Let’s discuss Live Casino gaming, not just for the strategic winning reasons that everybody already knows about. But rather, let’s talk about what makes Live Casino gaming so popular when compared to land based and other online games. Apart from the beautiful (and at times semi-naked) dealers that keeps eye balls on the screen, there is plenty more to live casino gaming that is attracting players like honey for a bear.

At present, there are over hundreds of millions of dollars played a day via PC’s alone (excluding mobile apps which take up a smaller share of the pie). It has over taken online slots and casino RNG games as the most number one form of online gambling (and yes, it is way ahead of sports betting). Last year, Live Casino Blackjack became the most played game for gross revenue and hours spent online by players. If we added all the hours played at Live Casinos, you would exceed those played at land based. Long gone are the days of traditional casino gambling.

So, why is Live Casino gambling so popular? First impressions, you would think that it can’t be the same as land based, and should be on par with casino RNG games and other interactive gaming. Yes, the pandemic may have shifted the balance of play towards online, but not to this degree. Particularly since lockdown restrictions have eased and by far the majority of countries have resumed land based casino play. But when you look deeper, there’s more to Live Casino gambling than meets the eye.

To start, let’s examine how online RNG casino games are losing traction with players now shifting to live dealer. Though in the early days of online casino gambling, players were skeptical with random number generators, there was still an attraction, fun and excitement to playing. But now that players have a choice between computer coded randomness or pure randomness with the shuffling of cards or the rolling of dice, the results are clear. Players trust what they see with their eyes, rather than the intangible. It’s understandable, that when losses are incurred with RNG games, it isn’t transparent as to whether there has been manipulation (having said that, there are now provably fair games which allows players to verify the authenticity of the results of a game. But I dare say, this is still not quite the same, as seeing is believing). With live casinos you can see the dealer deal the cards, or roll the dice or spin the wheel. There is no doubt that the outcome is not manipulated and the odds are driven by chance.

Then, as a player, you want to get the perks. By far, the majority of players, understand that in the long run the house will win, and in knowing this of course, players should be entitled to expect some sort of perks. Land based gaming comes with the free drink, discounted meals and, if you have played enough, free accommodation. Online RNG games come with the valuable and rewarding Welcome Bonus, extending playing time and improving the chance of winning. Welcomes Bonuses are now also competitive for live casino, just as and if not better than Online RNG games. Players clearly prefer money in the account than a drink at the bar or a cheaper meal. Understandable when meals sometimes can be simply fast food dining, and drinks can be coffee or tea. It’s far more rewarding to have the extra real money on the bank roll to keep gaming going. So why bother with land based, when live casinos offers so much more in the pocket. If land based doesn’t offer more than a meal and drink, players will continue to play online.

Social interaction is what us humans love. And live casino gaming fills the void – not completely – but adequately. It’s far more easier for younger players who have grown up with texting messaging, online chat and streaming to take to live casino gambling like to duck to water. Even so, cross generational players are also finding playing live with streamed dealers to their mobile devices enjoyable. The professional studio lighting and design has given live casino gaming an aura that was never previously available. Technology is now advanced enough to give excellent viewing, in picture, multiple angles and in high definition. Couple audio that is crisp and clear, and you have wonderful entertainment in the palm of your hand. Send a quick fire message, or just keep to yourself and play quietly. Yes, the scene is different to land based, but there are other nuances which many like.

Payment methods have grown exponentially in recent years. Digital cashless payments, in the form of mobile wallets, e wallet, and of course cryptocurrencies have enabled live casino gaming to flourish. Faster, quicker, safer and more secure – playing with real money for real money could not be any easier.

In summary, there are many reasons that are driving the popularity of live casino gaming. It’s ability to provide all the fun and entertainment as were at a land base casino, but to allow for transparency of randomness is a match made in heaven. Players in this day and age are fortunate to be able to have the best of both worlds.

Choose live casino gaming, if you are looking to get started with interactive gambling. And remember, to gamble responsibly.