Ethereum Online Casinos – Ultimate US Player Guide

Ethereum Online Casinos - Ultimate US Player Guide 5

For US Players looking for an easy way to play at online casinos, consider Ethereum.

Ethereum, is no longer the new kid on the block (pun intended). With the market value powering up the growth chart, it is predicted to overtake Bitcoin (BTC) as the number 1 cryptocurrency in market value in the near future.

After a few years of languishing in obscurity after launch, it wasn’t till end of 2020 that Ethereum has truly become a household name.

Of course, any payment method that brings efficiency, reliability and a degree of anonymity is popular with gambling sites. Long gone are the days are bringing in bags of cash to play at land-based casinos.

Now are the days of online gambling, instant digital deposits, and fast speed game play. The dawn of a new age, due to the advent of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

A whole new world of excitement awaits with Ethereum Casinos. Our crypto-analysts have curated the best ETH Casinos for you to choose from.

Each have been reviewed for their honesty, safety and security, bonus, games and features and customer service.

Top US Ethereum Casinos

300% up to $3,000
1st Deposit Bonus
400% up to $500
1st Deposit Bonus
400% up to $10,000
Welcome Bonus
250% up to $1,500
1st Deposit Bonus
300% up to $3,000
1st Deposit Bonus

It goes without saying that the best online casinos for US Players, at the very least must accept US Players. There’s no point in creating an account with an online casino when they explicitly do not cater for the US. Unfortunately, this narrows down the field of online casinos that US players can sign up to.

But all is not lost, because those that do accept US players are extremely good and are of high quality.

Lastly, the online casinos that do accept US Players, may not offer Ethereum as a payment method. Our gambling crypto-analysts have therefore reviewed the following US ETH casinos for you to choose from.

Advantages of using Ethereum

There are many advantages with using Ethereum, too many to list in entirety. So we will outline and discuss the top five reasons:

  1. Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin – it will only be a matter of time before Ethereum will have a market capitalization that is greater than Bitcoin. Unfortunately, Bitcoin is becoming more cumbersome to use as it grows. Drawbacks include slower speed of transactions, and the much publicized impact on the environment due to mining activities. Ethereum offers a much quicker processing time and less than 1/10 the electricity needed to mine. As a result of these factors, Ethereum is a much better cryptocurrency to use than Bitcoin.
  2. Ethereum increases in values – the value of Ether continues to rise at a greater pace relative to all other cryptocurrencies. Yes, there has been ups and downs, volatility that is among all cryptocurrencies, but over the long term trend it is quite clear that ETH is rising faster. Unfortunately the spruiking of Bitcoin and Dogecoin by Elon Musk and other celebrities, does little to mitigate the stability of Ethereum. But there is no doubt, a good quality cryptocurrency such as ETH with features that are better than others will lead it to the top in usage among the community.
  3. Liquidity – ETH is one of the most liquid cryptocurrencies. It can be found on all leading currency exchanges with plenty of buyers and sellers. Liquidity is extremely important in selecting a cryptocurrency to use, as it allows for the easy exchange at market prices to move from USD to crypto and back again. Liquidity goes hand in hand with volume traded. The higher the volume in trade, the lower the transactional costs to exchange.
  4. Continuous Development – unlike many other cryptocurrencies, the community that supports Ethereum are on the same page, and continue to improve and develop rich and useful features. Just recently, a hard fork was released to ensure the Ethereum platform can further increase transactional speeds in readiness for future expansion.
  5. More than just transactions – ETH is currently the most used crypto for Non Fungible Tokens. This bodes well for the future of ETH, as it means it has many more uses that simply just a replica of the USD. I.e. it can be used as smart contracts.

Ethereum and US Online Gambling

The US Online Gambling market is expanding rapidly, in particular due to the opening of sports betting in many US States. The various new forms of online gambling is leading to iGaming companies seeking to expand their payment methods to include the demand from players, and this includes cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum.

Unfortunately, payment methods are regulated differently from State to State. Some have been quick to form policies which provide clarity and extol the use of Ethereum, whilst some States have taken a wait a see approach. However, there are no States which have banned the use of Ethereum, though the operation of exchange platforms is a different matter.

Exchange platforms are companies which connect buyers and sellers of USD and Ethereum together. It is these platforms that are bearing the brunt of law enforcement agencies and financial regulators. As you can imagine, crypto assets currently are more volatile that holding USD, thus there is a need to protect consumers from untrustworthy exchanges.

Having said that, US Players will find that many of the online casinos will accept Ethereum as a deposit and withdrawal method. The acceptance of using Ethereum as means to fund a players account, falls outside of the restrictions placed on exchange platforms, and it will also allow for processing as it doesn’t breach Wire Act or UIGEA laws which restricts the movement of funds from bank acounts.

How to Deposit ETH at Online Casinos

Ethereum Online Casinos - Ultimate US Player Guide 6

Depositing ETH into your real money casino account is easy and convenient. If you are familiar with making payments with PayPal or any other digital wallet, you will find these steps intuitive. If you haven’t used eWallets before, fear not, there are only a few steps and each step is simple to follow.

As a prerequisite you will need to have a digital ewallet with ETH tokens already.

Step 1: Player Account

After selecting an online casino for US Players that accepts ETH as a payment method, Sign Up and create a Player Account.

Step 2: Cashier

Having created a Player Account, Log In and proceed to the Cashier section. In this section you will find Deposits and the various methods that the online casino accepts (which will include Ethereum).

Step 3: Click the Ethereum Deposit Method

Within the Deposit methods will be the option of Ethereum. To find this option, there will usually be an Ethereum logo or symbol, followed by the text Ethereum. Click on this method.

Step 4: USD Amount

Ethereum Online Casinos - Ultimate US Player Guide 7

On the Ethereum Deposit Method page, it should be extremely clear that you will be using ETH to make a deposit. There should be ETH symbols and logos and the heading Ethereum. It’s important that you have chosen ETH, because you cannot mix cryptocurrencies. I.e. you can’t send BTC to an ETH account and visa versa ETH to a BTC account. Hence, be sure that you are on an ETC deposit method option.

On this screen, enter the USD amount you wish to deposit.

Click to proceed.

Step 5: ETH Address OR QR Code

Ethereum Online Casinos - Ultimate US Player Guide 8

You will now be shown how much ETH needs to be transferred for the USD amount you had entered. This will be the exchange rate at which the ETH will be converted to USD for.

In addition, you will be given an eWallet Address to send the ETH to. This is the eWallet of the online casino.

This address is unique to you, and will identify monies received in this eWallet as ETH coming from you.

You need to either copy the ETH address OR you can scan the QR Code. In doing so, you will need to enter this address from your ETH ewallet as the destination.

Please note: the exchange rate may change depending on the volatlity of the ETH to USD exchange rate.

Step 6: Send the money from your eWallet

From your ETH wallet send the amount of ETH tokens mentioned in Step 5 to the address that you have copied.

Once completed, you will receive and confirmation email from the online casino once credited to your casino account.

Ethereum Casino Summary

Cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology to create a digital ledger to validate and ensure authenticity in the virtual world. The assurance of no third party being able to manipulate the creation or fraud of cryptocurrencies is controlled via the decentralized platform, which results in the peer to peer infrastructure to continuously ensure authenticity.

The ecosystem of Ethereum has been developed to reward miners with minimal transaction fees. In addition it has been optimized for speed when compared to Bitcoin and other altcoins. Being a peer to peer authenticated cryptocurrency, it is robust and reliable.

Therefore, Ethereum transactions are widely regarded as safe and secure, and is one of the most used cryptocurrencies in the world. Ethereum can be used to purchase good and services over the internet, replacing cash deposits and withdrawals.

Ethereum also has the ability to act as a smart contract. Smart contract can be used to authenticate the originality of intangible objects such as software coding and digital images. The use of Ethereum to support smart contracts has blossomed with the term Non Fungible Tokens being coined..


Why use Ethereum to deposit at Online Casinos?

Ethereum is a convenient method to use at online casinos. The advantage of using Ethereum for US Players is that it by passes several onerous requirements that the Wire Act and UIGEA places on banking institutions places on facilitating real money deposits.

Can my Player Account at the Online Casino be demoninated in ETH?

Unfortunately not at the moment. What will happen, is that your ETH will be converted to USD once the deposit has been completed.

Is it illegal to play at US Online Casinos?

Gambling laws vary from State to State in the US. Generally, they are complicated and ambiguous and address specifically local land based casino operations. Online Casinos laws permit US Players to gamble with real money. The US laws, however, does not allow banking institutions to facilitate real money gambling deposits. Hence, cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are becoming popular as a payment method.

Are there any Online Casinos that accept Ethereum?

Yes, there are online casinos that accept Ethereum as a payment method. The best Ethereum Online Casinos offer top quality games, partner trusted iGaming software providers, and have excellent Welcome Bonuses. - Copyright 2018-2023