This Heads&Heads review provides an overview of this matched betting service.

Who are Heads&Heads?

Heads&Heads matched betting service

Heads&Heads are a UK-based matched betting service that launched in October 2016. They are a small and friendly customer focused service.

Heads & Heads are independent of a big organisation. This enables them to offer a personal service to each customer.

Matched betting service

Heads&Heads offer an unlimited free trial, complete with welcome guides and videos. This free trial shows you how to make up to £45 from matched betting welcome offers.

Heads&Heads premium membership gives access to the full range of tools for £14.99 per month. Or, the premium yearly service is £150 for a full year’s membership.

Now let’s look at the advanced tools you can expect for full membership.

Training hub and dashboard

The training section contains a variety of matched betting guides. Tutorials give a glimpse into each important matched betting topics.

Heads&Heads offer each customer a personalised Dashboard. This portal helps you to track bets placed, profit, and keeping all the latest offers in one place.

Heads&Heads Dashboard

Heads&Heads tools

Heads&Heads has many tools to help you profit from matched betting.

The Tracking Table in your Dashboard is a focal point for all your matched bets. This includes bet type, back and lay odds, and all relevant figures.

Heads&Heads tracking table

The tracker integrates with the Oddsmatching software. Check out the option to edit bet details yourself and search by filters. Another handy feature of the Dashboard is the Add Bet Form and calculator.

Add Bet Form and Calculator

Use the Add Bet form to manually add information about each bet. Then pop over to your Dashboard to see all the information added.

The range of calculators include: standard matched bets, Stake Not Returned, Stake Returned, risk free, and extra places. The Add Bet Form can also calculate underlay and overlay stakes for more advanced offers.


Oddsmatching software works out your lay stakes, liability and profit for over 100 different bookmakers and exchanges.

Heads&Heads Odds matching

Oddsmatcher includes filters, which allow you to search by sports, a range of odds, and event date.

The Oddsmatching tool integrates with your Tracking Table. Click “Add” and select your bet type to add the data to your Tracking Table.

While this tool is easy to use, I do prefer OddsMonkey Oddsmatcher which filters for specific text such as “2up and more.


Here you’ll find a range of promotions, from welcome offers to reloads offers. Filter offers to include specific areas of matched betting.

Ongoing support

Heads&Heads offers good customer support.

When logged in to your account, you will notice a live chat icon in the bottom left corner. Live chat is quick to reply at all times of the day. I asked a detailed question at 11 o’clock on Friday and received a detailed reply in the early hours of Saturday.

Head to the members forum area to ask follow-up questions. The members community is small and friendly.

Final thoughts

Heads&Heads offer good tools and personal service. They are worthy competitors to OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator..

The most striking aspect of Heads&Heads is the clear and uncluttered user interface. The experience is smooth and user friendly. As a growing service, Heads&Heads provides welcome competition to the bigger companies.

Heads&Heads is perhaps most suited to beginner matched bettors. The one-to-one support could really help when getting started.

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