Mountberg BV Limited Casino has built a reputable name in the online casino industry with various brands under its belt. They have continued to investment in their gaming platforms, leading to a rise in players favouring their brands over other online casino operators. Accordingly, the number of players has increased significantly, and will continue to do so, as they continue to invest in better gaming technology.

The Online Casino Brands of Mountberg include:

  • Stakes Casino
  • Evolve Casino
  • Kahuna Casino
  • Mucho Vegas Casino
  • MonteCryptos
  • Jack 21
  • Royal Rabbit Casino
  • Lucky Luke

These online casino brands are a player’s favorite, especially Stakes, Mucho Vegas and Kahuna – their flagship casinos. Slightly behind in quality are MounteCryptos, Jacks 21 and Royal Rabbit, though they still are a lot of fun.

Mountberg B.V. Casinos

100% up to €100 + 50 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to €500 + 25 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to $/€1000 + 20 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to $2000
Welcome Bonus
120% up to €360
Welcome Bonus
Up to $120 or 200 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
100% up to €500 + 250 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus
$5000 + 80 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus



MonteCryptos is the flagship online casino brand of Mountberg Casino Limited. They are promoted quite well across various gambling review sites, and offer substantial bonuses. The Welcome bonus is the biggest draw card, and to be fair, this does attract a lot of players. If you are one of the lucky players to be rewarded with the Welcome Bonus and are able to play the games, then MonteCryptos is well worth it.

But by far, the majority of players will not have a good experience. Welcome Bonuses are not credited to the players accounts and the games available are in fact less than what is promoted due to either platform maintenance, or in the case of the Live Casino, tables being constantly full.

Royal Rabbit Casino

Royal Rabbit is the rebrand of MonteCryptos. Accordingly, behind the scenes there is no difference in variety of games, customer services and quality of gaming. Royal Rabbit isn’t as popular as MonteCryptos, which is probably due to the slightly less enticing Welcome Bonus, but it’s hard to say. Some brands just don’t sit well with players.

Lucky Luke and Jacks 21

The last two remaining brands of Mountberg, garner very little (if any) players at all. We speculate that Mountberg created these two brands in a last ditch attempt to test the player market with an opportunistic hit and miss approach. Again, the back bones of these online casinos share the same infrastructure as MonteCryptos, including the same poor customer service/support.

GnG Affiliate Marketing

Mountberg Limited promotes its online casinos through GnG Affiliate Marketing. Equally as poor as the customer service for MonteCryptos, is the lack of forthcoming details from the employees of GnG.

Payments are not paid, with the constant excuse of being delayed due to “significant hurdles”. In addition, player statistics are exaggerated or distorted to give the impression that Mountberg is thriving.

Getting in contact with the right people to resolve any issue that relates to payments is like extracting a tooth. It is PAINFUL.

Lack of Compliance and Breaches

Mountberg BV Limited Casino is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Cyprus is a popular country for Online Casino operators to establish their Head Office, as it provides protection against potential law suits from international/global law firms.

Their license is purchased from the Curacao Government. Gambling licenses issued by the Curacao Government are symbolic at best. They enable casino operators to declare that they have a gambling license and are regulated as a means of marketing only. In truth, monitoring and regulations imposed by the Curacao Government do not exist.

As a result, you will find that there have been several breaches. One of the breaches included an “accidental” exposure of player personal details that included names, addresses, date of birth and contact details. The hackers were able to extract these details from a database that was not password protected. This breach occurred recently in 2019, leaving many players bewildered by the lack of controls by Mountberg. Needless to say, players left in droves after this event.

Delayed Withdrawal Payments

Desperate times lead to desperate measures. In the past, in the heydays of MonteCryptos, players were treated to quality and on time service. Deposits were processed quickly as well as withdrawals. Those times have long past, with what seemly appears to be delay tactics by all of the casino brands. Players whom wish to withdraw their account balance will find it impossible.

The common excuse for not being able to process withdrawals is pointed to their payment processor – iGamingPlatform.

If you turn to the iGamingPlatform website, you will see that they lack any information that supports a reputable, genuine gambling payment platform. In fact, the site is so thin with content, it’s hard to imagine that this company not a front.

The majority of complaints that are raised at the GnG operated casinos – MonteCryptos, Royal Rabbit, Lucky Luke and Jack 21 – due to withdrawals not being processed.

Often the response by “customer support” is that the “new” payment processor (iGamingPlatform), is experiencing technical difficulties and it is unknown as to when payment can be made. Continual follow up with the online Mountberg casinos leads to nowhere, leaving the player out of pocket, frustrated, and time wasted.

Following up with iGamingPlatform is also impossible, because there are no contact details to be found. In any event, if you were to get through a complain, their most likely response would be that Mountberg is at fault.

Delayed withdrawal payments are just one of the complaints that players are experiencing. Other complaints include deposits being lost in transit, platform crashing, and NO gaming available due to “restricted country” status post acceptance of deposit.


Mountberg has a wide range of online casino brands that are managed by various operators. Their best online casinos are Kahuna, Mucho Vegas, Stakes and Evolve.

If you want to lose money and not even through gambling, then sign up to MonteCryptos, Royal Rabbit Casino, Lucky Luke or Jack 21 (these are operated by GnG which we have found to be the least trustworthy).

To this day, sadly there have been many players being cheated, scammed, without even playing a single game at GnG operated casinos.. Avoid wasting your time at these casinos, it will only lead you down the path of seeking anger management.

If you have a complaint with Mountberg BV Limited, the below details are provided.

Mountberg Limited,
67 Limassol Avenue,
Vision Tower, Floor 2,
Aglantzia, 2121,



Can I trust playing at MonteCryptos, Royal Rabbit Casino, Lucky Luke or Jack 21?

Perhaps in the past you could have, but those days are long gone. Many complaints are being raised by players, specifically to withdrawals and lost deposits. Players should avoid playing at Mountberg Casinos and seek others.

Has Mountberg Casinos breached compliance in the past?

Yes, they have. In 2019, Mountberg Casinos left unprotected and open to the public player personal details. Though this is a significant breach, no fine or penalties were handed down by the Curacao regulator.

MonteCryptos Welcome Bonus is enticing. Should I give it a try?

It’s pointless to attempt to claim the Welcome Bonus when it won’t be awarded in most cases. And even if it were awarded and credited to your account, the quality of gaming is extremely poor and limited.

Is MonteCryptos a scam? I am not allowed to withdrawal from my account?

MonteCryptos is a brand of Mountberg Casinos which is fast deteriorating in quality of service, variety of games and integrity. It is an online casino that many players do not trust. Many reasons are provided to players as to why their withdrawals cannot be processed, the most common being that their payment process is experiencing technical difficulties.