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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

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As a country with strict laws, Indonesia is void of any gambling opportunities.

But did you know that you can play online?

You can play with:

✅ Convenience at your home

✅ Safe and Secure Payment Methods for Indonesians

Privately via VPN access

You will find that there are a few good quality Indonesian Online Casinos that players can discover. Of course all forms of gambling is illegal in Indonesia, but this has not stopped the popularity of online gambling from growing.

Discover great Online Casinos for Indonesians to choose from:

Top Indonesian Online Casinos

Indonesia is a predominantly an Islamic country, with the exception of Bali and other smallish islands being Hindu. Accordingly, with laws aligned with the Muslim religion, all forms of gambling is declared as illegal. If caught, there could be penalties laid by law enforcement agencies, albeit, there are many avenues of easily be discharged.

  • Fortunately, gambling over the internet is extremely easy for Indonesians.
  • Indonesians can play online without the risk of being tracked.
  • This can be performed via private VPN which will protect you.

Many players in Indonesia like gambling on online casinos because it doesn’t require travelling to another country. In addition it’s covert, and can be played privately. However, online gambling in Indonesia is prohibited, with penalties that range from a light touch warning in the south east islands, to harsh and public caning in the north west provinces.

In order to facilitate Indonesian players, top Indonesian Online Casinos are all based offshore. Top offshore based casinos reside in tightly regulated and licensed jurisdictions in which they can operate out of the boundaries of Indonesian laws. They technically can therefore offer real money gambling to players in Indonesia.

Choosing an Indonesian Online Casino

When choosing an online casino, it’s important to pick one that is licensed. Top Indonesian online casinos which operate with a license means they have certain regulations they must abide by. They are regulated by a central authority ensuring fair and honest play.

Offshore based

The best offshore licensed casinos come from Malta, Gibraltar and Curacao. Some less trustworthy licensed casinos reside in Costa Rica, Panama and Belize. It is always best to go for an Indonesian online casino with the best gambling license, to guarantee an element of safety with your money. Players can find the license of jurisdiction of an online casino usually at the bottom of the website and always in the terms and conditions.

It’s better to choose an online casino that tailors to Indonesian residents. They will understand the complexities of the casino legal landscape in Indonesia. If you are unsure about whether an online casino accepts players from Indonesia, you’ll find all this information in the terms and conditions.

VPN is the Safest

In order to protect Indonesian players, it is highly recommended to sign up and play through the use of a VPN. A VPN is a Virtual Private Network which allows you to use the internet freely without being tracked or identified.

Without VPN, your IP address can be easily disclosed, which can then lead to your personal details. Therefore many online Indonesian players play through a VPN. All browsing is hidden, all identification is hidden and therefore players can safely play at online casinos. To use a VPN is very easily. Simply sign up to a VPN provider and then download their software to your PC. Once downloaded you open the browser through your VPN and that’s it! It really is very simple.

Just take note, that using a VPN may require a fee however it is very cheap because there are many VPN providers to choose from.

Once you have VPN, you can choose from a wide selection of online casinos.

In choosing an online casino, take into consideration their currency, customer support, game play and security and safety.

USD or Cryptocurrency 

Unfortunately there aren’t many online casinos that accept Rupiah. Rupiah is quite unstable therefore many online casinos will only accept USD or cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. If you do find one that accepts Rupiah, be wary, because the big reputable online casinos normally would only take USD. That doesn’t mean it’s not safe to play, you just need to do a bit more thorough research on the casino

Payment methods unfortunately can’t be performed with a direct bank transfer. Because of the illegality of play at online casinos, the only methods that can be facilitated are eWallets and cryptocurrencies. Fortunately eWallets like Skrill and Neteller are easy to use and now a days bitcoin is also very common. In today’s world, using these payment methods are no longer an inconvenience, but rather a necessity.

eWallets are very safe and secure. They are virtual accounts which holds your money, similar to a bank account that can only be accessed over the internet.  They are very easy to use, with most only requiring your name, address, age and an email. Some will require verification of your personal ID, which is very easy to provide online. Skrill and Neteller have been in use for decades, so rest assured that you can trust these eWallets.

Bitcoin is the most well known and popular of all cryptocurrencies. The majority of online casinos offer BTC as a form of deposit and withdrawal, which makes it super convenient. BTC is far more easily exchanged than the Rupiah, hence many casinos would prefer to use BTC. In many ways, using BTC is very similar to using an eWallet. BTC is a virtual currency, and therefore is also stored using a virtual wallets. Wallets can either be hot or cold, meaning stored in the cloud on the internet or on a physical drive that can be disconnected from the net.

Customer Support 24×7

Customer support is a huge factor for top online Indonesian casinos. They need to provide 24×7 support and be accessible. There’s no point having a 24×7 email box for queries, when no one is answering them. The best online casinos offer instant chat and also a phone line.


Playing online casinos for Indonesians could not be more accessible than in previous years. With the advancement of technology, players can use VPN to protect their identity and play without any risk. In selecting an online casino, choose safety and customer service above any other factor.