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Welcome to the Wyoming online gambling guide. It may not have the glamour of Las Vegas, but you will find that you will be able to play a few of your favorite games.  Whilst Wyoming does not offer many choices for gambling locally, there are many options to play at any US offshore online casino.

Wyoming statute laws do not directly state online gambling as illegal, accordingly they remain vague and ambiguous. This may imply that online gambling is not accepted.  However, as long as the casino operator is located offshore, it is perfectly fine for players to gamble at safely.

In fact, Wyoming players have been wagering around $5 million per year since 2007 at offshore casinos.

We’ve test played at an innumerable number of Wyoming online casinos with the purpose of sorting the good from the bad. In doing so, we have created a lengthy list that ranks them, with the best 5 displayed below:

Top 10 Wyoming Online Casinos

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There’s no complex methodology in completing our short list of recommended online casinos. We have judged each casino on its own merits according to a set of criteria that allows for comparison. Players have many features that they are looking for, but we can summarize them into two broad categories. It is against these two categories that we have ranked each Wyoming online casino.

Game Selection and Game Play makes Players happy

We consistently hear from players that finding a site that offers a wide variety of gaming, with smooth and seamless graphics, coupled with intuitive functionality ranks highly on their list. Having a wide variety gives the option of picking and choosing which games to try, but also knowing that the favorites or classics are still available without needing to sign up to a another site. It’s a bit like Netflix where there are many movies and shows to select from. Viewers like the opportunity to scroll through and watch trailers. The same goes for online casinos. Plays simply love a list of games to be at hand to play at.

Honesty is the best policy

The worse case scenario for any player is to win at an online casino and not be paid out. Casinos that are dishonest will not process withdrawals, either by advising a breach in Terms and Conditions, or by making players jump through a myriad of paperwork to delay payment. The best online casinos are all honest. They understand that being honest creates a reputable and sustainable industry, and thus treat players professionally, respectfully and honour  legitimate winnings and withdrawals.

Honest casinos also offer gaming which offers players a genuine chance of winning real money. Bear in mind, that with games of luck losing streaks do occur (as with winning streaks) and some players may believe that they are being cheated.

With our feedback from many players, we can attest that the best Wyoming online casinos that we have listed offer a true and honest gaming experience.

Overview of Wyoming Casinos

Of course Wyoming also offers a great land based experience. We understand that players also may want to venture out to play at a real table or to sit in front of a slot machine.

In summary, Wyoming has 25 casinos in which you’ll find more than 1,869 slots and gaming machines. There are a total of 19 table games.

Below we review the top 4 ranked Wyoming Casinos.

Wind River Hotel and Casino

10269 Highway 789, Riverton, Wyoming
By far the largest and having the most diverse gaming options is the Wind River Casino. The floor is 25,000 square feet, accommodating approximately 800 slot machines and video poker machines manufactured by the well known company IGT. In addition, there are 10 table games in total, one of which is a dedicated Texas Hold ‘Em live action poker table. Great comfy rooms feels like at home and great food.

Shoshone Rose Casino

5690 Hwy 287, Lander, Wyoming
Approximately half the size of Wind River Casino, ShoShone comes in as a nice second. With a 7,000 square foot gaming floor, it holds more than 400 slots and video poker machines plus 5 table games. There are three blackjack tables, one Texas Hold ‘Em Bonus poker table (played against the dealer) and one Double Draw Poker table. Great room rates, clean comfortable rooms, very friendly atmosphere.

789 Smokeshop & Casino

Riverton, Wyoming
Rounding out the top 3 casinos in Wyoming is 789 Smokeshop & Casino. It has about 200 slots and video poker machines. The casino is open 24/7. Bingo games are played on Friday and Saturday nights with the hall doors opening at 5pm. A fun little place to visit and have a great time.

Little Wind Casino

Little Wind Casino, 690 Blue Sky Highway, Ethete, Wyoming
Falling outside of the top 3 casinos in Wyoming is Little Wind. The Little Wind is a little casino, but it still offers the basics – slots and blackjack. This casino has a large gaming floor of 7,000 square feet that hosts 170 slot machines and 5 blackjack tables. Awesome experience ,great food,exciting games and free drinks.


Bingo is generally regarded as charitable game and is therefore widely accepted as legal. Often seen a soft form of gambling, Bingo brings communities together and is therefore readily available at native American casinos. The top 2 most popular traditional bingo halls can be found at:

Wyoming Online Gambling

Troopers Bingo – strong community based Bingo hall. You will have a lot of fun here. Regular weekly games, great prizes and very welcoming community.


Wyoming Online Gambling 307 Bingo – located very close to Troopers, it too has a strong community engagement.

What used to be a very popular past time, traditional bingo halls are fading away and turning to online bingo.


You will find that most of the native American casinos offer slot machines. These slot machines however, are regulated by the laws put in place by the Federal Government and is not State governed. As a result, the Federal law has classified gaming into three categories. True slot machine gambling falls in the Class III category which is prohibited in native American casinos. Hybrid bingo style “slot” machines that are permissible in Class II can be found in the Wyoming Casinos. Hence when we refer to slot machines in Wyoming casinos, we are referring to the bingo style slot machines. The importance of noting this, is that the odds of winning differ between Class II and Class III slot machines.


Unlike the 21 minimum age required for casinos, the minimum age for playing the lottery in Wyoming is 18, which is mostly consistent with the gambling age in many other States. Introduced in March 2013 by the Wyoming Lottery Corporation, the local state brand is WyoLotto. On offer is also the multi state lottery games – Mega Millions and Powerball.

Sports Betting

Although there is much change occurring in sports betting laws around the country, there are no changes anticipated in Wyoming at the moment. There have been no Bills put forward to initiate discussions regarding sports betting laws in the state.

Wyoming Gambling Laws

Wyoming is one of the most conservative States in the US. It is the least populated and is located in the far northwest of the country. One of the reasons for its low population density is that more than two thirds of the State is owned by the Federal Government. Natural beauty abounds in the Rocky Mountains and the Great Plains. Understandably there are a lot more activities to do than to play games.

Wyoming shares similar gambling laws with its bordering states and prohibits many forms of gambling. In fact, it was only in 2013 that Wyoming introduced the lottery, long after many fellow US States had legalized.

With a large native American presence, Wyoming offers many tribal casinos. All tribal casinos are governed by the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA), a separate compact that is not governed by the State but Federal. Although there are many native American casinos, there’s only a handful that offers casino table games, slots and poker.

Subsequently, you can find both Class II and Class III machines in Wyoming. Especially the bingo slot machines that fall in the category of Class II.

The Wyoming State laws prohibit any form of non tribal gambling and therefore no commercial/private owned casinos exist. However, charitable and social gaming is allowed.

In the 20th century, Wyoming had very strict gambling laws. Any form of gambling could lead to charges of misdemeanor, resulting in jail time of six months. Professional gamblers faced an even larger penalty of three years in jail plus $3,000 in fines. In 2007, legislation passed to remove these restrictive laws.

Social gambling is widely accepted in the law. As long as no one is profiting and a real genuine social relationship is held among the players, social gambling can be performed.

A Lawyer’s Opinion

Wyoming is a friendly state for online gamblers though few land-based opportunities exist except for Tribal casinos. Though many online options are permitted or unregulated. See Wyo. State Ann. § 6-7-101 et seq.; Wyo. State Ann. § 11-25-101 et seq.

Sports Betting: Online betting on fantasy sports is legal in Wyoming, permitting FanDuel, DraftKings and others to operate within the state so long as they follow the regulations on operation. General sportsbook making, however, remains prohibited. Individuals who wish to make online sportsbooks, thus, must do so through platforms operating outside of the state.

Race Betting: Like in many states, horse and dog race betting is legal in Wyoming at its racing as well as other venues that allow pari-mutuel betting. Off-track betting is prohibited thou simulcast and online betting is permitted if the wager is made through a licensed domestic platform, including TGV and Twinspire.

Online Gambling: Online gambling, including participation in poker rooms, is not regulated in the state of Wyoming. Thus, individuals wishing to participate in online gambling, including poker and other such games of skill, must place bets online through platforms operating outside of the state.

Online Gaming: Bona fide contests of skill are permitted through sites such as WorldWinner.


The information in this multi-state research is made available by a licensed, U.S. attorney, and is for informational purposes only. We make no representations that the information is complete or correct in its entirety. It should not be construed as providing specific legal advice, and you acknowledge that no attorney/client relationship exists between us. This brief should not be used as a substitute for competent legal advice from a licensed gambling and entertainment lawyer in your state.

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Are Wyoming online casinos legal to play at?

There are no State gambling laws in Wyoming that do not prohibit players from signing up and playing real money gambling at online casinos. This is largely due to the fact that gambling laws are ambiguous. Therefore there has no precedence of any player being charged by law enforcement agencies in the state.

The application of the law to casino operators, however, is much more defined. Therefore, Wyoming casino sites are all based offshore to avoid potential charges.

Is there a list of the best Wyoming Online Casino Sites?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of online casinos and have judged them against two key criteria: Game Selection and Honesty. Our summary of the best casinos to play at, is displayed near the top of this page. It is regularly updated for new casinos that we consider to meet the key criteria.

What is the minimum age requirement to gamble online?

Players must be at least 18 years old to play online. Should you not meet the minimum age, online casinos have the right to decline paying out any winnings.

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