Montana 18+ Casinos

For residents of Montana looking for 18+ casinos, the options are limited. Montana state gambling laws permit 21+ players at land based casinos, whilst there are online options that have a minimum age of 18+.

Here is a list of casinos in Montana and their minimum gambling age.

CasinoAddressLegal Age
1145 Club1145 Broadwater Avenue, Billings, 5910221+
2nd Shift Bar934 U.S. Hwy 87 E, Billings, 5910121+
3 Brothers316 N Center Ave, Hardin, 5903421+
50,000 Silver DollarExit 16 I-90, Haugan, MT 5984221+
All Aboard Casino909 S 32nd St W, Billings, 5910221+
Atlantis Casino1431 Country Manor Blvd, Billings, 5910221+
Bayou of Montana5448 Laurel Rd, Billings, 5910121+
Big Game1327 Main St # 9, Billings, 5910521+
Black Diamond100 S 24th St W, Billings, 5910221+
Blue Cat139 Northern Ave, Huntley, MT 5903721+
Buck`s Bar1511 Central Avenue, Billings, 5910221+
Bugz’s Bar & Casino1341 Main St, Billings, 5910521+
Caboose Saloon704 W Main St, Laurel, MT 5904421+
Cadillac Jax1744 Grand Ave, Billings, 5910221+
Cash Casino960 S 24th St W g, Billings, 5910221+
Casino 83178 Gabel Rd #5, Billings, 5910221+
Cellar Casino719 Main St, Miles City, MT 5930121+
Charging Horse1/2 US-212, Lame Deer, MT 5904321+
CJ’s Casino Royale2455 Central Avenue, Billings, 5910221+
Copper Creek635 S 18th St W, Billings, 5910221+
Cowboy BarPotter Ln, Fishtail, MT 5902821+
Crystal Lounge101 N Broadway, Billings, 5910121+
Diamond Jubilee1214 Main St, Billings, 5910521+
Dixie Inn and Hi Roller1250 Roosevelt Highway, Shelby, 5947421+
Doc and Eddy’s Plum Creek1425 Broadwater Ave # D, Billings, 5910221+
Drunk’n Miner Saloon1800 Meadowlark Ln, Butte, 5970121+
Dry Creek Saloon119 South Main Street, Bridger, 5901421+
Finish Line2420 US-93, Victor, MT 5987521+
Fort Belknap104 Assinibione Ave, Harlem, 5952621+
Fowl Play220 S 1st Ave, Laurel, MT 5904421+
Git-N-Go132 US-2, Wolf Point, MT 5920121+
Glacier Peaks46 Museum Loop, Browning, 5941721+
Gold Dust1310 15th Street West, Billings, 59102-411621+
Goosetown906 East Commercial Avenue, Anaconda, 5971121+
Gordy’s2244 Grand Ave, Billings, 5910221+
Grand Montana5581-5585 Midland Rd, Billings, 5910121+
Grand Tree1325 N 7th Ave, Bozeman, 5971521+
Grandstand905 Grand Ave, Billings, 5910221+
Gray Wolf Peak20750 US-93, Missoula, MT 5980821+
Gusick’s760 S 20th St W, Billings, 5910221+
High Horse Saloon3953 Montana Ave, Billings, 5910121+
Jackpot Casino Bozeman915 E Main St, Bozeman, 5971521+
Jackpot Casino Central2274 Central Ave, Billings, 5910221+
Kwataqnuk49708 US-93, Polson, MT 5986021+
Lady Lils – Missoula2210 N Reserve St, Missoula, MT 5980821+
Lady Lil’s – Shelby1350 Roosevelt Hwy, Shelby, 5947421+
Lucky Lil’s -Belgrade206 W Jefferson Ave, Belgrade, 5971421+
Lucky Lil’s – Anaconda6940 MT-1 suite b, Anaconda, 5971121+
Lucky Lil’s – Big Timber20A Big Timber Rd, Big Timber, 5901121+
Lucky Lil’s – Billings1028 US-87, Billings, 5910121+
Lucky Lil’s – Bonner7995 MT-200, Milltown, MT 5985121+
Lucky Lil’s – Boulder703 N Main St, Boulder, 5963221+
Lucky Lil’s – Butte531 S Montana St, Butte, 5970121+
Lucky Lil’s – Chinook115 Pennsylvania St, Chinook, 5952321+
Lucky Lil’s – Colstrip110 Willow Ave, Colstrip, 5932321+
Lucky Lil’s – Columbia Falls507 9th St W, Columbia Falls, MT 5991221+
Lucky Lil’s – Columbus602 E 8th Ave, Columbus, 5901921+
Lucky Lil’s – Conrad217 N Main St, Conrad, 5942521+
Lucky Lil’s – Cut Bank512 W Main St, Cut Bank, 5942721+
Lucky Lil’s – Deer Lodge203 N Main St, Deer Lodge, 5972221+
Lucky Lil’s – Dillon635 N Montana St, Dillon, 5972521+
Lucky Lil’s – East Helena418 W Main St, Helena, 5963521+
Lucky Lil’s – Eureka40 1st St, Eureka, MT 5991721+
Lucky Lil’s – Forsyth974 Front St, Forsyth, MT 5932721+
Lucky Lil’s – Great Falls501 NW Bypass, Great Falls, 5940421+
Lucky Lil’s – Hamilton1105 N 1st St, Hamilton, MT 5984021+
Lucky Lil’s – Hardin1012 N Crawford Ave, Hardin, MT 5903421+
Lucky Lil’s – Havre420 1st St W, Hardin, 5950121+
Lucky Lil’s – Helena1150 Enterprise Dr, Helena, 5960121+
Lucky Lil’s – Kalispell1104 US-2, Kalispell, MT 5990121+
Lucky Lil’s – Laurel312 S 1st Ave, Laurel, MT 5904421+
Lucky Lil’s – Lewistown622 NE Main St, Lewistown, 5945721+
Lucky Lil’s – Libby200 E 9th St, Libby, MT 5992321+
Lucky Lil’s – Livingston2128 E Park St, Livingston, 5904721+
Lucky Lil’s – Lolo10953 US-93, Lolo, 5984721+
Lucky Lil’s – Miles City1208 S Haynes Ave, Miles City, MT 5930121+
Lucky Lil’s – Milltown7995 MT-200, Milltown, MT 5985121+
Lucky Lil’s – Missoula3109 Brooks St, Missoula, MT 5980121+
Lucky Lil’s – Plains309 E Railroad Ave b, Plains, MT 5985921+
Lucky Lil’s – Rimrock Mall300 S 24th St W, Billings, 5910221+
Lucky Lil’s – Rocker1004 Grizzly Trail, Butte, 5970121+
Lucky Lil’s – Shelby1350 Roosevelt Hwy, Shelby, 5947421+
Lucky Lil’s – Sidney1157 S Central Ave, Sidney, MT 5927021+
Lucky Lil’s – Stevensville104 Kootenai Creek Rd, Stevensville, MT 5987021+
Lucky Lil’s – Superior33 Diamond Rd, Superior, Superior, MT 5987221+
Lucky Lil’s – Thompson Falls1303 W Main St, Thompson Falls, MT 5987321+
Lucky Lil’s – Three Forks10800 US-287 #3, Three Forks, 5975221+
Lucky Lil’s – Townsend204 N Front St, Townsend, 5964421+
Lucky Lil’s – White Sulphur311 E Main St, White Sulphur Springs, 5964521+
Lucky Lil’s – Whitefish6598 U.S. 93 S, Whitefish, MT 5993721+
Lucky Lil’s – Whitehall415 N Whitehall St, Whitehall, 5975921+
Lucky Lil’s – Wolf Point408 Blaine St, Wolf Point, MT 5920121+
Lucky Logger – Kalispell1104 US-2, Kalispell, MT 5990121+
Magic Diamond – Columbia Falls6102 US-2, Columbia Falls, MT 5991221+
Magic Diamond – Dillon203 N Idaho St, Dillon, 5972521+
Magic Diamond – East Helena114 S Lane Ave, Helena, 5963521+
Magic Diamond – Great Falls415 10th Ave S, Great Falls, 5940521+
Magic Diamond – Hamilton930 S 1st St, Hamilton, MT 5984021+
Magic Diamond – Havre108 1st St W, Havre, 5950121+
Magic Diamond – Helena1138 Euclid Ave, Helena, 5960121+
Magic Diamond – Kalispell2605 U.S. Hwy 2 E, Kalispell, MT 5990121+
Magic Diamond – Kalispell Center Mall20 N Main St #151, Kalispell, MT 5990121+
Magic Diamond – Lewiston424 W Main St, Lewistown, 5945721+
Magic Diamond – Livingston714 E Park St, Livingston, 5904721+
Magic Diamond – Lolo11880 US-93, Lolo, MT 5984721+
Magic Diamond – Miles City905 S Haynes Ave, Miles City, MT 5930121+
Magic Diamond – Rocker1050 Grizzly Trail, Butte, 5970121+
Montana Club1301 S Main St, Kalispell, MT 5990121+
Montana Lil’s – Anaconda207 Main St, Anaconda, 5971121+
Montana Lil’s – Billings2350 Main St, Billings, MT 5910521+
Northern Winz 211275 US-87, Box Elder, 5952121+
Paradise Falls3621 Brooks St #7359, Missoula, MT 5980121+
Silver Wolf300 MT-25, Billings, MT 5920121+
The Bunkhouse8846 U.S. 287, Toston, 5964321+
The Den1595 Grand Avenue, Billings, MT 5910221+
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