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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

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Looking for a gambling VPN?

Choose from the best VPNs to help you play, win and enjoy more!

The use of VPN’s for online gambling and sports betting sites has become extremely popular in recent years. It is commonly used around the world in countries that have relatively strict internet use, back lax law enforcement. But increasingly VPN’s are also being used because players are aware that there are better Welcome Bonuses and Promotions found elsewhere.

Surprisingly there are still many players who are unaware of using VPN to bypass restrictions.

Learn about VPN and the best to choose from.

Top 6 Gambling VPNs

VPN ProviderServersCountries$/MonthSites

Rank 1 – CyberGhostVPN

Best all rounder VPN for online casinos and sports betting. Intuitive, reliable and simple to use.

Why choose CyberGhost

  • Does the job easily for online casino games and placing a bet
  • Cheap and reliable
  • A good number of countries to choose from

If you want quality security, strong encryption, zero traceability coupled with affordable pricing then you can’t go beyond CyberGhost as the number one choice. CyberGhostVPN is easily the best VPN to use for online gaming with more than 6,900 servers to maintain sufficient internet band width for form of gambling. CyberGhostVPN is owned by Kaspe which also has several other VPN brands. However, we recommend sticking with CyberGhostVPN.

For Live Casino streamers, choose the fast connection server location, which provides for stable gaming. Play with confidence knowing that no records are kept that can be traced back to your user details.

Other features that are good to know, favorite connections and countries can be saved, easy an intuitive click and select, installation is a breeze.

Rank 2 – ExpressVPN

Top notch security, incredibly fast for streaming, gaming, unlocks sites for most countries.

Why choose ExpressVPN

  • The best security and encryption, but you pay for it
  • Opens accessibility to most sites

ExpressVPN is located from the British Virgin Islands which offers geographical protection from many countries that may want to audit users. In addition ExpressVPN uses 256-bit AES the best in encryption technology and DNS to safe guard against attacks to identify user IP addresses.

Throw in over 3000 servers and the most countries to select from our list, ExpressVPN belongs as one of the best. Having said that, there are a few negatives you should consider. The cost is the most expensive of our recommended VPNs and it’s not as intuitive to use as others.

Rank 3 – NordVPN

Ultimate in identification protection with almost zero chance of being identified

Why choose NordVPN

  • Cannot find any better for privacy
  • Excellent for Live Casino
  • A vast range of accessible sites

You want a VPN with zero logs, no bandwidth records and encryption technology that exceeds, then pick NordVPN. Located in Panama, NordVPN specializes in privacy. Great for players who want to play without any concerns of traceability. 256-bit AES, DNS encapsulation, internet switch off and wi-fi shield, it truly has a rich set of features. In addition they have prompt and available 24/7 customer support.

Select from over 5000 servers and 60 countries.

Rank 4 – Surfshark VPN

No frills VPN, good for standard Live Casino streaming and other casino games

Why choose Surfshark VPN

  • High speed connections
  • Unblocks all but the most stubborn services abroad
  • Strong focus on security

Available on PC, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux, Surfshark belongs in our top 5 of VPN’s. It has strong security utilizing encryption technology 256-bit, kill switches and shields against DNS attacks. On the downside, the speeds are occasionally slow but this depends on your time of use and country of selection.

Nevertheless Surfshark is cheap when compared to others and it does the job of online gambling.

Rank 5 – IPVanish VPN

Good for Casino games and sports bets, but no Live Casino

Why choose IPVanish VPN

  • Easy and intuitive to use
  • Supports multiple connections

Available on PC, Mac, IOS, Android and Linux, IPVanish is a sturdy VPN to use. Unfortunately the capabilities do not support live casino streaming that well.

IPVanish supports kills switches, 256-bit encryption, wi-fi shielding, and zero log records, hence you can be assure of privacy and protection. Unfortunately, lacks the number of servers as other VPN providers and therefore won’t be powerful enough at time for live casino, but for other games it does the job adequately.

Sadly does not have live customer support, so you will have slower resolution of any issues or queries that other providers.

Rank 6 – PrivateVPN

Good cheap VPN that does the job

Why choose PrivateVPN

  • Affordable pricing
  • Provides access to many blocked sites.
  • Simple and easy to use

PrivateVPN is a Swedish firm and is relatively small when compared to the other VPNs in our recommended list. Though you still still get the same protection and privacy as the others there are a limited number of servers and countries to choose from. That said, connection speeds are surprisingly fast and will support live casino gambling.

In addition there is Live Chat customer support but NOT 24/7.

What is VPN?

Some sites such as gambling and sportbooks will block players from specific regions. There are several reasons which includes: lack of trust from players in those regions and licensing and regulations operating online casinos and sportbooks preventing certain countries. But did you know, that though some sites may allow access they will offer different bonuses, promotions and risk free bets to each region? This may be unfair to players, however, gambling sites do this to maximize their profits from each region.

To get around these restrictions, you can use a Virtual Private Network, a.k.a VPN. A VPN is a downloadable software or app, that simply allows you to change your region. You can choose from many regions and countries, which will then allow you to gain access to previously restricted sites.

How does a VPN work?

VPN is a software that securely protects and encrypts internet data by first going through a server located in an unrestricted region before on-sending the data to its final destination. In doing so, the server that finally receives the data, believes that the original sender of data is coming from the unrestricted region.

In other words, VPN uses a network of intermediary servers to jumble the origins of the sender of internet data.

But how does a site know where I am from?

When you use the internet, you use data from an internet provider. The internet provider in every country have IP addresses (much like your physical home address), that they will assign to you.

As a result, internet data flying around the world is passing from one IP address to another IP address – you can think of this as like sending emails with all email addresses coded with a country.

To disguise the tagged country, you send it to someone who will then on-forward with their tagged country.