Betting to avoid silly mistakes.

Matched Betting, a.k.a Back bet matching or lay bet matching, is a strategy that is risk free and allows profiting from book makers. It is a strategy that mathematically will ensure that an event will return a break-even outcome, you neither win or lose.

So, why place bets if you neither win or lose? Bookmakers offer risk free bets and other promotions which are offered to new sign ups. These incentives can be “cashed out” if bets are placed.

Therefore, by placing a series of bets with zero risk, you can cash out the risk free bet.

To do this, you must have at least two or more sports betting accounts. One of the sports betting account must have a risk free bet that you can cash out. A bet is placed using one betting account, whilst another is placed or “layed” on the other.

Normally the bet that is being layed is via a betting exchange. This is because a betting exchange allows you to behave as a bookmaker. But you can also do this with another sports book, you just need to place another bet on the same event but opposite outcome.

The two bets that have been placed, effectively cover all possible outcomes of the event. This means, you are guaranteed to win with one of the bets, whilst another is guaranteed to lose. Of course, we don’t know which betting account will win or lose, but the net result of the two betting accounts combined is overall zero.

Hence, you have placed two bets, that are zero risk when combined.

By placing bets you are not entitled to cash out the risk free bet (promotional bet) provided by the bookmaker.

I have outlined, at a very high level, how matched betting works. For some of you, this will be an easy concept to understand, for others that are finding it hard to grasp, spend the time to research and understand. I also strongly recommend that you play around with the concept by placing proxy bets on an excel spreadsheet to replicate reality.

Hack 2. Read the Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions will define what is a Qualifying bet, and the minimum amount to be wagered.

As with all promotional offers (including risk free bets), you need to read the fine print. Often there are Terms and Conditions which must be met, in order to cash out the risk free bet. These Terms and Conditions will define what is a Qualifying Bet.

A qualifying bet is one that will allow you to cash out the risk free bet. Qualifying bets restrict the range of betting events that you can place a bet on.

Bookmakers do this for several reasons:

  • First, they want to make it just that little bit harder for you to cash out your risk free bet. They want you to spend the time looking through their odds and then placing a bet. The more time you spend on their site, the bigger chance they have of you going bananas and getting addicted to gambling.
  • The second is that they may want you to use a new product that they have launched. By restricting the risk free bet to a new product, a new sport, then they can promote other facets of their business.
  • Lastly, they may restrict the minimum bet. They want you to bet big (the bigger the better), and so, a minimum betting amount is applied, so get the action going.

These Terms and Conditions will vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. Hence stay alert and clued up with the Terms and Conditions.

Hack 3. You don’t have to align the bets with sports you love

Risk Free Bets are provided by bookmakers for a reason. It is to try and to get you place more and bigger bets. If you are not intending to go down the path of gambling and just want to profit from Risk Free bets, then bet on sports that do not interest you.

Gambling can become an addiction for many, and bookmakers understand this. They therefore offer risk free bets for new sign ups, knowing that most new bettors will continue to bet after the risk free bet has been exhausted.

If you DO NOT intend to gamble on sports, and simply just want to obtain risk free profits, I would discourage you from betting on sports that you love, or even have an interest in.

Why? Because I guarantee you, if you start betting on a sport that you are passionate about, you will start thinking that you could have picked the winner.

You will begin to think, “Why should I have layed off the bet? I could have kept the risk free bet AND win something extra!”

The above comments draw back to Hack 1. Understanding the strategy. The strategy is win money without risk. If you truly intend to implement Matched Betting, then you should try and avoid anything that will distract you from keeping to this strategy.

Hack 4. Avoid sacrificing safety for higher return

It is tempting to loosen the hedging and to be expose yourself to risk to gain a bigger profit. Don’t be tempted.

You are considering this because you understand mathematically how Matched Betting works.

You should remember then, that the risk of loss far outweighs the gain. ALL THE TIME.

Matched Betting is a strategy that require mathematics. In a simple analogy, the winnings and losses offset each other. It is tempting, to therefore think of ways to increase the winnings while reducing the losses. The only way to increase winnings is to wager more on the winning bet, and to reduce wager on the losing bet.

These are the ONLY two ways to increase your profits.

If you do this, you expose yourself to risk. Therefore, you can suffer losses, but of course, you can also win. This, however, is not Matched Betting. This is gambling, which is not the original intent.

Hack 5. Stick to the plan

Discipline is needed. Gambling can be addictive for some and the promise of bigger winnings is tempting to many. Keep to the plan of Matched Betting.

Do you know that Matched Betting is legal?

That’s right, Matched Betting is legal.

And furthermore, bookmakers have openly acknowledged the Matched Betting strategy and have stated that they don’t mind if bettors use this strategy!

These comments by bookmakers demonstrate that they know the majority of bettors have difficulty with controlling their desire to gamble. They know that even if Matched Betting is implemented, the attraction of betting big with the potential to lose is simply irresistible.

In knowing this, you need to be disciplined. Stick to the Matched Betting strategy, and do NOT deviate from the core principles of zero risk betting.

Hack 6. Online sports have better odds than land based

Getting the best odds is imperative. Look for odds online first and foremost because they often have the bettor odds.

The strategy of matched betting requires the wins to offset the losses. On a bet which only has two possible outcomes, win or loss (no draws), then odds are often discounted for a commission fee by the bookmaker.

It’s therefore important to find the best odds offered to reduce the commission. Having said that, I do know Matched Bettors who place little emphasis on the odds. Strategically, the odds can be covered such that the betting remains risk free. If you are skilled enough to work with discounting odds, then great. However most matched bettors should pay attention to the odds.

Hack 7. Patience

This is subjective; however I believe patience is needed. Gambling is all about speed and fast action. Risk free betting is about being considered, measured and patient.

There is no denying that some Matched Bettors have made a good dollar return per hour. But for the vast majority of matched bettors, you aren’t going to be spending every hour of every day, researching bookmakers, analyzing terms and conditions, and finding the right matched bets to place.

Take the time to do it right. Matched Betting requires attention to detail, an understanding of the concept and discipline.

Don’t rush, there will always be many events to place a bet on. And particularly for US bettors, the market is opening up, so there are plenty of opportunities to obtain a risk free bet as a new sign up.


If you are considering Matched Betting, then follow the easy hacks that we have outlined.

They will keep you on the right path to winning with risk free betting.

Avoid being distracted or tempted with deviating from the core strategy of matched betting. Remember, Matched Betting is a Risk Free Strategy, you aren’t placing bets to gamble, but to rather earn real money from the book makers.

Good luck and enjoy!