Online Bingo Acronyms

Do you feel lost when playing online bingo because of the lingo? Well you are not alone.

A lot of new players get lost in the lingo and it can be off putting, but hey, don’t be afraid or reluctant to give it a go. In fact it’s fun and easy to learn. It is all part of the beauty of playing online bingo.

To help you on your journey below are some of the most common online bingo acronyms and how to use them in phrases.

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Acronyms and phrases to use before starting a game

When first starting to play a game, often players may simply message GL (Good Luck). It can be meant for everybody or just a general courtesy comment. Others may also add an A at the end meaning GLA (Good Luck All). It’s a nice way to start a game and is an encouraging message to all players. If someone addresses GL to you, you can reply with THX (thanks) or “GL to you too”.

Other ways of greeting before a game include: ATB (All The Best), BOL (Best Of Luck). Greetings before a game begins is an easy and nice way to get into the flow of chatting online. Other Players appreciate encouraging comments.

Jokes and laughter

During the game the conversation can turn in many ways. Often there is a lot of jovial banter, side jokes, chit chat and small talk.

Expressing laughter is very important, as it builds a relaxed atmosphere and is welcoming to all Players. To laugh online the most common acronym is LOL (Laughing Out Loud). You will see this quite often and is probably the most used acronym when chatting online. Other derivations of LOL include ROFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing). LMAO (Laugh My A@#$ Off). If you find something amusing, don’t be afraid to type out an LOL. It’s very simple and can be used on it’s own.

Of course, just like in the real world, sometimes jokes can be easily misconstrued and others may be oblivious a joke was messaged. To prevent the recipient of the joke from being offended, Players will write JK (Just Kidding). This is a quick way to convey, the chat is not serious, it’s just trying to be humorous.

If you didn’t know it was a joke, you can reply with OIC (oh I see). Or “OIC it was a joke. :)”

Nearing the end of the game

Coming towards the end of a game is always exciting! It’s a great opportunity to throw in several acronyms. Becareful not to get too carried away, because some Players also want to concentrate on playing the game. Having said that, it’s good to express yourself with the below exciting announcements.

When you are getting close to winning you can use 1TG (one number to go), 2TG (two numbers to go) and so on, to express that you are close to winning! Remember, the game of bingo is about having all the winning numbers marked off your bingo card. So if you are close to winning, there is nothing wrong with letting people know how many numbers you have left to win.

This is way of interacting with other players, because they too will become excited and will reply with words of encouragement. It also, builds excitement among the group to know that there potentially will be a winner soon!

Other Players may reply with WTG (Way To Go), or G4U (Good for you!) and WD (Well Done). Feeling this support is a great feeling and very encouraging.

Concluding a game

At the conclusion of a game you can use acronyms such as BLNT, (Better Luck Next Time) or GG (Good Game). And of course, you can use WD (Well Done). These are great ways to end a bingo game. It rounds out the conversation nicely, gives closure to the game as a chat group, and messaging can start to being with preparing for a new game!

Exiting the online bingo chat group

After playing a few games, you may want to finish playing for the day, or perhaps want to take a break. To be polite, some Players write, “I gotta go CYA (See You Later)”, or GN (Good night), or BFN (Bye For Now). If you are taking a short break, you can write BBL (Be Back Later), BBS (Be Back Soon), BRB (Be Right Back).

Other Common Online Bingo Phrases

There are many other online acronyms, and really there is no right or wrong. Other common phrases include:

ASL – Age Sex and Location. Players may ask this to others to build a better relationship. Naturally this is quite personal, and you don’t need to feel obligated to reply to questions of ASL if you don’t want to.

Another derivation of ASL is ASLP. The “P” stands for picture. Again, this can be considered intrusive for some, so don’t feel that you need to provide a picture on the chat group, let alone via a private message.

OMG (Oh My Goodness), FYI (For Your Information), NP (No Problems), BF (Boyfriend), GF (Girl Friend), BFF (Best Friend Forever), and also very common phrases for online chatting. They aren’t specific to online bingo, and can be used in general messaging applications.

Give it a go, try and experiment, but above all, have fun!

There’s no right or wrong. So give it a go and try a few acronyms for online bingo. Players are very helpful and supportive and often they will explain if you don’t understand what they are messaging.

Enjoy online bingo, and enjoy the friendships that you make!


Do I need to know Online Bingo Lingo to enjoy the game?

Most certainly, you don’t have to know the lingo. However, you may find when you are chatting with the group that you can’t understand their acronyms. It may be like trying to understand another language which you aren’t familiar with. There’s nothing wrong with that, and you can simply ask others in the chat group for help if you are lost in their meaning.

How will I know if I use the proper Bingo Lingo?

There’s no right or wrong when using online acronyms. It is ever evolving, and it’s very much about understanding each other that is the most important. - Copyright 2018-2023