Who would have thought the day would come that even the slightest of consideration would be given by legislators to reform gambling laws in Georgia.

And I don’t mean in a more restrictive way. I mean heading towards legalization!

You have every right to not believe me, but it’s true.

Last year, Oct 2019, the President of the Atlanta Motor Speedway presented an extraordinary billion dollar vision to a committee assigned with reviewing the benefits of gambling. This vision included a casino, horse track combined with a mega entertainment center. Rather than out right rejection, the committee appears to be warming to the idea of expanding gambling!

Even the four major professional sports that have teams in Atlanta (NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB), have openly penned a letter declaring their support for sports betting legalization. They caveat their support with rejecting gambling on college and other amateur sporting events.

Yes – let’s not get too carried away, baby steps my friends.

Towards the end of last year, a 15 member committee was formed to review the financial benefits that gambling would bring to the State. This is an amazing turnaround from a time when there was very little political will to reforming gambling laws beyond that of a state lottery.

Legislators are in fact talking among themselves and reviewing the avenues of legalizing sport and casino gambling. Whether it be through a ballot or passing a bill through to the Senate, there is momentum being built and a sliver of hope of gambling reformation.

Don’t hold your breath, but there may be a time within our lifetime, that you can can place a bet on the Atlanta Hawks to win the NBA Championship.