Is online gambling legal in Georgia?

Online gambling is not prohibited but not regulated in Georgia State Laws. Accordingly, online gambling is not offered by any commercial operators within the state. There are some offshore commercial operators which accept players from Georgia.

In 2019, $47.5m was wagered online from players in Georgia at offshore licensed and regulated casinos.

Other Georgia State Gambling Laws

Georgia has one of the most restrictive gambling laws in the US.

No commercial gambling is permitted under State Law, with strict penalties applicable to Georgia commercial operators. Prohibited commercial gambling includes: casino table games, gaming machines, horse and dog race betting, sports betting, and any form of pari mutuel wagering.

There are two casino boats permitted to offer gambling once in international waters. These boats offer casino table games and gaming machines. The minimum legal age being 18 years of age.

There are no Federally recognized native American tribes that are permitted to operate a casino in Georgia. This was challenged in court in 2017 and was unsuccessful in overturning the prohibition of any tribal casino being established in Georgia.

Georgia State laws permits Lottery games to be offered. This is restricted to the Georgia State Lottery, who therefore have a state monopoly. 35% of net proceeds are required to be directed to the Lottery for Education Account. The minimum legal age for participating in lottery games is 18 years of age.

Charitable gaming is permitted in Georgia. The Georgia Statute on Bingo requires licensing of bingo and raffle games, with charitable organizations defined as community and religious groups. The minimum legal age for participating in charitable gaming is 18 years of age.

Sports Betting remains illegal. There is proposition that sports betting could be legalized through the introduction of a sports betting bill to authorize the Georgia State Lottery to distribute mobile sports betting.

Daily Fantasy Sports is deemed a form of gambling. This was expressly confirmed by the Attorney General in 2017. As a result DFS is illegal. Do not misconstrue the legality with acceptance of play at DFS sites. DraftKing and FanDuel both accept players from Georgia, however this is technically in breach of the law.

Minimum Age for Georgia Gambling

The minimum legal age for all forms of gambling in Georgia is 18 years of age.

Georgia Future Gambling Laws

Although Georgia gambling laws are currently restrictive, there is momentum in government and with residents to change State laws. Recently, senators raised SB 403 that would see the Georgia Lottery as responsible for administering sports betting.

In early 2020, the Atlanta Motor Speedway requested gambling laws to be amended to allow them to build an integrated casino resort as an extension to the current facilities in Hampton.


Is it legal to gamble online in Georgia?

It is neither prohibited nor regulated in Georgia State Law to gamble online. Therefore there are some offshore operators that offer gambling to residents of Georgia. Online gambling in the state, includes sports betting sites, online casinos, poker sites and online bingo.

What is the minimum age to gamble online in Georgia?

The legal minimum age to gamble online in Georgia is 18 years of age. This is aligned with the minimum age for purchasing lottery games, charitable gaming and gambling on international waters.

What is the minimum age to gamble at the two boat casinos in Georgia?

The minimum age to be able to gamble at the two boat casinos in Georgia is 18 years of age.

Is it legal for casinos to operate commercially in Georgia?

No, it is against the law for any commercial gambling to be operating in Georgia. However, the Atlanta Motor Speedway has proposed an extension to its Hampton facilities to build an integrated resort. The current State gambling laws must be amended before approval can be given to Atlanta Motor Speedway to proceed.

Is sports betting legal in Georgia?

Sports betting remains illegal according to State laws. There is however movement in the senate to pass a bill which would allow the Georgia State Lottery to administer sports betting.

Are there any legal native American casinos in Georgia?

There are no native American casinos in Georgia. According to Federal law, there are no native American tribes that are recognized with the legality to operate a casino. This was challenged in 2017 by Georgian native American tribes in court but was not successful.

Is daily fantasy sports in Georgia legal?

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has been ruled by the Attorney General to be a form of gambling, and is therefore illegal in the State. This is consistent with casino, sports betting, horse and dog wagering and any form of pari mutuel gambling. - Copyright 2018-2023