New US Online Casinos

New businesses pop up all over the U.S. all of the time and one of the most popular new businesses that have begun popping up is online casinos. The genre of online casino business is still fairly new with new casinos starting their whole life online and existing casinos making moves to go online to compete. This competition can be hard for businesses but is great for players as casinos work hard to offer the latest and greatest games, bonuses, and mobile experiences for their customers.

With so many new choices on the market, it can be hard to decide where you want to spend your hard-earned cash to try to make a little more. What can a new casino offer that an old one can’t? Does it matter that they’re all online? We’re here to walk you through the pros and cons of new online casinos so you can be sure you’ve got the best chance of cashing in and finding the best legitimate online casino for you.

Newest online casinos accepting US players

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Where are they all coming from??

It can be easy in this day and age of an abundance of online scams to see the crop of new online casinos as just one more slick way to steal money from unsuspecting people. There’s no way that there can be this many real casinos working online and surviving, right?

Wrong! Most new online casinos are legit and the reason they all end up staying afloat is simple: casinos make boatloads of money no matter how new or old the casino is.

Big gambling cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City exist because there’s a huge demand for casinos. And as the demand rises, so do these institutions’ profits. Online casinos capitalize on the draw of gambling by making it so much more easily accessible. You no longer need to get on a plane with your buddies for a weekend in Vegas, instead, you can just keep gambling right from your home office or couch

These new online casinos typically come in two strains: independent and part of a collection run by a singular operator.

The internet makes it very simple for one person or entity to duplicate a lot of sites so that they can capitalize on individuals looking to spend their time playing gambling games. Offering their casino games on the internet allows operators to increase their player base, try out different concepts or promotions, or even comply with regulations in different areas of the country.

But just like avoiding any other online scam, you should never just trust a brand new site with your money because it says they’re a gambling institution. Do your research and make sure they’re a legitimate site before putting money on the virtual table. Online casinos are much harder to track, simply by being on the Web, so make sure you know what you’re getting into when deciding on a new online casino!

Sifting the good from the bad

Let’s go over a few hints and tips of what you’ll want to look for in a new online casino before you decide to put your money on the table. There are two big factors you’ll want to look for when investigating an online casino: a gambling license and who the gaming software provider is.

Gambling license

This is a super-easy way to ensure that a casino, online or in-person, is operating under the laws and regulations of the area. These are expensive and difficult to get in any number of cases but by having one it proves that the site has gone through all the legal hoops to ensure that their customers and players are protected. You can check that your new favorite casino site has the right gambling license by going to the website of the licensing body and entering the number for the casino.

Gaming software

These providers are separate from the casino and need to be independently licensed by gambling authorities. Software providers stake their reputation and business on these casinos and they won’t throw in with a shady corporation. By ensuring that your new favorite online casino works with well-known software companies can help you rest assured that it’s a legitimate site.

To play or not to play

It may seem like a safe bet to just stick to casinos that have a solid history. But if you only go back to the same casinos that have already been operating for years online, you might be missing out on some great bonuses and benefits that new online casinos are offering. Maybe you’re looking to mix up your routine as a veteran player or you desire to strike out on a game that suits your playing style as a new player, checking out a new online casino can help you bring in the big bucks!


It’s standard procedure for online casinos to offer bonuses to players but to establish themselves, new casinos are often offering bigger and better bonuses than lots of other, older sites. Casinos offer new players big bonuses to get them into the site and retain them as regular players. Getting started on a new site can set you up with some free cash to play with and start winning more quickly.

Games, games, games

New casinos are always looking to impress new players and keep them coming back for more. One simple way they do this is by offering new games, a wider selection, or putting up extra add-ons like free spins, prizes, or tournaments.

Many casinos will either have new flashy games that draw the player in with novelty or they offer a wider selection than their competitors so you have tons of choices. These are often paired with free moves, rolls, spins, etc., to keep you buying back into the game to win more money.


Cell phones have changed the world in more ways than we can even recognize. One way they’ve continued to change is in the world of online casinos.

Older casinos may have had online games but they were most often designed to be played on a computer. These days most players are picking up their cell phones or tablets to place bets and play games. The applications for older casinos often didn’t translate. New online casinos start with being mobile compatible and bring the joys of gaming to your phone, tablet, or computer with no issues to slow down your gaming.

Finding your next best online casino in the US

Just like so many things in the United States, gambling regulations are complex and interwoven making them difficult to navigate without a law degree. When you’re looking for a legitimate, licensed new online casino in the U.S., you’ll want to look for casinos that are licensed by the government of Curacao or Costa Rica.

Software providers who you’ll want to look for in the U.S. are games that boast Betsoft, Rival, and RTG software programs. These providers have been doing business for a long time in the U.S. and have great reputations for doing great work and working with legit businesses.


Maybe you’re looking for your first great game or you want to recapture some of the initial excitement you had when you first started gambling. Either way, jumping in with a new online casino can help you find your niche or rediscover your first love of gambling.

New online casinos can offer new games for players so you’ll have your pick of the flashiest, best-paying games on the market. With wider varieties and new specialties, new online casinos can pull people in and retain them as repeat players. With bigger bonuses than the old casinos, new online casinos give the players a chance to start off winning big right from the start.

Sorting through the truth and the scams can take a bit of research. But you can narrow down your research field and choices by looking for a few factors on each new online casino. First, you’ll want to look for them to have a gambling license and double-check the number with the licensing organization. Then you’ll want to make sure that the casino is working with legitimate and well-known software providers as they won’t work with shady companies who could harm their reputation.

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