How to Profit with PrizePicks

How to Profit with PrizePicks 1

In the ever changing world of sports betting and daily fantasy sports (DFS), PrizePicks has become a leading innovative platform that offers a unique approach to player props and parlays.

Whether you’re a veteran sports bettor or a newbie to the world of DFS, PrizePicks offers an exciting opportunity to make profitable plays with minimal risk.

In our comprehensive guide, we’ll explain the strategies, options, and probabilities that can help you maximize your profits with PrizePicks.

Understanding PrizePicks

PrizePicks has two main types of plays – the “Flex Play” and the “Power Play“. Each play type has distinct characteristics that can influence your strategy and potential profitability.

The Math of Determining Profitability

To make a profit with PrizePicks, it’s important to understand the probabilities and implied odds required for each type of play. Below, we detail the required probabilities for various scenarios using tables for easier understanding.

Flex Play: Optimal Probability Breakdown

Play TypeNumber of PicksImplied Odds To Break Even (%)
Flex Play257.74
Flex Play355.03
Flex Play454.91
Flex Play552.96

As the table shows, for a Flex Play with different numbers of picks, the implied odds required to break even range from approximately 52.96% to 57.74%. To be profitable, you need to have an edge that is above these percentages.

Power Play: Optimal Probability Breakdown

Play TypeNumber of PicksImplied Odds To Break Even (%)
Power Play257.74
Power Play358.48
Power Play456.23

For a Power Play, the odds necessary for profitability are similar to those of the Flex Play. It’s important to consider these probabilities when making your selections.

PrizePicks’ unique Six Pick Flex Play

PrizePicks has a Six Pick Flex Play option with an exciting 25x payout. While it presents a higher level of difficulty, the potential reward is massive. To make a profit with the Six Pick Flex Play, each leg needs a 53.43% chance of hitting, or about -127 odds.

Six Pick Flex Play: Probability Breakdown

Play TypeNumber of PicksImplied Odds To Break Even (%)
Six Pick Flex Play653.43

The Six Pick Flex Play offers an intriguing opportunity, with implied odds requirements falling between those of the Four Pick and Five-Pick Flex Plays.

PrizePicks Tips for Success

  1. Research and Analysis: Thoroughly research player stats, team dynamics, and recent performances to make informed selections. Leverage industry tools and projections for an edge.
  2. Bankroll Management: Allocate a portion of your bankroll for PrizePicks and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses and bet responsibly.
  3. Diversify Your Picks: Mix and match your selections across different sports, players, and categories to reduce risk and maximize potential profitability.
  4. Stay Informed: Keep up with sports news, injury updates, and last minute changes that could impact player performances.
  5. Utilize PrizePicks Builder: Utilize tools like the PrizePicks Builder to streamline your research and strategy, saving you time and effort.


PrizePicks is an exciting and unique approach to sports betting and DFS, with Flex Plays and Power Plays proposing different risk appetites. By understanding the odds required for profitability and creating a well thought through strategy, you can increase your chances of profiting from PrizePicks. Whether you’re targeting Flex Plays, Power Plays, or the massive Six Pick Flex Play, remember that success in sports betting requires both analysis and responsible bankroll management. As you explore the opportunities on PrizePicks, use this guide to improve your understanding and maximise your edge.


What is PrizePicks, and how does it differ from traditional sportsbooks?

PrizePicks is a new innovative platform that has a unique way to engage with sports betting and daily fantasy sports (DFS). Unlike traditional sportsbooks, PrizePicks focuses on player props and parlays. It features two main play types: “Flex Play” and “Power Play,” each with its own characteristics that impact the strategy and potential profitability.

What is the difference between Flex Play and Power Play?

Flex Play allows for more flexibility in your selections compared to traditional parlays. In a Flex Play, you can win even if you go 3-1 in a four-leg entry. However, the payout for a perfect 4-0 record in a Flex Play is lower than that of a Power Play. Power Play, on the other hand, requires you to win all legs for a payout, with the potential reward being higher than that of a Flex Play.

How do I determine the profitability of my PrizePicks plays?

To determine the profitability of your PrizePicks plays, you need to know the odds required to break even. Our guide provides tables that show the odds you’ll need for different play types and numbers of picks. For example, in a Flex Play with four picks, you’ll need odds percentage of around 54.91% to break even.

What are implied odds, and why are they important?

Implied odds are the calculated probability of a selection winning based on the odds offered. They help you understand the likelihood of a specific outcome occurring according to the odds provided by PrizePicks. Implied odds are crucial because they allow you to compare your own assessment of probabilities with the odds offered by the platform.

How can I make a profit with the Six Pick Flex Play?

The Six Sick Flex Play offers an enticing 25x payout, but it requires careful strategy. To make a profit with the Six Pick Flex Play, each leg of your selection needs to have an implied odds percentage of around 53.43%. This implies that each leg should have about a -127 odds chance of hitting.

What strategies can I employ to increase my profitability with PrizePicks?

Creating an effective strategy involves thorough research, diversification, and responsible bankroll management. Utilize industry tools and projections to inform your selections, spread your picks across different sports and players, stay up-to-date on sports news, and consider leveraging the PrizePicks Builder for efficiency.

Is there a guarantee of profit with PrizePicks?

No, there is no guarantee of profit in sports betting or DFS. While our guide provides insights and analysis, success depends on various factors, including unforeseen events and outcomes. Responsible bankroll management and well informed decisions are key to winning with PrizePicks successfully.

Can I use the strategies outlined in this guide for other betting platforms?

The strategies outlined in this guide, such as understanding implied odds, conducting research, and diversifying picks, can be applied to various betting platforms. However, keep in mind that different platforms may have distinct play types, odds, and features, so understand the implied odds and adapt the strategies accordingly.

How should I approach bankroll management when using PrizePicks?

Bankroll management is vital to responsible betting. Determine a portion of your bankroll specifically allocated for PrizePicks and avoid chasing losses. Set limits and stick to them to ensure a sustainable and enjoyable betting experience.

Remember that while our guide aims to provide valuable insights, responsible betting and an understanding of the inherent risks are paramount. Make well informed decisions, and enjoy the excitement of engaging with PrizePicks in a responsible and strategic manner. - Copyright 2018-2023