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Advertising Transparency

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Pre Game Likes and Dislikes

In the introduction to the All-Star Game, I thoroughly enjoyed that whole bit—the conversation between David Letterman and Reggie Miller. Some great sound bites there—I loved that.

They were walking around the court, reminiscing over pictures and looking at these iconic moments together—a touching tribute to Indiana, indeed.

I adored Babyface’s anthem performance.

The fact that Reggie, Larry, and Oscar took to the stage in front of the crowd to kick off the night was just fantastic. Three legends, each with deep, strong ties to Indiana.

On the flip side, why can’t we start anything on time in the NBA?

It’s a question worth asking over and over.

I’m going to sound like an old person here, but if it says eight o’clock, I expect it not to tip off at 8:30pm. I’ve already told my kids they can watch the first quarter on Sunday night.

Guess what?

They’ve stayed up late four straight nights because nothing starts on time in the NBA. It’s driving me crazy. Can we please just start things on time in the NBA?

Defense – What Defense?

Everyone talks about NBA defenders not playing defense—that’s why everyone scores so much. But this wasn’t just not playing defense; this was 23 guys barely trying, a trend we’ve seen year after year.

At no point tonight did anyone except Kevin Durant actually try on defense.

Sure, there were some deflections and blocks; I can watch basketball and see what effort looks like—and this wasn’t it.

So, is there a solution?

Everyone has talked about this for days and weeks, and even after last year’s All-Star event.

And while I’m not a NBA Player, and seriously don’t know what it’s like for those guys, I do know they have lots of obligations throughout the weekend: events on Friday night, participating in Saturday’s three-point contest or dunk contest like Jaylen Brown.

So maybe the players all agree in the hallway before the game to give about 60% effort?

I don’t know. But something needs to be changed.

Do I really want to watch an All-Star game like this? As someone who advocates for today’s NBA, it can’t continue to be like this.

East vs West!

Thank God they went back to East vs West and brought back the actual All-Stars starting lineup.

The warm-ups—I loved them! Although with differing styles—some buttoned all the way up, others with no buttons at all—the fits varied greatly between players.

The jerseys were fire—absolute fire!

I love when they do special jerseys for the All-Star game instead of having players wear their usual team uniforms—it adds something special to the event.

Tyrese Haliburton

I loved Tyrese Haliburton’s performance; he carried himself with a level of pride that all All-Stars should when representing their host city and organization—a testament to his character.

Watching Tyrese smile constantly—even my in-laws noticed during the skills competition—and they barely watch basketball!

He played as if he wanted that MVP award from start to finish—an excellent ambassador for basketball, for the Indiana Pacers, and for Indiana itself.


However, there were a few lowlights from the game as well—one involving Luca Dončić attempting an audacious three-quarter court shot that ended hilariously off-target.

Final Wrap

Overall though, looking at the entire weekend: Did it move the game forward?

With enough positives from various events like Steph vs Sabrina matchup in the three-point contest benefiting charity; Damian Lillard winning his second straight three-point contest; G League player Mac McClung taking home his second consecutive dunk contest win—the weekend certainly had its moments.

But it certainly can do better!