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Bingo in Florida is so popular that it takes the number second spot in the US with the most bingo players! Only California tops Florida with more bingo players.

Did you know that there are over hundreds of bingo halls throughout Florida? Yes, that’s right, there are thousands of Florida residents visiting bingo halls every week, all taking part in bingo! What used to be deemed an old person’s game in the past, is now making a come back. In fact the biggest demographics are young women in their mid to late twenties.

Bingo is very much a social game, and this is what make it so special. Often considered a soft form of gambling, in Florida bingo is legal and only qualified charitable or non profit organizations are permitted to operate.

Florida Online Bingo

The advancement of internet technology has transformed the typical bingo game. Young players love the ability to chat and instant message online. It’s what they’ve grown up with and therefore find online bingo very appealing.

Florida online bingo have developed features which are specific to players and residents in FL. Automated daubing functions, private messaging, player interest indicators, special event promotions and welcome bonuses all form part of what makes online bingo in Florida so special. Bingo hosts, those that operate and manage the chat rooms, are often locals, so they know the idiosyncrasies of players and manage the games and conversations extremely well.

Florida has the second most online bingo players that any other state in the US. In fact approximately 10% of the countries online players come from Florida!

Key Points:

  • Players must be 18 or over to play online
  • You must reside or be physically located in the borders of Florida
  • Stick to our recommended best 3 online Florida bingo sites

Best 3 Online Florida Bingo Sites

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Florida Bingo

Triangle Bingo

Florida Bingo 52711 W Old US Hwy 441, Mt Dora

One of the best bingo halls in central Florida. Contained inside is a little deli that serves delicious hot local food. Run by an awesome team of volunteers, very friendly and welcoming. Many progressive jackpots with big prizes!

Bingo Paradise

307 15th St, Panama City

Looking for a bingo hall to chill, make and meet new friends, have a great time, then come to Bingo Paradise. A really fun and warm bingo hall. Order a coffee, chill and chat. Smoking is permitted, therefore if you are a non smoker, just be aware you may need to be accustomed to a bit of smoke. The staff are very friendly, enjoy bingo at Bingo Paradise.

N-41 Bingo

14226 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa

The N-41 is a really good bingo venue. For non smokers, just be aware you need to pass through the smokers section in order to get to the non smokers bingo section. The non smokers section is enclosed in glass, so it’s completely separate from the smokers.

Night bingo is extremely busy. The latest session starts at 10:15 pm from Wednesday to Sunday.

There is a wide variety of fast food available: chips, hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches. Beverages include: coffee, tea, bottled water and soda.

You will love playing at N-41 Bingo!

Highway 77 Bingo Hall

5505 College Dr, Graceville

Unfortunately for non smokers, Highway 77 doesn’t physically separate the smokers section from the non smokers section. They are one in the same, in one room, so non smokers take note. The bingo hall itself is large and spacious, with easy access from a parking lot at the back of the premises.

A long standing bingo hall that has been around for over twenty years. Many locals visit Highway 77, but has been losing many customers to other up and coming bingo venues.

Bingo Gambling Laws

Permitted organizations that can hold bingo events include: charitable, non-profit and veterans’ organizations. The proceeds raised must be used for charitable causes and not for profit making. Therefore proceeds must be donated to religious, education, community service, civic and other organizations that serve the people of Florida.

Bingo games cannot offer jackpots of more than $250 and no more than three times in a day.

Bingo laws in Florida refer to the Statute of Charitable and non profit organization Section 849.0931. It stipulates that it is illegal for anyone under that age of 18 may play or participate in any game of bingo.