Microgaming Casinos

If you are searching for a reputable iGaming software company, then choose Microgaming.

They are one of the best software gaming developers in the world that has partnered many online casino operators. In our extensive review of online casinos, we have had plenty of feedback from players that can attest that Microgaming offers high quality games that are fun, exciting and rewarding.

There are many Microgaming games, with something for everyone.

Please read our comprehensive review of Microgaming

Top Microgaming Online Casinos

300% up to $3,000
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400% up to $500
1st Deposit Bonus
400% up to $10,000
Welcome Bonus
250% up to $1,500
1st Deposit Bonus
300% up to $3,000
1st Deposit Bonus

Why Choose Playing at Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming has built a reputation of quality, fun, safe and secure gaming. If you simply Google Microgaming and you will find an endlist of Microgaming news, reviews, history and insights. As strong indicator of the popularity of Microgaming.

From the endless Google results, you can see that Microgaming more than just gaming. It has built an all round vertical iGaming business that not only meets the needs of players but also partnering many businesses.

As a player, you will discover that there are so many games to choose from at many online casinos.

So where should you start? Which online casino should you choose? How do you know if you can trust them?

We list out all the factors to consider:

Honesty and Trust – Microgaming partners many honest and trustworthy online casinos. Having said that, you will always find a few bad apples. But why stop there, when you can select the best of apples from the barrel? Choosing an online casino that doesn’t properly support Microgaming does not occur often, but they are out there. Hence, choosing an online casino that is licensed in jurisdictions that monitor and regulate online casinos.

Microgaming also actively:

Payouts – Microgaming does provide the chance to win to players. Unlike other iGaming Software companies, in which there is skepticism with the fairness of the odds, Microgaming has been known to pay out huge winnings to lucky players.

Slots – Microgaming’s expertise is in slots. They began with slots and have truly excelled with becoming leaders with real money slot games.

Best Microgaming Online Casinos

It’s not easy picking an online casino that is the best for Microgaming games. Why? Because there are so many of them to choose from. They are almost a dime a dozen, which means you could easily pick a dud or a gem.

The list of games that Microgaming provides is so expansive, that many online casinos can partner Microgaming and offer niche Microgaming games.

Some online casinos, will offer them all and be open to more countries than others. While some online casinos will have high restrictions, preventing all gaming to particular countries.

Online Casinos with the newest Microgaming games

There are two aspects to consider. Firstly, there are many new online casinos that are joining the industry each year. Many of them will focus with partnering specific iGaming software providers such as Microgaming, while others will partner as many as possible. The challenge is finding an online casino that balances between the two, to provide the most gaming range (particularly if you like to try lots of new games).

Secondly, finding an existing online casino that already offers Microgaming but is quick to release the new updates from Microgaming.

Microgaming Apps at Mobile Casinos

Microgaming has partnered many online casinos that are also playable on mobile devices. With the advent of HTML5, building real money gambling games are relatively easy. Developers do not need to learn how to code games for different sizes and shapes. They just need to learn HTML5, which will enable the games that they create to be play on any Mobile Casinos and device. Often, you will find that some online casinos will offer special bonuses for downloading their mobile app which will host Microgaming games.

Live Casinos – not their niche

We mentioned previously that Microgaming were experts with slot games, having and releasing many slot themed games. Sadly, their weakest area is with Live Casinos. Live Casinos, to a degree, is less about iGaming Software development but streaming Live Dealers. Yes, it does require some software features to be built in, but by and large the core delivery is more about hiring quality professional dealers and streaming them live to playing devices.

Microgaming has partnered Live Casino providers to utilize their expertise with features and player needs.

Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Finding a good online casino that offers competitive casino bonuses and promotions is not easy. The reason is that this is because it is out of the hands of Microgaming. It is up to the online casino operator to decide how much they are willing to offer with casino bonuses and promotions. It’s therefore not tied to the iGaming Software company per se, but the management of the online casino brands.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are much more common than No Deposit Bonuses. These often are 100% up to $100 plus free spins. However Welcome Bonuses will change according to the time of year, celebratory events, and the maturity of the online casino operator. Again, check the Terms and Condition for casino bonuses. They will have wagering requirements, and exclusions for particular games.

Free Spins

Included with casino bonuses and promotions are free spins. Free spins are more readily found, and given that Microgaming’s strengths are with slot games, you will find a number of good quality online casinos that offer Free Spins for Microgaming.

Wagering requirements average 40 x, however this will vary from casino to casino. Always check the Terms and Conditions to ensure you understand the Free Spin bonuses.

No Deposit Bonuses

Who doesn’t like a no deposit bonus? Especially for Microgaming. Sadly, there aren’t many casinos that offer no deposit bonuses (or any bonus codes) for Microgaming.

About Microgaming

Microgaming is an iGaming software developer that began in 1994 in the Isle of Man. As you can imagine, iGaming was rudimentary, and its beginnings were very simple. Starting with basic slot games, Microgaming expanded into casino table games. In 2004, Microgaming were one of the first developers to venture beyond desktop to mobile apps. They have since launched many games that are listed on many online casino apps. As website software coding began to mature, Microgaming used its expertise with Flash. Flash games required no downloading by players, and could be played instantly from an online casino’s site.

Now, returning back in 360 degrees, website software is advanced sufficiently to provide for dynamic rendering on any shape and size of the device, coupled with the seamless, frictionless playability.

Microgaming is continually improving and releasing new games to their business partners and players. Approximately, one new game is released every month.

By far the majority of online real money games that Microgaming has created, are slot games. They have over thousands of different slot titles in their catalog. Many more than other iGaming software developers, most as a result of their longevity in the industry, but also due to their dedication to providing quality gaming.

In recent years, Microgaming expanded into virtual reality gaming. In 2016, Microgaming launched virtual real money gambling using the Oculus Rift platform. Although they are undoubtedly the pioneers of virtual reality online gambling, it hasn’t quite taken off with players.

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