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Thanks to the cutting edge technology, the actual casino experience can be brought right to your living room. In live blackjack, the bets, decisions, and hands move quickly similar to how the brick and mortar casinos operate.

Another unique point of the Live Blackjack experience is that players interact with real dealers, there is real action, and real winnings.

Why Play Live Blackjack?

  • Live Blackjack brings comfort right into your home.
  • Players interact with other players and live dealers.
  • No crowded tables.
  • No need to line up to place your bets.
  • Emulates the experience a player would find in any land-based casino.
  • If the player plays optimally, they can enjoy a house edge of up to 0.5%.

How Live Blackjack Works

Live Blackjack is a simulation of what happens at brick-and-mortar casinos. On choosing your variant of choice, you need to click as prompted and you’ll be virtually transported into the casino world.

After that, you then proceed to place your ante which must match that of your peers if you are playing against other players. The game can now begin with the dealer dealing the cards and the players starting to stand or hit. If lady luck is on your side, you may just win a fortune.

If you are wondering whether the rules of Live Blackjack and brick-and-mortar blackjack differ, well they don’t. Although there are many variations, the rules are more or less homogeneous. The game is played using either one or more decks of the standardized 52 cards (excluding the jokers).

This innovative gambling experience is definitely sending shockwaves in the gambling industry and any gambler out there should try it out.

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