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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

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Lottoland SA - Win Big 1

The world’s largest lotto win in history is €90 million.

To win it, you’ve got to be in it. Here’s how.

South Africans are spoilt for choice between two lotto providers that offer huge winnings. How to know which offers the best odds of winning, and the biggest jackpot is hard to discern. They both offer significant winnings that can change the lives of anyone. Suffice to say, winners will never need to work again.

Playing lotto in South Africa is a choice between Lottoland SA and the National Lottery. These two lottery providers are legal and legitimate, and players can be assured of being entitled prize pools should they win. Although Lottoland SA technically offers lotto gaming in a different form with insurance structures and is dependent on the outcome of other lotteries, its experience and opportunity to win is no different to the National Lottery.

In addition, to win BIG, the choice is clearly with Lottoland SA.

Lottoland South Africa

In which country to you think has the largest lottery pool?

It is the US.

It holds the largest lottery prizes the world by a long margin. Not commonly known to outsiders, is that there is no country wide lottery. Each State in the US is responsible for their own gambling laws which includes the offering of lottery. Some US States have banned lottery, some have made it legal, and some have even allowed the lottery to offer online casinos games and sport bets!

How to get a piece of the action!

If you wanted to participate in these huge prize pool lotteries, prior to the existence of Lottoland, you couldn’t. That is unless you physically travelled to the US and bought a lottery ticket.

But now you don’t have to, because Lottoland SA can facilitate this for you.

Lottoland SA offers South Africans to bet on the outcome of the US State games.

Not only can South Africans bet on these lotteries but also various lotteries that are occurring in other countries around the world.

To participate is quite easy and simple. Similar to placing real bets with real money personally at the National Lottery, South Africans can place a bet online, without the need to of leaving South Africa. Upon selecting the lottery numbers, players can enjoy winnings according to how many correct numbers are selected.

Therefore, as a player, the experience is no different to the National Lottery.

How does Lottoland SA work?

Lottoland accepts wagers by players who are betting on the international lottery results.

The international lottery include the famous Powerball, MegaMillions and Euromillions. The payouts are fixed unlike lottery pool which grows as more players participate.

Even though the winnings are fixed by Lottoland SA, the winnings are huge. Any winnings are paid out locally in South African Rand, hence players need to travel internationally nor are they required to accept winning in foreign currency. Winning in Rands could go well into the millions or even billions.

To date the largest winner in South Africa has been a lucky player from Western Cape. He placed a R90 bet and won the German Lotto with five correct numbers!

Does Lottoland SA offer Online Casino Gaming?

Online casino games have become extremely popular, particularly due to the events of the pandemic. Players are turning away from land based casinos and are going online. As a result, many are searching for online casino games there are offered by Lottoland SA. Understandably, there has been a surge in Live Casino gaming due to players wanting to stay safe.

In some countries, such as the US, official Lottery organization are permitted to accept betting on casino games and sports betting. However, unfortunately, this is not the same in South Africa.

The Lottoland SA is not permitted to offer any online casino games or operate a sportsbook. Therefore, South Africans much look elsewhere to play online games.

Lottoland SA online site and app

South Africans can visit the Lottoland SA website or download the app to select numbers and to place a bet. The website and apps are accessible from any mobile device or PC 24/7. It cannot be any easier to participate in international lotteries.

About Lottoland

The head office of Lottoland is in Gibraltar, a recognized regulator and licensor of approved iGaming companies. Stemming from the parent entity, several subsidiaries have been created to establish a foothold in over 55 countries, of which Lottoland SA is one of them.

Lottoland SA is a legitimate operator in South Africa, having purchased a license from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board.