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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

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EasyEFT - South Africa's new innovative payment method 2

EasyEFT is a relatively new South African online payment solution provider, specifically tailored for South Africans.

EasyEFT was created knowing that there was a gap to be filled in the South African digital transfer of money for e-commerce and online gaming. Unlike other countries, such as the US which has a myriad of digital money transfer options, South Africa is very much limited to the two major credit card providers – Visa and Mastercard.

There are also other platforms such as EFT, and the universal e-wallets for Skrill and Neteller, however these providers have relatively high transaction costs and also require passing on your bank account details, exposing your information to the wider world.

EasyEFT on the other hand, has lower fees for businesses plus there is no need to pass on your bank account details to online casinos.

There are no set up fees which means South African businesses aren’t wedded to EasyEFT, and the transactional fees are extremely competitive when compared to credit cards and e-wallets. Naturally, with the advancement of online shopping and online entertainment, EasyEFT is fantastic for both businesses and customers.

Of course, EasyEFT is also a great fit for online casinos because it allows you to make a deposit or withdrawal without the need of passing on private credit card details or bank details.

EasyEFT and South African Online Casinos

EasyEFT has formed partnerships with many of the South African banks. If you have an account with the big banks of South Africa, – Standard Bank, Investec, FNB (First National Bank), ABSA, Capitec Bank and Nedbank – you can rest assured that you will be able to use EasyEFT to process your online transaction.

With this partnership EasyEFT is therefore able to perform a digital online transaction by linking to your bank account and withdrawing the monies safely and securely and passing it on to the online casino. The online casino, does not need your credit card or bank details, as the whole process is driven by EasyEFT.

The method that EasyEFT uses is very similar to common online payment methods that are already popular in Europe. EasyEFT partners financial institutions and uses their infrastructure to retrieve the required information to perform a transaction. With your details temporarily obtained, they are able to process the monies electronically onto the online casino, without the need to pass on your details. Once processed, your details are immediately removed from the temporary database.

EasyEFT and Online Casinos use Rand (ZAR) saving you money

Another advantage of directly partnering with South African banks and South African Online Casinos, is that there is no need for currency conversions. Why is this very important to note? It means, that there will be no loss in your real money bank roll due to conversion fees and poor conversion exchange rates. This is a great benefit for South African Online Casino players.

About EasyEFT

Based in Mauritius, EasyEFT is a new payment method that is specifically tailored for South Africa. It has yet to branch out to other continents and is first growing its customer base in Africa. EasyEFT can you used for a wide variety of businesses, but is especially useful and convenient for South African Online Casinos. With its ability to protect online casino players credit card and bank details, it’s a feature that no other payment solution in South Africa currently provides.