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Advertising Transparency

Advertising Transparency

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Why trust us?

Why trust us?

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If you looking to play at online casinos in Vietnam, then choose a MoMo Online Casino.

Since 2019 many fintech companies have invested an enormous amount of capital to develop a mobile e-wallet that would become popular in Vietnam. Growth in the market has increased rapidly from 50 to over 120 e-wallet providers with an estimated transaction volume of $10 billion USD in 2020. These statistics show that there is a lot of money to be made in the industry. The race to become the dominant mobile e-wallet in Vietnam is fierce, however there is one that is standing out from the rest.

It is MoMo (M_Service)

MoMo is a slick mobile e-wallet that is safe and secure, quick and easy to use, plus offers fantastic rewards and benefits. In addition, MoMo can be used to play at many Vietnamese Online Casinos.

If you are looking to play at Online Casinos from Vietnam, select from our list of MoMo Casinos

Top Momo Online Casinos

The best MoMo casino have several features that make them enjoyable to play at.

Safe and Secure – play at only safe and secure online casinos. The best casinos offer the quality encryption to protect player privacy, and payment security to avoid lost deposit or even fraud.

Games – in today’s online casino gaming, a must is live casino. This is the most popular form of gaming, overtaking the tradition RNG games. Players now seek an experience as close as possible to playing at a land based casino.

Welcome Bonus – this is often the primary factor that ranks an online casino above any other. The best Momo Casinos offer the best Welcome Bonus for Vietnamese players.

Why use Momo?

Momo is an e-wallet that is dominating the Vietnamese digital payment industry. It has become extremely popular such that over 60% of Vietnamese with a smartphone are using it. There are several reasons to choose MoMo to play at online casinos.

Perks – MoMo offers many great rewards and promotions. They include discounts sponsored by partners, the ability to purchase gift vouchers and awesome cashbacks.

Convenience – with MoMo you can easily pay for your bills with a few touches of the phone. You can also purchase entertainment tickets, plane tickets, public transport and several other daily living expenses.

Integrated – MoMo talks to other mobile e-wallets, seamlessly integrating into the e-wallet eco system. Other e-wallets such as ZaloPay, Moca and AirPay have yet to completely be a part of the financial system.

Super App – MoMo e-wallet is part of the MoMo Super App that offers many more features that just digital cash storage. There are over one hundred programs on the Momo Super App that conveniently combines many services together. There are over 10,000 merchants that have signed up to the MoMo Partnership program, providing users the buy almost anything they want.

Online Casinos – lastly, there are a number of quality casinos that accept MoMo as a deposit method. The list growing rapidly, due to the increased popular use of MoMo.

Other incredible statistics are:

  • Over 12.8 million users and 13,000 merchant partners.
  • Awarded the most popular 2020 Vietnamese e-wallet.
  • Capital investments of over USD $150m.
  • Supported by 24 local banks and card companies – MasterCard and Visa.

How to use MoMo

  • Install the MoMo app onto your mobile device.
  • Register your account by providing email or mobile number.
  • Verify your account
  • Transfer money to your e-wallet using several methods: credit card, cash or online banking.

About MoMo

MoMo was founded in 2007 with the vision of providing the best payment experience to Vietnam.

It has developed various payment products, however its most successful is the M_Service. It has an easy to use, intuitive interface, simply and fast, with very little cost to customers.

MoMo is located at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam