M-Pesa Online Casinos - Exclusive Bonuses, Tested and Ranked 1

Gambling with M-PESA could never be easier for Kenyans.

M-Pesa is the most popular payment method to use to bank with online casinos. New and existing players prefer M-Pesa above any other mobile transfer, particularly in Kenya, although it is also available in several other African nations.

M-Pesa is supported by Safaricom (a branch of Vodafone), Kenya’s largest telecommunications network provider. Because of its wide reach among the community, M-Pesa has grown to be the favorite mobile payment method in Africa. As a result, there are many online casinos that now accept M-Pesa as a payment option.

Due to an increasing interest in deposit and withdrawal of winnings using M-Pesa, we have created a list of reviewed M-Pesa online casinos. These casinos have been ranked for a wide range of categories, that cover mobile gaming apps through to live casinos. In addition, each recommended online casino has been checked for legality, integrity and playability.

Top M-Pesa Online Casinos

Our list of recommended M-Pesa Online Casinos are vetted for their safety and security, bonuses and gaming quality. We understand that there are many online casinos that Africans can choose from, and so it can be hard to know which to play at.

400% up to $10,000
Welcome Bonus
200% up to $7,000
Welcome Bonus
400% up to $10,000
Welcome Bonus
250% up to $2,500
Welcome Bonus
250% + 100% Cashback
Welcome Bonus

We strongly suggest balancing an online casino’s bonus with their safety and security. Not all good offering bonus casinos, will actually pay you out and without delay. Hence, we recommend sticking to our list.

Why Use M-Pesa?

Ease of Use – M-Pesa is the most popular payment method in East Africa. There are over 40 million subscribers, because it is simple and easy to use. Users of M-Pesa can transfer funds quickly to and from friends, online shopping and of course online casinos. The simplicity is the main reason for driving the popularity of M-Pesa. With such ease of use, there is no demographic boundary that limits this payment method to young or old.

As the popularity of M-Pesa grows even further, it will remain the number one choice for playing at online casinos.

M-Pesa Fees are low – there are fees charged to use M-Pesa. However these fees are extremely low. In fact, in previous years fees were on par with other mobile payment providers, but since 1 January 2021, M-Pesa have halved their fees! As an example: it now only costs KES 6 to transfer amounts between KES 101 to KES 500 and KES 22 to transfer amounts KES 1501 to KES 2500.

Accessible – With mobile phones becoming prevalent in Africa, much quicker than tablets and other portable devices, M-Pesa became readily accessible to the wider community. Unlike other payment methods which can only be accessed online via a PC or Desktop, M-Pesa could easily be used with a mobile phone. due to its supported telecommunication platform,

Accepted by many online casinos – there are many online casinos that now support accepting M-Pesa deposits. Catering for Africans, it only makes sense for M-Pesa to be offered. Making a deposit to get started cannot be any easier.

Secure and Safe – Supported by Safaricom, a leading brand and branch of Vodafone. It is therefore safe and secure, and a trust payment method by many Africans.

Regulated – M-Pesa is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK)

Real Money Gambling with M-Pesa

Using M-Pesa to open and deposit with a player account is very simple. Savvy players, are using the mobile wallet to complete deposits that are processed quickly to begin playing their favorite casino games. It is efficient, effective and winnings can be cashed out fast.

We outline how you can get started with playing, by using M-Pesa.

How to Set up a M-Pesa Account


  • M-Pesa account
  • an active mobile device with a SIM Card through Safaricom
  • Valid ID – Passport

Easy Steps to Opening an Account

  • Go to an M-Pesa Agent Outlet or Safaricom branch
  • Give to them the details of your mobile and ID
  • Receive confirmation message from M-Pesa
  • Confirm your mobile phone with the PIN provided to you from the message
  • Complete Customer Registration Form
  • To activate M-Pesa account go to Safaricom menu
  • Click ‘Activate’
  • Enter the 4 digit PIN sent by SMS.
  • Change the 4 digit PIN to your own
  • You account is now activated with confirmation of balance sent to you.

Download the M-Pesa App

For ease of use, we highly recommend using the M-Pesa App on your mobile phone. For Android users please proceed to Google Play, and for iOS users (Apple) proceed to the Apple iStore.

Add Cash to your M-Pesa Account

  • Go to an M-Pesa agent/outlet
  • Request for a cash deposit
  • Provide them with cash, mobile number and ID
  • Cash is topped up onto your M-Pesa Account

How to deposit real money at M-Pesa Online Casinos

After selecting an M-Pesa online casino from our recommended list proceed with the below easy steps.

  • Create a players account at your chosen online casino.
  • Obtain the online casino business number and your account number
  • Then go to your mobile phone and on the MPesa menu choose ‘Pay Bill
  • Enter the business number and your account number
  • Enter your deposit amount
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN
  • Receive SMS and confirm transaction

The time to process your deposit varies from online casino to online casino. But it should not take more than 3 business days.


Can I use M-Pesa to gamble online?

Yes you can. There are many trusted online casinos that accept M-Pesa as a payment method.

Is it safe to use M-Pesa to make a deposit at an online casino?

M-Pesa is one of the safest and secure payment methods originating from Kenya. Due to these features, making a deposit at online casinos with M-Pesa is extremely safe and secure.

Is it cheap to use M-Pesa?

M-Pesa is one of the cheapest payment methods in Africa. Why? Because it does not use a bank (or any bank) as a third party service provider. Banks are well known to eat into your savings through excessive transaction fee costs. Because M-Pesa is through a telecommunications provider (Safaricom), excessive charges are not incurred.

Can I use MPesa outside of Kenya?

There is no country restriction with using M-Pesa. Although, M-Pesa is most popular in Kenya, it can be used in any country that has a telecommunication service provider that supports it.

Is M-Pesa regulated?

M-Pesa is regulated by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK).