Lightning Roulette by Evolution Gaming

Complete Game Review

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Renowned as a premier live dealer casino game provider, Evolution stands out for its innovative approach, combining traditional-style offerings with distinctive twists and features. Among its notable releases is Lightning Roulette, a game that played a pivotal role in securing Evolution the prestigious title of the most innovative provider at the 2018 EGR Awards. Despite its accolades, Lightning Roulette, with its unique approach compared to standard roulette, poses a challenge for some players in understanding its rules.

In this comprehensive Lightning Roulette review, we aim to provide you with a detailed exploration of its gameplay, betting options, and standout features, ensuring you have all the essential information to navigate this thrilling gaming experience.

Overview and Key Details

At first glance, Lightning Roulette appears to be a regular online roulette game, and that’s a good thing for fans of old-school table games. 

It’s a single-zero roulette with a cool new spin — the addition of “Lightning Numbers“. Of course, this feature only works in your favor if you’ve bet on a particular number hit by the multiplier. The game also utilizes fast-paced gameplay: namely, players only have 30 seconds to place their bets between game rounds. (hence the name “Lightning”).

The gameplay is RNG-based (which is standard for European roulette), and it’s streamed directly from Evolution’s live game studios, so you’ll get a sense of sitting at a real Vegas roulette table. 

Lightning Roulette Rules

Players appreciate Lightning Roulette for its simplicity and the way Evolution has updated the game while keeping its classic essence. The roulette board has a total of 37 numbers, including numbers 1 through 36 and the green 0 section. Of these, 18 numbers are red, and 18 are black, allowing you to bet on a color for an even payout.

In Lightning Roulette, the way you win money for guessing the exact number is a bit different from regular roulette. Usually, if the ball lands on your number, you get 36 times your bet, but in Lightning Roulette, you only get 30 times. However, the game makes up for it by giving you up to five special Lightning Numbers in each round. These Lightning Numbers can give you bigger payouts. When you consider both aspects, in the end, the amount you win over time is slightly higher than what you’d get in traditional roulette.

This game is all about having a chance to win a lot if you pick one of those special numbers. Each Lightning Number gets a multiplier, which is like a bonus, ranging from 50 times to 500 times your bet. After everyone has placed their bets, these multipliers are assigned to the Lightning Numbers. We’ll show you how it works with an example shortly, but before that, let’s go over the important rules of Lightning Roulette:

  • Hitting a straight number bet in Lightning Roulette gives you a 30:1 payout.
  • Players have 30 seconds between game rounds to place their bets.
  • Once the betting round is finished, 1 to 5 Lightning Numbers will appear.
  • Lightning number multipliers range from 50x to 500x.
  • You have to place a straight number bet to win in the Lightning Round.

So, let’s say you’ve bet $1 and hit a number with a 50x multiplier on it. In this case, you’d win $50 instead of $30, and if you were to hit a number with the max 500x multiplier on it, you would win $500. That’s much more than you could score in a regular roulette game, but there are some limitations here.

Only straight bets count toward the multiplier prize, so you have to wager your chips on a specific number with a Lightning Multiplier to secure a win. As you can probably guess, that doesn’t happen in each round, but it’s worth being patient.

Betting Options

Even though the payouts are slightly different, placing bets is as easy as ever. You can bet on a specific number that qualifies you for the Lightning Round prize, or simply pick one of the lower-risk options. You can earn a 1:1 payout if you bet on the color, even/odd, or high/low options.

You can also bet on the first 12, second 12, or third 12 numbers, which could result in a 2:1 payout if the ball lands in a designated section of the board. Of course, all bets are void if it hits the green 0 section.

Those among you with a bit more experience can also opt for French bets — Voisins on one side of the wheel, or Orphelins and Tier on the other side. Alternatively, you can also try your luck at zero game.

We know you may be concerned about the short time frame for placing your bets, but Evolution has thought of that too. Namely, you’ll be able to cover 5 or 7 numbers by clicking on a single one. You can arrange how many numbers you want to cover on either side through settings.

The chip value depends on the casino you are playing at, but it’s usually $0.2, $0.5, $1, $2, $5, $25, $100, and $500, which is suitable for high rollers. The minimum bet you can place on a number is $0.2, while casino operators determine maximum betting amounts.

In-Game Options

You’ll be able to use several in-game options in just one tap, including autoplay, chat function, and live support. You can also save your betting pattern and use it again from the betting history, which should speed up the process between the rounds.

By clicking on the autoplay option, all of your upcoming bets will feature the same betting pattern as used before, and that’s ideal for players consistently targeting their lucky numbers. Along with these, you’ll have access to various advanced in-play metrics and statistics, such as your latest wins, win history, hot and cold numbers, and special bets.

If you pay close attention to the left side of the interface just above your balance, you’ll be able to see the chat option and wins achieved by other players in the latest round.

Fairness and RNG 

We’ve already mentioned the 97.3% RTP of Lightning Roulette, but how can you be sure that this is guaranteed? Well, Evolution Gaming is the biggest name in the industry when it comes to live dealer games. They hold the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license (among the most renowned ones in the industry), which vouches for the software’s integrity and fairness. 

You can find the games developed by this provider in hundreds of casinos, so make sure to check the credentials of a specific operator before placing your first Lightning Roulette wager.

Evolution is also a member of the BeGambleAware association dedicated to responsible gambling. As you can see, it’s a provider you can fully trust.

Final Thoughts

Roulette is a game of patience, and chasing after your lucky numbers is way more fun when you have the added twist of Lightning Numbers. 

You can even try the new XXXtreme Lightning Roulette — just make sure you’ve mastered the original version, which has already become a classic in the industry. You’re bound to have plenty of fun with this game, as long as you take into account the payout difference for straight number bets and manage your bankroll wisely.


What is Lightning Roulette and how to play it?

Lightning Roulette is a special version of single-zero roulette developed by Evolution Gaming. It features random Lightning Number multipliers that range from 50x to 500x.

Is Lightning Roulette better than regular roulette?

Lightning Roulette is better than traditional online roulette in terms of payout potential since you can win up to 500x on your number bet. However, it comes with a lower payout for number bets in general, so it all depends on your perspective.

How to win on the lucky numbers in Lightning Roulette?

To win on lucky numbers in a round of Lightning Roulette, you must place a straight number bet first. If that number turns out to be the Lightning Number, you could score a prize 50x to 500x your stake amount — as long as the ball lands in that pocket.