Alabama Bingo

Alabama Online Bingo

Alabama gambling in general is not as widely available as other US States, but because it permits bingo as a legal form of gambling, bingo is very popular throughout the state.

Of late, there has been much debate regarding the legality of electronic bingo. Traditional bingo has been clearly and without controversy been legalized, however electronic bingo has perhaps caused a storm in a tea cup.

There are strong vocal opponents of electronic bingo, however, the two counties of Macon and Greene have passed laws to permit the operating of bingo in Alabama. This has generated heated debate among Voters and in the Legislature.

When laws were passed to allow bingo, there was no thought to consider electronic bingo because it never existed. Of course, technology has advanced and the laws did not clearly outline the use of electronic machines. Thus causing a lot of controversy.

Other two counties VictoryLand and GreeneTrack, have explicitly approved the use of electronic bingo machines and therefore it is clearly allowed in those neck of the woods. The approval of electronic bingo has sparked concern among gambling opponents.

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Alabama Online Bingo

Similar to online casinos, in which laws are outdated and ambiguous, the law enforcement agencies are unwilling to expend resources in enforcing the law online bingo laws (not that they explicitly exist) for many reasons.

Alabama Bingo

Alabama has over 50 bingo halls

Below we review a few of the most popular bingo halls in Alabama.

Gadsden Bingo Center

Gadsden Online Bingo Center

1206 Alabama Ave, Gadsden

Once of the best bingo centers to stop by when passing through. Or even as a local, it’s one of the best go to places to chill out and relax. Low buy ins, plenty of fun and great service from the staff and owners.

Center Stage Bingo

Center Stage Online Bingo

11295 US-231, Cottonwood

Considered the most popular bingo center in Alabama. They genuinely show care for their customers and create the best atmosphere possible. There is a full service bar that sells beers, and along side there are comedy shows available.

River’s Edge Bingo

Alabama Online Bingo

29214 US-11, Knoxville

Probably the second most popular bingo center in Alabama. Relax and unwind and River’s Edge Bingo, where everyone has a great time. A wide variety of machines and gaming is available.

Frontier Bingo

Frontier Online Bingo

30750 US-11, Knoxville

The staff go above and beyond to make a great gaming experience for all customers. They assist with all customers no matter how small the request may seem, escorting to the car park, finding lost property, just little things like this goes a long way! A lot of different games are available, neat, clean and tidy. An awesome place to play bingo!


bingo online magic - one of the best bingo places in Alabama

1402 Forestdale Blvd, Birmingham

This place is really fun! As in funny fun! A real joy to play bingo and to socialize with all players. It’s that little difference, when the operators are cheerful and take the time and care to make bingo enjoyable for you.

Bingo Gambling Laws

Alabama bingo laws are declared in the Alabama Code Title 45. Local Laws § 45-8-150.08. They list out the following definitions and requirements in order to play and operate bingo within the boundaries of Alabama law.

Some of the laws are as follows:

Are they bingo or slot machines?

Much controversy has begun to surface regarding electronic bingo machines that are being offered to players in several bingo halls. Often used by Charity Bingo Halls these “electronic bingo machines” use electronic reels to appear to behave just like Vegas slot machines. Many of you are familiar with the Class II and Class III categorization of gaming for Tribal casinos, which resulted in electronic bingo machines being permitted as they technically meet the bingo criteria but for obvious reason look and feel like Vegas slot machines. In Alabama, the same scenario is being played out, on this time, by the Charitable gaming organizations. Many politicians have voiced their concerns that the law is being exploited through loops holes, by passing the true intention of offering real bingo games to the public through non profit organizations. - Copyright 2018-2023