Real Money Mobile Craps

Craps is one of those games that you either love or know nothing about. For no particular reason, this game has, somehow, always been neglected compared to other, more popular casino games such as poker, blackjack, or roulette. However, every time a casino player decides to try craps out of curiosity, a lifelong connection is formed, and they keep coming back to this exciting dice game.

Eventually, as online casinos started flourishing, craps got a place among other table games. Then, thanks to the progress of technology, mobile casinos appeared and enabled online casino players to enjoy their favorite games on the go. While it’s really hard for a mobile phone to replace that feeling of throwing the dice, software providers have done a great job and kept the game of craps alive.

Nowadays, you can find craps in the majority of mobile casinos, and this guide devoted to mobile craps is the right place to start.

Top-Rated Mobile Casinos for Playing Craps

One of the biggest issues with playing mobile casino craps is finding the right website for doing so. Locating safe, mobile-friendly websites that offer craps and, most importantly, accept US players is undoubtedly a daunting task. However, while this might be very difficult, it’s far from impossible, as we’ve managed to do it.

Below you’ll find the best mobile casinos for playing craps. Take a look!

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How to Play Craps on Your Mobile Device

Playing any casino game on your mobile device can be done in two ways — you can either visit an online casino using your mobile web browser or download an app, provided that the casino has launched one.

However, the option number two is not that popular because not so many online casinos have a designated app. When they do, you will have to find the download link on the casino website, or you’ll have to look for the app in your respective app store.

On the other hand, the HTML5 technology has allowed mobile users to access online casinos directly from their mobile web browsers. This option is much more simple, as you only need to open the browser you normally use, look for the casino of your choice, and access the site just like you would on your desktop computer.

You don’t have to worry about the type of mobile device you own, as most online casinos optimize their websites so that they can be accessed via any kind of smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether it’s powered by iOS, Android, or Windows operating system.

Also, the games are designed in such a way to fit the small screen perfectly, so you can enjoy the game of craps anywhere and anytime.

How to Find a Safe Craps Mobile Casino

The number of mobile casinos is increasing on a daily basis, and there’s no doubt some operators don’t have their players’ best interests at heart. However, there are still casinos that do business in a proper way and care about both the fairness of their games and your safety and security. But how can you know whether a mobile casino is safe and fair? Well, there are a few things that can help you out in separating the wheat from the chaff. 

First off, an online casino must be properly licensed by a reputable online gaming jurisdiction. In most cases, casinos publish the information about the license they own at the bottom of their homepage. So, if you see a small paragraph mentioning that a license is issued by the Malta Gaming Authority, the UKGC, or another well-known regulatory body, feel free to create an account and start playing. However, if you can’t find license details at all, we advise you to look for another place to play craps.

Another thing you should check before you start playing is the information about the cyber-protection measures the casino has put in place. In order for your sensitive data and transaction details to be safe from the prying eyes and cyberattacks, the casino should be protected with the latest encryption technology.

Finally, online casinos that enjoy players’ trust get checked by independent companies that test the fairness and randomness of games regularly. If the casino has a seal of approval stamped somewhere on the site, it means that its games are not rigged.

Social Apps for Craps Players

If you’re a complete beginner and want to learn how to play craps, you should start by using social apps, for which mobile gaming is ideal. Unlike online casinos, these social apps allow players to try craps for free without investing their real money. The games are usually well designed and intended to resemble real-money titles as much as possible.

While the betting surface might look slightly different from the one you can see in online casinos, the gameplay is pretty much the same. Yet, instead of real money, you’ll have tokens that carry no monetary value whatsoever.

Although social apps don’t bring the same amount of thrill, they are a great tool to master the craps rules and become confident in placing bets before you start playing for real money.

Pros and Cons of Real Money Mobile Craps

Just like any other casino game, mobile craps has both positive traits and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the good sides first:

Yet, there is something not so positive about mobile craps, and that’s a lack of social element. Craps is simply more fun in a crowded environment, as people’s cheers make the game more exciting. Also, as mentioned above, throwing the dice is the main aspect of this game, and with it gone, the game itself might lose its charm.

Final Thoughts

In case you haven’t played mobile craps before, it’s time to change that and give this exciting game a try using your smartphone or tablet of any kind. The gameplay may look a bit challenging to you at first, but that’s not something you should be worried about. Mobile craps follows the same basic rules as the game seen in casinos, and it doesn’t take a lot of time to memorize. The thing that makes this game look complicated is its fast-paced nature, which often intimidates beginners.

However, you can go step by step and try playing the game using social apps first. This will help you learn the rules and practice a bit before you try your luck in real money online casinos. By downloading the app to your mobile device, you’ll play craps for free and won’t lose a lot of money just by learning how to play the game. You’ll also get used to playing the game on your mobile so that later on you feel completely at home while doing so for real money.

Additionally, playing craps on your mobile will allow you to control the pace of the game, and most importantly, do it whenever and wherever you want. As long as your battery is full and you have a stable internet connection, you’ll be able to enjoy the game of craps whether you’re commuting to work or drinking coffee on your porch. - Copyright 2018-2023