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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

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This guide discusses gubbing in matched betting. Learn about betting account restrictions.

What does gubbing mean?

Gubbing or getting gubbed is when a bookmaker bans you from free bets and bonuses.

Gubbing may happen for one of two reasons:

  1. Bookmaker traders check your account activity. The conclusion is: “unprofitable customer”.
  2. Or, your betting patterns have triggered a risk management alert. You are a risk to the bookmaker’s profits.

Either way, you’ll receive an email from the bookmaker barring you from future offers.

example of a gubbing email

The bookies will reduce your maximum stake or limit you to zero. A gubbing is usually a final decision. It is rare for a bookmaker to reverse your account restrictions.

Why do I get gubbed?

There is usually a specific reason why you get gubbed. The bookmaker may take a dislike to your account activity.

Betting on offers and enhanced odds. Only betting on promotions and price boosts indicates that you’re a matched bettor.

Taking too much value. Betting at good odds and/or arbitrage betting. The bookmaker won’t profit from a value-seeking customer.

Bookmakers dislike customers that take value from them (such as matched bettors). These clients only bet on offers, free bet promotions and arbitrage bets.

However, your matched betting will involve taking some value to make a profit. It’s best to carry on doing offers, as gubbing is inevitable.

Tactics to avoid gubbing

Nobody knows exactly why a bookmaker decides to issue a gubbing. But, the following useful hints may help.

Mug betting. Place ‘mug’ bets when there is no offer attached. Remember to lay your ‘mug bets’ at the exchange. Aim to simulate a regular punter’s betting activity, while still matched betting.

Avoid arbing. Resist the temptation to arbitrage bet. It’s not worth killing an account for short term profit.

Mix up odds taken. Don’t always take the best odds from tipsters or odds matching sites.

Major events. Stick to mainstream selections. Premier League football, big horse races, golf majors, formula 1 races, and so on.

Avoid minor markets. Don’t match bet on obscure events. Think Danish division 2 football and similar.

Casino mug spins. Have a few spins in the games/casino section, especially with no promotion attached.

Look like a mug punter. Try a variety of different bet types. In-play markets on popular events, request a bets, accumulators without ACCA insurance. Also, mix up your bet stakes.


This article has defined gubbing in matched betting. Managing your betting patterns may help to avoid getting gubbed.

Check out Profit Accumulator forum for extra strategies. This is a community of enthusiastic matched bettors.