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Welcome to your Texas Bingo guide! Texas bingo is so popular that it only ranks behind California for the most number of players per US State.

There are literally over hundreds of bingo halls throughout Texas that offer fun, excitement and great prizes. Each week night and weekend you will find hoards of players at the bingo halls including locals, and tourists and visitors passing through the state.

Bingo was previously a dying game. What used to be deemed an old granny’s game is now making a coming back, and in particular is hugely popular among young women in their mid to late twenties.

Bingo is very much a social game, and this is what makes it so attractive for young players. Often considered a soft form of gambling, in Texas bingo is legal and is governed by the Texas Lottery Commission. There is a framework and governance in place, and therefore in order to run and host a bingo event, as an organization you need to register and apply for a license. All profits from operating a bingo activity must be for charitable purposes.

The age requirement is that anyone who is younger than 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Texas Online Bingo

The advancement of internet technology has transformed the typical bingo hall game to a fun social media game. Young players love the ability to chat and instant message online. It’s what they’ve grown up with and therefore find online bingo very appealing.

Texas online bingo sites have developed features which are specific to players and residents in TX. Automated daubing functions, private messaging, player interest indicators, special event promotions and welcome bonuses all form part of what makes online bingo in Texas so special. Bingo hosts, those that operate and manage the chat rooms, are often locals, so they know the idiosyncrasies of local players and manage the games and chat groups extremely well.

Texas has the second most online bingo players in the US (just behind California). In fact approximately 10% of the country’s online players come from Texas! So what are you waiting for, give online bingo a go!

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Texas Bingo Halls

There are hundreds of bingo halls in Texas, so rather than reviewing all the bingo halls, we’ve picked out four of the best and given a quick review for our readers. Enjoy!

Texas BingoPlex Fort Worth

5701 Crowley Rd, Fort Worth

Texas Online Bingo

This is one of the best bingo halls in Texas. You are allowed to bring your own food and beverages, if you wish, so you’re not confined to the little in store vending machines. Can become extremely crowded on the weekends or peak periods. During extremely busy periods the caller can be hard to hear, so if you want to find an easy and relaxing time choose a weekday. Overall a fun place and great prizes.

Big Tex Bingo

13030 Veterans Memorial Dr, Houston

Texas Online Bingo

Big Tex Bingo is big on fun! The atmosphere has a great family feel and offers the best pull tabs at the cheapest prices. A very customer conscious owner who goes above and beyond in getting to know you. He also runs a very disciplined bingo hall with his staff extremely professional, courteous and friendly. The hall is very clean and well kept. Food is well above average when compared to other bingo halls. Locals love playing here. Probably the best bingo hall in Texas, if not Houston.

Triple Crown Bingo

10535 Jones Rd #200, Houston

Texas Online Bingo

A great family, no smoking, fun and exciting bingo hall. Offers excellent food and beverages – burgers and fries at just over $10 per combo. Plenty of pull tab and bingo action. Can become extremely busy. One of the most popular bingo hot spots in Texas.

Texas Star Bingo

7329 W Sam Houston Pkwy S STE 210, Houston

Texas Online Bingo

A great atmosphere and the staff and fellow players are awesome. This is a professional, family friendly, first rate bingo hall. The staff enjoy seeing the players having a good time, and genuinely are happy seeing them win. This bingo hall has some of the best external reviews. What’s even better is that it is not overly crowded, which means your chances of winning increases.

Bingo Gambling Laws

In 1981 the state constitution was amended by the Bingo Enabling Act which was passed through by the Senate. This Act legalized bingo games with the requirement that all profits raised are forwarded to a charity or for charity goals. In other words, the running of a bingo operator is for raising funds for charity.

Bingo hall operators must register and be qualified by the Texas Lottery Commission. A license is issued that requires to be renewed. Only organizations that have been in existence for over three years can qualify. This requirement of three years or more was needed to prevent fraudulent charitable fund raising activities. If there was no period requirement, there could be potentially many fake organizations that would register for a bingo license.

The qualified organizations must be either a religious society, nonprofit organization, fraternal organization, veterans organization, volunteer fire department or volunteer emergency medical services provider.

In order to apply for a license, please visit the Charitable Bingo department of the Texas Lottery Commission for application forms. These application forms are to be completed and submitted for review and processing by the Texas Lottery Commission. In your application you will be able to select either a temporary license or a regular license.

A temporary license is suited for organizations that wish to only conduct one or two bingo activities during the year and is limited to four hours per day. A regular license is more appropriate if the organization wishes to conduct more that two bingo activities per  year, say for example a weekly bingo hall operation.

Prizes cannot exceed $750 for a single game of bingo. In aggregate for one day, the prize pool winnings cannot exceed $2,500.


Can I play online bingo in Texas?

You sure can. Online bingo is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in Texas. There are many online bingo sites that accepts players from Texas, as long as you are 18 or over.

How do I know if an online bingo site will accept Texas players?

Most online bingo sites will accept US Players. The easiest way to find out is to simply click on the link to the casino site and if it goes through, it means they will accept you.

How does online bingo differ from bingo halls?

Online bingo uses the chat messaging functionality to allow users to communicate across the internet. This breaks down physical boundaries, and therefore, any player can communicate with another irrespective of where they are physically located. Online bingo also offers the convenience of playing anywhere and anytime, at the safety of your surroundings.

Bingo halls, on the other hand, provides that real life, face to face fun atmosphere. Socializing is on a personal level, and of course, you can meet new people simply by talking to them if they are near you. Often, if the bingo hall is extremely crowded you may not be able to find a seat, and it can be difficult to hear the caller.


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