live dealer casinos

In the past, people had to visit Vegas or Atlantic City to play casino games. The golden age of gambling brought a lot of profit to Vegas and New Jersey as well as any country that legalized gambling. Things were going great until the first online casinos hit the market. The explosion at the beginning of the 2000s started to spell the doom of land-based joints.

Nowadays, it’s more common for people to play casino games online than to take a trip to Vegas. It’s cheaper, simpler, and quite rewarding in some cases. Plus, online casinos have libraries that brick-and-mortar casinos can’t match because of physical space restrictions. In short, online casinos are the new black.

Evolution, however, never sleeps. For a while, players loved the fact that they can play from home or anywhere on their smartphone or tablet. After a while, though, most realized that they lacked the atmosphere of a real casino. The industry knew that, of course, creating the ideal hybrid – live casinos.

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What Are Live Casinos?

To be honest, we’d described live casinos as the natural evolution of online casinos. They bring the atmosphere of real casinos straight to your screen. Available on any type of device, live casinos are the most thrilling type of gaming joints online. They offer live casino games in different varieties that are hosted by a human dealer rather than an RNG (computer). That’s their ace in the sleeve.

Why should you join a live casino? Well, it’s simple – it’s the perfect marriage between land-based and web joints. Wouldn’t you want to try that? It’s a whole new concept of online casinos and quite an exciting one.

How Does a Live Casino Work?

Live casinos are broadcasted and streamed to a user’s device from either real-life locations or studios. The whole thing’s streamed in HD video quality to your smartphones, tablets or PCs. Of course, we shouldn’t even mention that the streams are crisp-clear.

The cost of running a live casino is a bit higher than running an online casino. There’s special equipment such as a bunch of slo-mo cameras that give you a view from unique angles. Then there are the hosts who are professionals that know how the games work by heart.

Due to the costs, not all web casinos have live casinos, but the number is rising pretty quickly.

How Do I Play in Live Casinos?

Just like you play in an online casino. It’s not hard to access it – all you need is a screen and a stable Internet connection. The latter is something you can’t compromise with. If you want a smooth live casino experience, you’ll need a solid Internet connection such as fiber. Remember – those HD streams aren’t light at all.

You’ll need a solid PC or any type of device that could handle the high-quality streams. We’re not talking top of the line, but something decent. Finally, make sure to check if you need to download live casino software before you ‘check in’. Some live casinos require it while others are completely instant play.

What Can I Play?

The types of live dealer games vary from Wheel of Fortune to all the major casino games. You can play blackjack, you can spin roulette wheels or go for a few rounds of poker. The only type of game not covered by live casinos are slots, although we expect the industry to find a ‘solution’ to that problem soon.

Most Popular Types of Live Dealer Games

As mentioned, roulette and blackjack are the two most popular types of games you can find in live casinos. Roulette probably leads the way with a bunch of variants, each one cooler than the other. Blackjack has its fair share of variants too, but when it comes to live dealer games, roulette is the king.

  • Blackjack – live casinos offer everything from classic to exotic blackjack variants. It’s just a matter of what you prefer. If you want to beat the dealer in the race to 21 in a classic setting, go for those regular Live Blackjack variants.

If you want a bigger challenge, you’ll go for the line of VIP or Diamond Blackjack games that are designed for pros.

  • Roulette – live roulette games rule the land of live casinos. It’s the first game ‘adopted’ by live casinos and one that studios have the most experience with. The roulette wheel offers a special kind of thrill which isn’t missing from live variants.

Thanks to experimentation, roulette has gotten more than a few excellent live dealer variants with cool new features. It’s not just about new camera angles and slo-mo. Games such as Evolution’s Lightning Roulette have revolutionized the game forever.

  • Other types of live games – these include a variety of popular and not that big casino games. You’ll find Sic Bo, baccarat, and Wheel of Fortune among others. As mentioned, they can’t compare to roulette and blackjack in terms of popularity, but it’s a good thing to have them in mind.

As you can see, slots are missing from the list and that shouldn’t be surprising. Slots are a type of game that doesn’t require a human dealer like other games do, so they don’t exactly fit the type. However, certain exciting elements of slots such as the RNG gameplay and jackpots have already been incorporated in other live dealer games.

Can I Play Live Games for Free?

Unfortunately, no. The nature of live dealer games doesn’t allow you to play for free. These games have been designed for experienced players who enjoy real money gameplay. Instead of a computer, you’ll be playing against a live, human dealer who you can even chat to.

Due to this fact, honing your skills on poker or blackjack, for example, simply isn’t possible with live dealer games. You can, however, practice on virtual (RNG) table games. The great thing about live casinos is the fact that the games are even more thrilling than virtual tables as soon as you’re ready to play. The whole atmosphere and the technological advantages of each game simply cannot be compared to virtual games.

To be honest, it’s the gaming of the future.

Can I Play on My Mobile Phone?

Of course, you can. All live casinos and live dealer games are mobile-optimized. It’s 2021, and more great features are regularly being included on casino apps. We all find convenience with our handheld devices these days, be it a smartphone or tablet. Players love enjoying casino games on their phones and live developers know this very well.

The two biggest and most popular OS’ are supported by most live casinos and games. This means that you can play games on your Android and iOS devices with ease. Just make sure to see if you should download anything or not. If it’s an instant-play platform, you can just visit the casino and play straight from the browser.

Are There Any Live Casino Bonuses?

Sure, the best online casinos will have some kind of live casino bonus that will enable you to play the games without spending your bankroll. For example, if it is a no deposit bonus, you’ll essentially play the games for free.

Of course, it would be a wise idea to check the T&Cs before you go and claim a bonus. This’ll ensure that you don’t miss out on some requirements and lose the funds.

Live Casino Game Developers

Evolution Gaming

The greatest live casino game developer in the industry, Evolution is behind the biggest hits in live casinos. This is the studio that gave you Lightning Roulette and all the other great roulette live variants.

It’s fair to say that it’s the best in the business. Just try Evolution’s games and you’ll see how far ahead of others they are.

NetEnt Live

NetEnt is more famous for its slots, but it has a pretty nice collection of live games as well. Its live division, simply called NetEnt Live, has created more than a few blackjack, roulette, and baccarat variants so far.

There’s no question that the studio will grow in the future and get even closer to Evolution. If anyone can challenge the leader, it’s definitely NetEnt.


One of the oldest studios in the business, Playtech has its fair share of live dealer games. Playtech’s live dealer game library isn’t that extensive, but it still covers the most classic variants of roulette and blackjack among others.


An up-and-coming live dealer games developer launched in 2013, Ezugi has released quite a few hits so far. It already has several studios in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Belgium, and if experts are to be believed, it is vying for Evolution Gaming’s throne.

Although far from it right now, Ezugi can definitely make a run for the top in the future.

Why Choose Live Dealer Games?

Live dealer games are the best accomplishment in the industry since online casinos. They are the next step in iGaming evolution and offer a thrill you don’t get on virtual tables. The atmosphere and the dealer make things simply better. We see them as the future of casino gaming unless VR gaming takes a more concrete shape soon.

Virtual games are great if you want to practice or win cash. If you want the full casino experience, however, you’ll go with live dealer games. There’s a lot to enjoy and you can play all these games on your PC or smartphone.

If you want the absolute best casino experience, live dealer games are a no-brainer.