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Indonesians have a long history of being lucky at playing at casinos, many have won huge winnings playing at the table games and some have even won nice sized jackpots at slot machines.

Unfortunately, in today’s worlds it has become increasingly harder to play at land based casinos. Due to health and safety reasons, it is no longer easily accessible to play at a casino. However, with the internet, Indonesians can now play anywhere and anytime. As long as there is a stable internet connection, and the appropriate playing device there is no longer any obstacles to playing casino games. But why stop at casino games. At online casinos, there are many more other games which cannot be found at land based.

Of particular, live casinos are increasingly becoming more and more popular everyday. Before the advent of strong and fast internet speeds, casino games were limited to computer logic driven games. In order to gamble, players had to play against software coded dealers and NOT a real dealer. But now with fast internet and advanced hardware on both desktop and mobile devices, playing at a live casinos with a real dealer is now possible.

Indonesia is not alone with many players turning to live casinos. Players from every country are finding the same (if not better) enjoyment playing online with a real live dealer and gambling with real money.

The odds are exactly the same, if not better than a land based casinos and computer generated games.

If you are looking for the best Indonesian Live Casinos to play at then choose from below:

Kalau kamu cari Kasino Langsung Terbaik di Indonesia, silikan pilih dari list di bawah:

Kasino Langsung Terbaik di Indonesia

400% up to $10,000
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200% up to $7,000
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400% up to $10,000
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250% up to $2,500
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What is Kasino Langsung?

Kasino Langsung is a brand new online gaming experience that is similar to playing at land based casinos, but is instead played online. Kasino langsung also differs from the original online casino games which were driven by RNG (Random Number Generator) logic.

Kasino langsung uses a live stream to your playing device of the live dealer. You can see the live dealer deal the cards, roll the dice, or spin the roulette ball in real time. The dealer is located in a professionally created studio with properly lighting and background for optimal viewing. From the studio, quality cameras and microphones are established to provide clear view for players. Via large screens, the dealer is able to see chat messages. The dealer is then able to interact and respond to player comments. The players have the choice to also interact with the dealer with messaging and with voice streaming. It isn’t mandatory to chat, but an option.

The live dealer is supervised by a manager, just like at a land based casino. And, just like a land based casino, because the live dealer is human, there could be errors made with dealing and with counting. so as a player, you need to watch out for that, just like land based play.

Of course, what is mandatory is the player selecting and choosing what to do. This is performed just like RNG games, whereby the player must press keys on the device to decide what to do.

The rules of kasino langsung games is therefore similar to land based. If you know how to play any common casino game, the rules will be exactly the same.

Summary of the key differences

Kasino Langsung does not use RNG. The original online casino games were based on RNG logic. A lot of players didn’t like to play at RNG games because they were skeptical of the honesty and fairness of gaming. They couldn’t trust that the RNG was calculating the odds correctly, and potentially it was always in favor of the online casino. But with kasino langsung, the games are conducted by a real live dealer just like at a land based casinos. Therefore the odds can be trusted and players are turning more to kasino langsung games.

Kasino langsung is accessible anywhere and anytime, unlike playing at a land based casino. Via any device that has internet access, PC, tablet or mobile phone, you can play on a browser, with or without a mobile app downloaded. Technology is so advanced today, that software applications are smart enough to be play on any device.

Kasino langsung allows you to choose the live dealer that you want. Live Dealers can be male or female and of various ethnic background and can speak many languages.

Kasino Langsung Features

Kasino langsung have features which allow you to gamble on any PC, desktop or mobile device. They stream live to your device a real host who is responsible for operating the casino game. Kasino langsung allows for interaction between the host and player, and even among the players as well. The experience of land based, is the same at kasino langsung, with many players even saying that it is better!

The screen clarity comes across in high definition, with some even offering in-picture viewing with multiple angles. The best kasino langsung software providers also have a wide range of dealers to choose from, varying in ethnicity, gender and language.

Kasino Langsung Deposit Methods

The best Kasino Langsung semua accept deposit methods di bawah:

  • BCA
  • Bank BRI
  • Bank Rakyat Indonesia
  • Danamon
  • Mandiri
  • BNI
  • Permata Bank
  • Maybank
  • Bank Tanbungan Negara
  • Bank BTPN
  • Panin Bank
  • Bank OCBC NISP
  • Linkaja
  • Ovo
  • GrabPay